40 Illegal Aliens Arrested

Maricopa County, AZ. – Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 40 illegal aliens during several traffic stops and the investigation of a Mesa drop house which was being used to harbor people who were recently smuggled across the border.

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested over 2,000 illegal alien smugglers and co-conspirators since the state human smuggling law went into effect. The law has produced a 94% conviction rate of the cases that have made it through the judicial process.

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested over 2,000 illegal alien smugglers and co-conspirators since the state human smuggling law went into effect. The law has produced a 94% conviction rate of the cases that have made it through the judicial process.

As a result of the recent arrests, deputies turned over 31 illegal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE because they were unable to gather enough evidence to arrest them under the state human smuggling law. The remaining nine were booked into the county jail on state human smuggling charges as either smugglers or co- conspirators.

Sheriff Arpaio says, “When the new state law goes into affect, my deputies will no longer have to turn illegal aliens over to the federal government when they suspect they are in the country illegally. They will be taking them straight to jail once they confirm their immigration status.”

Sheriff Arpaio recently voiced concerns that he believes the federal government may soon be changing their policies on the usage of local law enforcement agencies to enforce illegal immigration laws in a measure to trump Arizona’s controversial new state law.

“I was upset last year when Washington stripped 100 of my deputies’ authority to act as federal immigration agents. If recent public comments made by assistant secretary of homeland security John Morton are any indication of what’s to come with illegal immigration enforcement, I am deeply concerned,” stated Arpaio.

Morton recently made public statements to the media indicating that the federal government may not necessarily accept illegal aliens referred to them by local law enforcement authorities in Arizona. He also indicated that he believes Arizona’s new law is not the answer to the current immigration problem.

Since the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office began cracking down on illegal immigration in 2006, his deputies and detention officers have been responsible for arresting, detaining, or investigating in the jail over 38,000 illegal aliens, many of which were under the authority of the federal government that the Sheriff believes may soon go away.

Source: Maricopa County Sheriff


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  1. *I’M A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL* stop being a stupid jackass and read the comments Mexicans are leaving o my mom is Mexican and my dad is Italian so u think calling us aliens is going to make us leave no. The us is called the melting pot and its because there are different kinds of people. my teacher says my generation can make the world a better place but not while theres racism. and Us “aliens” have feelings and are people and mexicans are not the only reasons why horrible things are happening here in the us do u think what u people are teaching ur children if u have any because i would not find u people attractive if i were white or any thing else well my point is putting dumb pics up is going to help matter it will just make it worst. and if u did not read the first part read this from the beginning

  2. Kasy, let me make several points here:

    1)if you’re not here illegally you are not an ‘alien’
    2) ‘Mexican’ is not a RACE, it’s a NATIONALITY.
    3) Legal is legal. Illegal is illegal.
    4)you may consider all that America has to offer and stay in school.Learn some grammar, punctuation, manners and socially acceptable behaviors.
    Good luck in America.

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  4. First off, I live in Ca. The majority of Mexicans here don’t want to prosper in the way immigrants from other countries strived to do in the past. They hang the Mexican flag on their homes and decorate their vehicles with Mexican flag bumper stickers, and other representation of Mexico. They continue to reproduce so they can get extra head counts in Welfare. Not only are they rewarded a nice monthly allowance of welfare, but they are rewarded food stamp debit cards, and WIC. The immigrants in the past when the country was founded were desperate and excited to learn English, and prosper. They learned trades, and took the appropriate steps to become U.S. Citizens. They send the money they do make back to Mexico. They frequent garage sales and send goods back to Mexico. They refuse to learn English. G.T. Maloney has made some worthy observations, and you can bet Kasy’s teacher is Hispanic. Racism is way off the mark in her topic, but the Mexican way of life and upbringing is how to get by and cheat the system and get a free ride. How can one parent hold down a job, have 3 to 5 kids, drive a Yukon or big SUV or truck, shop at Coach, Dooney and Burke purse oweners, take their family to the Cheesecake Factory and places of that nature, Disneyland, etc. and make the mortgage, bills? I have seen parents pick up kids at school who get free lunches, but they sure have the top of the line stereo and spinning wheels. Then, it’s this same class of people who get the free lunches, free school supplies at events held at parks, free health insurance, etc. And everything is geared towards Mexicans now. Even the Los Angeles Museum Events coming up, and everytime you turn around it’s Hispanic this, and that crammed down your throat. Just go home!

