Young or old – Spiks will rape them all

Police in Leesburg, Virginia are currently searching for Salvadoran national Carlos Felipe Centeno, 21 for the molestation of a 5-year-old girl. Centeno who is in this country illegally, works as a house painter. On March 19, police distributed a wanted … Continue reading

Catholic Church encourages illegal immigration after losses from molestation scandal – Need more kids to do in the butt

As countless child sex abuse scandals have rocked the Catholic Church over the last several years, American families have been leaving the church in droves. As American men and women whisk away their children from the potential risk of molestation … Continue reading

IA Slaughterhouse Spik Lover On Trial In Sioux Falls

Nearly 70 supporters of an Iowa slaughterhouse executive crowded the federal courthouse in Sioux Falls Tuesday. Forty-nine-year-old Shalom Rubashkin is facing 72 counts of employing illegal aliens, as well as 91 counts of fraud. Rubashkin was Vice President of the … Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi – these are my kind of guys

On February 5, 2009, the 11-year-old girl was walking to school when she was grabbed by the two Mexican nationals, who forced her into their car at knife-point. They drove her to an abandoned house where both men took turns … Continue reading

4 members of Ark. family plead guilty to harboring, hiring illegal aliens FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) — The U.S. attorney's office at Fort Smith says four members of an Arkansas family have pleaded guilty to charges that they harbored, transported … Continue reading