A busy weekend along the border

Agents fired upon
Tucson, Arizona

Drug smugglers opened fire on U.S. Border Patrol agents late Friday evening east of Sasabe in what highlighted a busy weekend along Arizona’s stretch of U.S. – Mexican border.

Close to the international line east of Sasabe about 11 p.m. Friday, an agent noticed a group of eight crossing the border with backpacks, said Mike Scioli, Border Patrol Tucson Sector spokesman. As other agents arrived to make an apprehension, the backpackers opened fire, he said.

Agents ducked and took cover. The backpackers continued firing as they retreated back into Mexico, Scioli said. Agents didn’t return fire because they didn’t know where the bullets were coming from, he said.
None of the agents was hurt.

Helicopters flew in and the Border Patrol’s special response team came out but none of the suspected shooters were located. They did leave behind 253 pounds of marijuana in the backpacks they were carrying, he said.

On Saturday evening an agent patrolling near the fence in downtown Nogales fired four rounds from a pepper ball launcher after people in Mexico began throwing rocks at him, Scioli said.

About 5 p.m., a scout perched atop of the steel landing mat fence in Nogales began telling others to throw rocks at the agent, who was outside of his vehicle, he said. The agent countered by using his pepper ball launcher to saturate the area. The agency also called Mexican law enforcement for assistance.

The agent wasn’t injured.

Agents also found two large groups of illegal entrants in separate incidents over the weekend.

On Friday about 9 p.m. in the general area where the shots were fired east of Sasabe, an agent scanning the desert floor with a mobile surveillance unit spotted groups of 12, 8 and 75 coming north along the same trail just minutes apart.

A helicopter flew in and a several agents drove to the area. They apprehended 53 people. The rest of them went back to Mexico, Scioli said. The 53 illegal entrants were taken to the processing center in Nogales.
On Friday morning in Nogales, agents found 32 illegal entrants inside a house on Second Street, Scioli said. Agents noticed the group going into the house and notified Nogales Police officers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

When they knocked on the door, they found the people inside. The smuggler had already taken off, Scioli said. The illegal entrants were processed and granted voluntary return to Mexico.

Agents also arrested five illegal immigrants who were convicted sex offenders over the weekend in separate incidents near Douglas, Nogales and Ajo.


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  1. I am so sick of this. Why can’t they come across the border. They are living in a horrible country. As long as they can live like respectable law abiding citizens they should not be stopped. This is the land of the free, and most of our forefathers were ALL from other countries. I can’t find one good reason why we do not allow citizenship for these people trying to make a better life for themselves, but I can think of a few Americans that need to be shipped off to Mexico. I say let the Mexicans be free. Remove Border Patrol.

  2. Everything is wrong when people from another country come march and raise another countries flag in our streets. Most of the money made here is sent back to Mexico so it is not spent here. If they get hurt free medical we pay for.

    It IS an invasion, if they want my respect they have to go march in Mexico
    they don’t want to learn English or follow the rules. When they work it is under Someone elses identity.

    There are only two countries where it is not a crimial offence to be in a country “undocumented”.

    Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the world.

    1 in 12 undocumented aliens is a criminal in Mexico.

    I say it’s time we take our streets and country back anyone comming over the border undocumented should be treated like Mexico secures their borders. They are shot on the spot. That’s how most countries protect their country and borders.

    Mexico is a nice place. GOBACK!

  3. whats your problemee dude? why you hate mexicans? mexicans are AWEEOSMEEE soo fuck you racist! 😀 chingaa tu madre. saludoss!

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