McCain to attend convention of ‘reconquista’ group

McCain to attend convention of ‘reconquista’ group WASHINGTON – Sen. John McCain, the de facto Republican presidential nominee, announced today he will attend the national convention of La Raza, a radical Hispanic lobby tied to the movement to reconquer the … Continue reading

How many times should we let an illegal alien go?

Josefa Gonzalez Loya has sneaked across the Mexican border at least 128 times in the past eight years. And each time, the Border Patrol has been nice enough to give her a lift home. Gonzalez and a group of other … Continue reading

Arizona’s got it’s act together

Many U.S. states have enacted tough illegal alien laws, especially Arizona which has enacted the strongest. Many illegal aliens have exited Arizona to other states and Mexico. Arizona state legislator Russell Pearce said the positive effects have been smaller class … Continue reading