Mexico – Land of Shit & Drug Lords


Mexico – Land of Shit & Drug Lords — 75 Comments

  1. fuck mexicans U think u are so fucking awsome?? then why in the hell are u in MY wonderful America?? If u are so damm wonderful why in the hell couldn’t u be “tha shit” in sholehole mexico???

  2. n/a,
    i would respond to your comment but it is obvious that you havent learned english yet. So, why dont you do that, so you dont sound like a fucking moron. you are a peice of shit mexican trash and i bet your wife is obeise, under 5 feet tall and butt fucking ugly, just like the stereo type.

  3. We are going to send you more drugs so we have more money for fuck your women on Springbreak motherfuckers. You all can suck my white dick. You are descendents from inmigrants stupids. The real americans are on the reservations with their casinos stealing from stupid gringos like you. Damn racists, we do your work because you cant, while we cut your grass we fuck your women, thats why your pleople is fat, ugly, without education and cant learn another language. I live in Los Cabos and here lives 20,000 gringos and they love our land and hate the states becuse they saw a real free country. Fuck Michael Jackson damn black raper and racist. Your country have a black president you must be proud fuckers. Manifest Destiny is ours motherfuckers we are getting our land back and you will be the inmigrants. Read history and lear other languages. All the world hate you, Fuck Bush and your mommas

  4. China is going to kick you ass, and you are going to beg us for help mother fuckers, I hate rednecks, fuck your brothers and sisters you will get smarter jajajaja.

  5. Even Bush hate Americans, thats why he destroyed the World Trade Center instead of the Statue of Liberty. You are so stupid to realize that 9/11 was an inside Job. I hope that negro president of yours tear down the rockefeller plaza jajajajaj, so you can get more oil. You should invade Venezuela

  6. Hi! I’m John Smit, and I’m American, and I’m not proud of it. All the world hate us. We also have smalls dicks. Leave the mexicans. Lets fuck the negros and Jewish people. Lets get high with mexican drugs. Fuck Obama

  7. I am English and you American boys have small dicks, you cant satisfied a woman. So get over it fellas. Mexicans are great. Their food is awesome, their culture is great and they are great lovers. I love Mexico.

  8. It’s pretty damn funny at how uneducated all you Mexican dumbfucks are who post here. You guys literally cannot put ONE coherent sentence together. Typical.

    Oh yeah, and for the gang banger cholo that wanted to know where I live? I live on “No Mexicans Allowed Blvd”

  9. Remember the potato famine in Ireland? Well, I have heard that the PINTO BEAN is next! Now, what are you SHIT-CANS going to eat?

  10. It’s funny how these beans are calling Americans fat, when they are probably some of the shortest, ugliest and most obese human beings I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, do thin MESSicans even exist? Those bastards look like living, breathing pillsbury doughboys. Also, do MESSicans bathe? They have to be the smelliest creatures on the planet! I swear they must fear water or something. MESSican women are the biggest welfare queens known to man, MESSicans have the highest percentage of welfare recipients of any other race. If we could count the illegals it would be even higher! They are fat, short, ugly, lazy, smelly, criminals, drunk, diseased, meth-head, wife-beaters. They are also the least intelligent and ill-mannered of any other group. Dirty MESSican scum, take your smelly asses back to Mehico, illegal and otherwise. MESSicans wish they were White, but you inbred, half-human bums will never be White. Keep your diseases to yourselves!

  11. mexicans rule your house turdface so come suck my big dick pinche gringo fucken redneck i fucked your mom last night while your girlfriend gave me a blowjob they all liked my cum in their mouth also they said that mexican dick taste better than american dick

  12. most american people are fat and lazy bastards all you fucken eat is pizza and fucken hamburgers thats why you bitches are fat if we were lazy we wood be begging fore money like your fucken american hobos who are in the trash looking for cans and sometimes food and you are calling us lazy if you are i wonder what you guys are i wonder what fat white bastars cracker/rednecks/gringos/amierdicans would be if there wasent any mexicans in the usa because we do all the fucken work while you bitches are looking fore cans in my trash

  13. we need to live together. the point is white people were here first. Every screaming gringo go home shouts IGNORANCE. Do the research you will be shocked. DISCOVERY CHANNEL


  15. god you fucks are stupid. i really cant believe it. you all spend your whole lifes talking about other people. dont have a fucking life. i hope to see you piece of shits out on those damn fields along with youre mom. get them whores on the floors. probably wouldnt even last a day. why dont you leave the damn computer you fucking nerd and get youre ass to mcdonalds. go work your shift before we take it. haha. nothing but lazy fucks probably smoking marijuana. haha. you bitches crack me up. go fuck yourselfffff. get your lazy fatass off the damn chair and go do something productive. go feed your horses, pigs, cows, whatever you damn rednecks. fucking dumbass. really. i feel sorry for you white bitches(:

  16. Wow! My I.Q just dropped dramatically from spending 5 minutes reading the shit that all of you ignorant so called proud Mexicans and Americans write. Life is too short for this. Get over it, get an education and make a better life for yourself and the country you live in. Goes for you as well creator of this web page.

  17. Right and what do you propose we do with our stars and stripes since we have so many damn junkies infesting the land she flies over?

  18. AAA THE LAUGHS! its okay my mexican homies. Americans are just envious we make more money than them 🙂 its envy and jelousy that keeps you guys dying for us to go home… its okayy we understanddd 🙂 man fuckk all yaall mother fuckers!! we gonna run your god damn house we fucking taking overr hatingg ass redneck mofos! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! suck it slow bitches!!

  19. Seems that the commenting Mexicans cannot speak English for shit.
    They come to America and they expect everyone to speak Spanish since they can’t be arsed to learn English, unlike LEGAL immigrants.

    You fuckers need to go back to your cartels and sniff cocaine.

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