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    • Mike I find it very insulting of many Mexicans not bortiheng to learn English. They like American dollar, American freedom, living in America, but don’t want to learn English? I find it much, much more insulting that Europeans come to the Americas, steal, kill, rape, torture, and divide us with borders, but don’t let the people of this continent do as they wish? I find it insulting that Europeans enjoy the beauty and richness of this continent and decide to reside here, but put restrictions on it’s (this continent’s) people. Whenever we bring up who the real immigrants are, all they say is that was five-hundred years ago , and with that justify their continued oppression to the peoples of this continent.Let them speak what they want.Edit: Please note I’m not saying Go back to Europe. I’m simply saying let them do as they wish. They are the descendants of the Indigenous peoples of this continent, they should not be forced, by descendants of immigrants, to do something they do not desire to do.

  6. Hi Kasy. I don’t want to bring you down but if your parents and/or you have filed for legal citizenship then I have nothing to say.
    Otherwise, if not, then you and you’re parents need to go back from whence you came.
    I have a problem with illegals coming here and then applying for welfare and medical AID. Working jobs that they have no right to and have them only because they will work for less per hr. than an American citizen.
    What’s the problem with applying for citizenship in the US? If your people can’t do it then you need to stay out of America!
    I have a problem with “your people’ bombarding our country and then working here and then sending their money back to Mexico. If Mexico is so great, then stay there! Don’t come here.
    Why don’t your relatives here pay American taxes? Quit your crying. I have no sympathy for you.
    Are you in our educational system? Are you getting a free education here? My kids can’t afford to go to college. And they were born here.
    They’re fucked because they’re white American males.
    Why don’t you go back to Mexico and live in your dirt floor hut.
    I’m tired of illegal Mexicans coming here to make money and then sending it back to Mexico.
    Why don’t you send the money back to your corrupt Government?

  7. Wow, you guys are pathetic by replying in such a harsh manner to this young lady who is voicing her opinion. For your information, not every Latino you see in California is of Mexican descent. There are 20 Latin American countries, so please do not prove to us what we already know, that you are in fact racist individuals, by calling everyone a Mexican.

    I was born here in California to residents originally from Mexico. They weren’t documented at first, but by the time I was born, both of them were already legal residents. A lot of people aren’t as lucky as I am, and are sadly being separated from their parents. I think we can all agree that this immigration issue has to be addressed and deportation is not a logical solution. There are more than 11 million undocumented people in the U.S. You can’t just throw them out. It’s just not possible.

    Also, you all seem to generalize by calling us “gangsters” and “gangbangers”. Yes, I’m Mexican-American.. Am I a gangster? No, sir/m’am. In fact, none of my cousins (on both sides, who are here in the U.S.) are gangsters. As I said above, stop generalizing. Stop judging all Latinos and labeling us as trouble makers.

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    • Chief Whachusa I have my doubts that you read what you wrote then coliampn about. Is it Mexicans that don’t want to or those that do not bother to learn English that leaves you feeling so insulted?I am sure that there are many countries that like the American Dollar, American freedom or living in America personally I would prefer the term U.S. dollar and the phrase of having the freedom of living in the United States.I am Mexican and I live in the United States so I guess I am one of the so few (you think) that has wanted to or bothered to learn English. I think that since you feel Spanish is very similar to English that most English speaking people would have at least the basics of speaking Spanish mastered naturally.Many Mexican and other immigrants want to learn English and most do over time. I do not believe that there is an expectation from all immigrants in which Americans must learn Spanish nor any other language.

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