40 Illegal Aliens Arrested

Maricopa County, AZ. – Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 40 illegal aliens during several traffic stops and the investigation of a Mesa drop house which was being used to harbor people who were recently smuggled across the border. Sheriff’s deputies … Continue reading

Get out while you can, spikos

Ever since Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a tough new immigration bill, illegal aliens fleeing Arizona are a common sight. The undocumented, as the media likes to call them, are trying to get ahead of the tough new law … Continue reading

They’er comming to take you spiks away

BOISE — The Ada and Canyon County sheriff’s offices will soon join a federal effort to crack down on criminal illegal aliens. As it stands now, everyone who is booked into the jails is fingerprinted.  Those prints are then sent … Continue reading

Pa. House OKs cracks down on illegal workers

HARRISBURG — The state House today overwhelmingly approved two bills aimed at cracking down on construction companies that employ undocumented immigrants who have entered the country illegally. House Bill 1502, which bars companies that hire illegal aliens from entering into … Continue reading

Illegal alien charged with raping 6-year-old girl in Williamsburg

Police in Williamsburg, Va., have arrested two men, Tito Guirao-Aguilar, 39, and Samuel Eli Jacobo-Guirao, 20, for the rape of a 6-year-old girl. The arrest of a third suspect, a juvenile, is likely imminent. Guirao-Aguilar has been charged with three … Continue reading