“Operation Wetback”

borderfirereport.net America has not always been governed by a pro-illegal alien president who works on behalf of big business and the Mexican government. John W. LillpopOur CEO has not always been willing to sacrifice homeland security for cheap fruit. We … Continue reading

State Rep says Mexican illegals better than n—–s

MO: State Rep says Mexican illegals better than Americans-Jetton: Lazy Missourians could learn from Mexicans JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A lot of lazy Missourians nniggers, including many in Southeast Missouri, could benefit from adopting the work ethic of Mexican immigrants, … Continue reading

The Other Side of the Fence- Mexico immigration

By Tom O’Mally Tom O’Mally was a Director with Southwestern Bell in Mexico City: You remember I spent five years working in Mexico. I worked under a tourist Visa for three months and could legally renew it for three more … Continue reading

Stopping Tunnel digging Drug Smuggling LaRaza Wetbacks

Proof positive that U.S. border security is inadequate: Tons of illegal drugs transported across the border by illegal aliens, while the White House has cut the Federal Border Security Budget by $3Billion dollars! LaRaza smuggling holes show that the international … Continue reading

Where Is The Outrage?

Where Is The Outrage? : Novakeo.com As a teacher, I sat dumbfounded when the Rocky Mountain News inked a story, “What Happened?” to a stunned Denver, Colorado audience. In a five year study starting in 1999 in Denver Public Schools, … Continue reading

Doing Work Illegal Aliens Refuse to Do

borderfirereport.net By John W. Lillpop America the great is the undisputed land of unlimited opportunities and prosperity. John W. Lillpop If you have the heart and vision to excel, you can have it all here in the greatest society in … Continue reading

Illegal mexicans can’t even drive

Illegal alien arrested after crash that injures 3 others Police say suspect has seven prior driving convictions, including two for drunken driving, even though he is apparently in the United States illegally. By ART AISNER The Ann Arbor News Pittsfield … Continue reading

Courts unable to keep up with border arrests

Courts unable to keep up with border arrests The government has started cracking down on illegal border crossers in the Tucson Sector. But limited resources in Arizona’s federal-court system are blocking the goal of prosecuting everyone who enters the country … Continue reading

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Border Watch Operation Totals: 289 Days on Watch 30,962 Illegal Aliens Sighted; 329 Rescues; 13,769 Intruder Apprehensions from 26 Countries Confirmed by Border Patrol. … Continue reading

Study shows mexicans breed like sewer rats

Opinion: Study shows impact of illegal immigration | immigration, mexican, low : YumaSun The study of Southern California’s Mexican teen birth rate was the highest in the country at 93 births per 1,000 girls. It also says that among Hispanic … Continue reading

Gary Karlin = Dumb-assed retard

‘Illegal alien’ comments show writers’ racism – Gary Karlin February 24, 2008 It is sad to see the increasing racism appearing in Statesman Journal letters and blogs. “Illegal alien” has become code for “Mexican” or “Hispanic” so that racists may … Continue reading

What Hillary and Obama DIDN’T Say

What Hillary and Obama DIDN’T Say Hillary and Obama are two sides of the same corporate coin. Hillary and Obama are looking out for their corporate masters and illegal aliens before they even THINK about you, the average American. Hillary … Continue reading

Illegal Immigration: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio :)

National Ledger – Illegal Immigration: Arizona and Oklahoma Solutions Everybody’s hero, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has set up a hotline for citizens to report on employers who hire illegal aliens. He has said enforcement will begin when the law … Continue reading

Sanctuary City Enables Criminal Illegal Immigrant to kill 4 kids

Sanctuary City Enables Criminal Illegal Immigrant | Judicial Watch In yet another tragedy resulting from the protection sanctuary cities offer illegal immigrants, a woman who had previously pleaded guilty to driving without a valid license slammed her van into a … Continue reading

Clinton Says — Mexians need more ass kissing

Feds Should Give Texas More to Pay for Illegals, Clinton Says — 02/22/2008 Arguing that “we need a path to legalization” for illegal aliens to bring them “out of the shadows,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the federal government … Continue reading

Clinton Kisses mexicans ass

Clinton focuses pitch to mexicans LAREDO, Texas – Hillary Rodham Kissass Clinton delivered a focused pitch to Spic voters in south Texas this morning, calling for immigration reform, better schooling for SpanishCrap-speakers and health care for working families. “We are … Continue reading

John McCain will deploy Open Borders

John McCain has deployed Open Borders advocate Juan Hernandez as the National Director of Hispanic Outreach for his Presidential campaign. Juan Hernandez used to work for Mexican President Vicente Fox, he has dual US and Mexican citizenship, and is a … Continue reading

Illegal alien arrested Tuesday on drug charges

Sequoyahcountytimes.com Task force agents reported that, during the course of their investigation, they learned that Gonzales had previous drug-related charges and that he was in the country illegally. They reported that Gonzales is currently being held at the Wagoner County … Continue reading

Mexicans, the new niggers

1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools. 2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language. 3. All government business will be conducted in our language. 4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no … Continue reading

Illegal Immigration and National Security

Illegal Immigration and National Security It is estimated there are currently anywhere from 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in America. While the millions of illegal Mexicans in America may not be a national security threat, they help create a … Continue reading