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  1. Keep up the good fight, friend. As our numbers dwindle, we whites need to stick together and convince all those liberal pussies that a growing illegal population is a bad thing.

    • fuck you asshole. This country was founded by hard working white people. You fuckers have invaded our country and are increasingly fucking it up. I have been to mexico, and besides all the crime , corruption, filth, and mexicans , its not that bad. Mexico is the armpit of the world, and we are getting over run by their rejects. Thats right, the dumbass , poor fuckers that couldnt make it in that shit hole have invaded our country and taken our jobs and are doing a pretty good job of fucking this place up. Stand up white people. Fuck them and their brown hands sticking out for handouts from your pay check. Fuck off we are full , thats what I say.

    • The “Day Without a Mexican” protest on May 1, 2006 was a lovely day in Los Angeles. The freeways were clear and people got a reminder of how it was before the invasion. It didn’t exactly have the intended effect.
      Why stop at one day? To the illegal invaders: Please do us a favor and stay away both from work and from all government welfare offices for at least one solid year. Let’s see how badly you’re missed.
      The problem with these Day Without a Mexican protests is that they happen far too infrequently.

  2. Bahahaahaha, apparently your white low-lifes had nothing better to do than to make a website for us… THANKS 😀 its okay you guys, we’ll make sure you guys keep health insurance and food stamps. yall bag on mexicans but umm, i know a couple of WHITE HOES that FUCKKK MEXICANS and have MEXICAN-AMERICAN babies…. ofcourse, those white hoes are living in government apartments taking over government help and taking it from the white people who actually need it. take care of your own race cause their leaving their babies with unkown strangers andt stuff, soooooooo instead of being nosey on our side of the border, why dont you lend these “poor, helpless, USELESS” trailer trash people out? haha exactlyy! i’d like to see you bastards working for me in a couple of years (full scholarship to cali state — just for being mexican) oohh, fyi i was born here, my parents are citizens and i have 1 sister aaaandddddd i have a job… not tied into the mexican cartel so get your facts straight, honestly if you have nothing better to do than to “wish us out” get a job pendejos, if you didnt go to college.. that’s on you! we wish we could go to college, yall chose to do shit and drink beer all day cause last time i checked, scholarships and finacial aid existed!! DUUUUUUUUUHH!! stop complaining, yall wouldnt make a day in the fields or a day in the hot sun making your own house and banking buildings sooooooooo GET A LIFE and by the wayy, if we wernet here… guess what? no taco bell, no more arroz con pollo, haha! yall want us to go home yet, yall fill up aaall the mexican resteraunts on weekends… nice, nice. hahahahaahaha!!!

  3. oohh by the wayy… what happened to all the native americans?? if im not mistaking you guys came along and killed them all, when MEXICANS decided to let yall in and put in 2 rules (convert to catholics and not bring in slavery) — what happened? yall said yes and revoltedd!!! soooo yall invaded US dumbfucks! *cough, cough* sadaam husein? whatever his name is.. he increased the price on oil and what did the u.s. say? “oohh noo, we’re going to war saying we’re trying to spread democracy” uummm bullshitt! yall destroy people for fuel resources stop thinking you’re so great cause yall are nothing but b.s…. take care of your own low-life redneck familes we’ll take care of ours. know a mexican to be able to judge them…. STOP BEING IGNORANT.

    • the mexicans were the native americans biggest enemy they hate you more than whites,you didnt pay attention in history class bich,mexicans killed and raped just as many native americans as the europeans did,so quit trying to buddy up with native americans you IGNORANT slut.

  4. UHH Blackford oaks u can add thiss to ur stupid little list
    so called war on terrorism
    $1,200,000,000,000.00 and counting dumbass
    ur an idiot too usa citizen, mexicans are only doing what you did to them years ago you brought english to AMERICA which is spanish, more than 90% of countries in the Americas are latin

  5. we are getting California and all of the other states Mexico had hahaha fucking racists americans!!!! most of the military personnel are latinos and you pussies don’t wanna do the hard job!!! because some of you (white racists) are pussies!!! so fuck off already and leave us or we’ll fucking find you and kick your white ass until you beg us to stop! RACIST BITCH!!!!

