The USA could learn something here

Thailand’s “dump-at-sea” policy on illegal aliens It has been fascinating over recent weeks to watch a story grow into an international crisis.   That is what has happened with the Rohingya boat men story.  For new readers, reports surfaced at the … Continue reading

Feds Arrest 1,970 Alleged Illegal Immigrants

LOS ANGELES — Federal immigration agents arrested 1,970 alleged illegal immigrant gang members in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and four other counties in 2008, federal officials announced Friday. Operation Community Shield is a nationwide anti-gang effort by U.S. Immigration and … Continue reading

Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Sex Assault On 5-Year Old

CLIFFSIDE PARK, N.J. (WPIX) — An illegal immigrant was arrested Wednesday, after a 5-year old girl told cops he forced himself on her. Authorities say, Gualter Diaz-Muray, 34, from Guatemala is accused of holding the girl against her will, then … Continue reading

Curbing ‘voluntary return’

The U.S. Border Patrol hopes to eliminate the use of “voluntary return” for illegal aliens in the Tucson Sector, replacing it with prosecution and removal initiatives that will have an important and lasting impact. Voluntary return, often dubbed “catch and … Continue reading

Officials need 287(g) to control immigration

Why does Gwinnett County need 287(g) authority to help enforce immigration laws? Illegal immigration is a serious problem and enforcement works as a solution. It has been proven over and over nationwide – including here in Georgia – that when … Continue reading

It’s about time

Illegal alien sent to prison Jose Felix Franco-Maqueda, who had been deported twice before, was ordered to spend 27 months in federal prison Wednesday for entering the United States illegally from Mexico. In his sentencing at the Harrison federal courthouse, … Continue reading

Essential American Truths

After watching millions of Mexican illegal aliens protest in the streets of America in recent years, it is clear that many newcomers, including those here legally, need to understand the following essential American truths: *In 1848, The Treaty of Guadeloupe … Continue reading

The Fulford File: 03/31/08 – The Fulford File:—Treason Lobby Trying to Muscle MainStream Media Into Banning Immigration Reform Patriots—Treason Lobby Trying to Muscle MainStream Media Into Banning Immigration Reform Patriots There’s a new website called which is trying the … Continue reading