Mexican fruit flies found in Southern California

California officials are planning a campaign to eradicate the crop-damaging Mexican fruit fly after the pest was discovered in a Los Angeles suburb. Agriculture officials on Tuesday said that four Mexican fruit flies – including a mated female – have … Continue reading

Illegal Aliens Must Go

Use Illegal Aliens Already Here to Solve Farm Worker Shortage? Democrat politicians and certain RINOs, including our addled president, are always looking for new ways to ram illegal aliens down the throats of reluctant Americans. In the latest scam, these … Continue reading

ILLEGAL Alien Guilty in Texas Teen’s Death

OREGON CITY — An illegal immigrant pleaded guilty Tuesday to murdering 15-year-old Dani Countryman in a case that drew national attention to criminal offenders who avoid deportation. Alejandro Emeterio Rivera Gamboa admitted in Clackamas County Circuit Court that he stepped … Continue reading

Man gets 90 days for smuggling humans

Breaking News: Man gets 90 days for smuggling humans In the first local conviction under a 2006 state law banning human smuggling, an illegal Mexican immigrant was sentenced to the El Paso County jail Tuesday. Rogelio Contreras-Acevedo, 30, was sentenced … Continue reading

McCain to attend convention of ‘reconquista’ group

McCain to attend convention of ‘reconquista’ group WASHINGTON – Sen. John McCain, the de facto Republican presidential nominee, announced today he will attend the national convention of La Raza, a radical Hispanic lobby tied to the movement to reconquer the … Continue reading

How many times should we let an illegal alien go?

Josefa Gonzalez Loya has sneaked across the Mexican border at least 128 times in the past eight years. And each time, the Border Patrol has been nice enough to give her a lift home. Gonzalez and a group of other … Continue reading

Arizona’s got it’s act together

Many U.S. states have enacted tough illegal alien laws, especially Arizona which has enacted the strongest. Many illegal aliens have exited Arizona to other states and Mexico. Arizona state legislator Russell Pearce said the positive effects have been smaller class … Continue reading


When we saw the massive demonstrations in 2006 for ILLEGAL aliens “rights”, some were no doubt thinking these demonstrations were spontaneous. They would be wrong. Demonstrations of that size demand sophisticated organizing. Many powerful groups were behind them, organizing people … Continue reading

High cost of illegal spics

The annual cost for uncompensated emergency care to Mexican Border States (California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas) is $200 million. California taxpayers paid $79 million for illegal alien health care. Four major Los Angeles hospitals were bankrupted and shut down … Continue reading

Papal Bullshit

POLITICAL SUSHI » When It Comes to Illegal Aliens, Papal Infallibility Is a Crock Perhaps it is naive to expect much in the way of moral leadership from an institution that coddles sexual perverts masquerading as “Holy Fathers” who use … Continue reading

Good work ICE

Shipley immigration raid raises hiring, workplace concerns 20 arrested in federal roundup Employees face deportation; chain working with ICE By JAMES PINKERTON and SUSAN CARROLL Houston’s iconic Shipley Do-Nuts is known to generations of loyal customers for its sweet glazed … Continue reading

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Organ Transplants

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Organ Transplants The state with the nation’s largest illegal immigrant population offers free acute medical care—including expensive organ transplants and the costly follow-up treatment required after the complicated surgery—to those who notify federal authorities that they … Continue reading

A busy weekend along the border

Agents fired upon Tucson, Arizona Drug smugglers opened fire on U.S. Border Patrol agents late Friday evening east of Sasabe in what highlighted a busy weekend along Arizona’s stretch of U.S. – Mexican border. Close to the international line east … Continue reading

Things are getting weird in Arizona

but, thats just my opinion: Illegal Aliens in Arizona Via Neal Boortz Phoenix, Arizona the mayor and the police chief are at odds with one another over illegal immigration. In fact, the mayor is so upset with the crackdown on … Continue reading

Town offers illegal immigrants a sanctuary

Town offers illegal immigrants a sanctuary – Telegraph A Californian town has declared itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, attracting fierce criticism from opponents who say it is encouraging lawlessness. Maywood, a tiny urban pocket of Los Angeles county, has … Continue reading

Illegal Alien Arabs cross Mexican Border

Illegal Alien Arabs cross Mexican Border Arabs have been reported crossing the Arizona border for an unknown period. Border rancher George Morgan encounters thousands of illegals crossing his ranch on a well-used trail. He relates a holiday event: “It was … Continue reading

Good dog

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hispanic, discussion, nature | Gather By COLONEL DONALD J. MYERS USMC (Ret) A country of 123 million souls, Mexico, is invading a country of 300 million souls, the United States, and it is winning. How can this be? The primary … Continue reading

Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Bribery Case

ALBUQUERQUE — Four Mexican nationals have been ordered held without bond after they were arrested in connection with a bribery case involving the illegal purchase of resident alien cards. Special agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the … Continue reading

Which Church Is The Top Treason Lobbyist?

Easter Question: Which Church Is The Top Treason Lobbyist? The Roman Catholic Church For pro-alien lobbying, the Catholic church (in which I was raised) is by far the most the most visible and notorious of the three. And well it … Continue reading