Outing of spik BS

There’s the “the U.S. stole the southwest” argument. Well, the land in dispute was “owned” by Spain for a couple of centuries. Then by Mexico for about 25 years. During these periods, there weren’t more than a few thousand Spaniards … Continue reading

Spik gets 10 yrs

Tucson, Arizona A Mexican man who pleaded guilty to holding a group of illegal aliens hostage at a Tucson drop house was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office press release. Jaime Moreno-Villalobos, 30, … Continue reading

Restaurant owner fined over illegal worker

Asiana, an upscale steakhouse in the Village of Pewaukee, was ordered Friday in federal court to pay a $32,000 fine and placed on one year of probation for a conviction on one felony count of harboring an illegal alien for … Continue reading

WHO Guilty of Anti-Mexican Racism?

Is it discriminatory to take every precaution to protect one’s citizens against the Mexican swine flu? Mexico thinks so. As reported at Yahoo.com, in part: “MEXICO CITY – Saying China’s quarantine of 70 Mexican travelers was discrimination, Mexico announced it … Continue reading

illegal aliens and the Swine FLU

For undocumented Mexican migrants in the United States, the threat of the H1N1 flu virus is compounded by a lack of face masks, medicine or other medical assistance, should the need arise. The flu outbreak has also led some groups … Continue reading

Lazy Mexi Cans

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Mexi Can Lunch

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Boycott mexi cans May 5

Boycott wherever mexi cans work on May 5. Piss on cinco de mayo. … Continue reading

Illegal Aliens Are the Swine Flu In U.S.

Health officials in a U.S. city that borders Mexico fear that the Mexican swine flu will spread quickly within its vast illegal immigrant communities, especially the region’s numerous migrant settlements. San Diego County‚Äôs Health Department has already reported eight cases … Continue reading