    • whites are the majority of the military you little scumbag,we fight the wars not you fat short ugly little pencil dicked spics,where do you get your information,or are you just fukn stupid like all beaners,you ain’t gonna get shit except for a lungfull of anthrax,you think were gonna let you take over without a war,keep wishing,when you are lying on your deathbed,whites will still be calling the shots faggot ass,aaaaahhhhh hhhaaaaaaa,die motherfucker die i say.

  6. As an honest working Evangilical christian Chicano I pray everyday to the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior that each passing day this land of ours that the federal government called the United States is being returned back to our people that was once stolen from us. Yes the dominance of white society is losing its grip on my land. No use in hooping and hollering out in the streets anymore. All is lost. So Pilgrim please join us in accepting our dominance. I thank the Lord everyday that Pilgrims will no longer bring white evil on my land anymore: drug consumption, pornography, racism, lynchings, high fat foods, alcohol, and the raping of other races. I praise the Heavenly Father in his most precious Name.

    • shut the fuck up you fucking mexican cock sucker,not in your lifetime asshole,some of the biggest terrorists in north america back then were caballeros,the heavenly father you are praying to the white mans god you mixed up asshole.eat a hot bowl of dicks beaner.my ancestors kicked your ancestors ass,get over it.

  7. Mexicans should leave because of the fact that they have no respect for whites who are leaving here. So blame it on the the ones on mental illness who come around and rape are women or who do things to younger children. Its like playing civ 4 they all hang out in their mexican groups and try to stick with each cause they know anyways to be on their own turf. All ive gotten from them is i want food a house a car babies and leach off the economy. Go back to your country they need your services anyway.I do believe that a mexican made the color tv but who in the heck made the nuclear bomb.Thats right gringos go home.

  8. I’d venture a guess that your “lilly white ass” isn’t so lilly white as you think. If your ancestors have been in this country for several generations (eek! immigrants!) you’re bound to have mixed blood . . . perhaps not Mexican, but mixed, nonetheless. Oh,and don’t bother with the “my ancestors came here legally!” argument . . . I know some Native Americans who beg to differ. The fact is that most people who come here illegally are what we call “refugees”; that is to say, they are fleeing for refuge from a poor, third-world country to a large prosperous nation (that, for some, just happens to be right next door). Oklahoma would do well to look at the statistics concerning the economic impact playing out due to the massive exodus of both illegal and legal Mexicans. Oh, and I haven’t heard Oklahomans clamoring to work on pig farms, harvest crops for three weeks, clean the toilets of rich people, or climb up on a hot roof, hammer in hand, so the business of “there is no job Americans won’t do” doesn’t hold water. There’s plenty they won’t do; fact is they’re happy to have someone around who will. Personally, I think we can do much, much better for everyone, American, legal and illegal. But we have to want to . .. we have to care about people. And we must stop thinking we are “entitled” because we were born here – something none of us could control.

  9. I am SO sick and tired of hearing about the EVIL white man; how he enslaved, waged war, stole land and forced his religion on everyone else. Read a fucking book. Every race on every continent did the same.

    Africans had slaves… even sold their own kind into slavery. The true native ‘Americans’ like the Mayans and Aztecs were constantly raiding their neighbors and taking their land and people as slaves. Not only did they force convert the conquered to their ‘religion’ but they pulled their hearts out of their living bodies as a sacrifice to their gods. That pretty much pales in comparison to anything the Spaniards did with Christianity. Everyone acts as if the native people of Africa and here in America were running around hand in hand in a big love pow wow -bullshit. There was unbridles aggression in Africa, North America and South America LONG before the Europeans got there.

    There is only ONE difference between what the Europeans did compared to the rest of those barbaric communities…. it’s the level of efficiency, they did it better. We did everything better and with more success. AND yes, we were also more Just too. To a fault actually. Give me ONE example in history where the ruling class of native Africans or native Americans (and notice ‘Americans’ is a European name, because the natives couldn’t even conceptualize their own existence as one distinct people) who on their own, without military prompting, not only released their subjugated inferiors but elevated them to political equals. You can’t, because it didn’t happen. Sure, you can give examples of different sub-categories/nations within Africa or Native America that never enslaved others, but so too were there in Europe. I’m talking as a whole.

    So STOP saying that Europeans ‘STOLE’ this land… no man lives on Earth unstolen from someone else. Every nation was forged through blood and every nation spilled blood -we just spilled more. Keep pushing and you’ll see it happen again.

    Btw, there is NO such thing as ‘mexican’ really. Its a combination of European and native ‘american’ blood. I suggest you start exalting the superior of the 2. Here’s a hint for which one Im talking about, its the one which managed to make it out of the stone age.

  10. and p.s.

    what the fuck is up with that corny ass mexican music?? everytime one of you fat spicks drive by I think there’s a fuckin carnival goin on. OH, and stop calling yourself Latin. you’re not Latin, Im Latin, Latin is Italian, you’re a genetic mutant.

    Dabit deus his quoque finem

  11. I’m telling everyone I know about his site. Anyone who wants to understand the evil that lies in their brown hearts and actually read their thoughts, should come check out these posts. Their own words from their own lips will be the thing that leads to their downfall !!! There is no more feeling sorry for the poor downtrodden undocumented workers after visiting here !!!

    • That is obsurd some of us are educated and contributing members of society unlike the people who feel the need to make this kind of website.

  12. First of all this is a harsh website , i myself am a mexican but i was born here in california , to make a website racist about mexicans makes me mad because my husband who is also mexican is deployed right now serving our country so u can have freedom of speech and living ,people like you shouldnt be able to have freedom, every race commits crimes and all of us are immigrants. My point , Before you make a racist website you need to remember that Mexicans, Whites and Blacks no matter what race are out their fighting for OUR country and just because of our race we should not be judged in any kind of way

    Another thing My husband serves for a free country (USA,),,, LAND OF FREE…

    i understand the problem with illegals but to say Mexicans is wrong
    my grandpa who also served in the army is mexican, my husband who is currently serving and deployed is mexican , and i myself who is also planning on serving is mexican

    • I definitely DO NOT agree with illegal immigration, but I have to thank your husband and father for their service to this great country.

    You want to talk about being hard workers that will work for less pay? Do you pay American taxes on that American money you make before you send it all back to your kin in Mexico?
    We’re trying to build an economy here and you leaches are ruining it.
    You love Mexico so much then stay there! Work there you fucking greasy peasant.
    You want to be an American? Pay American taxes asshole! Don’t come here and reap the welfare benefits and send the money back to Mexico. Don’t bring your pregnant wives here to give labor to your illegal children for welfare benefits.
    Every other immigrant that comes to the US has to abide by the US rules and they legally become US citizens. Why can’t you greasy Mexicans do that if you want to be here? And by the way, learn our language asshole. It’s English!
    I’m tired of pulling up to a varied fast food place only to have some shit taking my order that can’t speak English!
    You want to be here so bad: why do your relatives fly their fucking Mexico flag here in our country? Why do we have to put up with your Cinco Demio shit every year? You’re just as bad as the blacks here.
    They want everything from our Government but don’t want to work for it. They feel they’re entitled because they’re black.
    Your people take away from our Social Security system and our economy. Now our Government is going to start testing people for drugs that apply or are on welfare benefits and I say more power to them. I think they should also check to see if welfare recipients are able to speak English and prove their citizenship. Period! Screw you parasites!

  14. LOL GRINGO. I didn’t come from England. I’m from Ireland and no, we didn’t have slaves working the potato feilds of Ireland.
    And btw, whites aren’t the only race that want your ass outta here. Blacks don’t want you here either but at least they’re legal citizens! You sneak over hear and take jobs from them too. They hate you.
    There’s too many races that think your race is a low life parasite race. Quit blaming it all on the white race you stupid moron.
    Do you even realize how many different races are American citizens here? They resent you. They have to pay their taxes to support your illegal asses when you come to our Country and they had to go through all the red tape and other misc. bullshit to become American Citizens. But they did it. You didn’t and neither did your relatives. So how dare you even come to this site and bitch. It’s not just white people against your ass, it’s all kinds of nationalities that became American citizens legally that don’t want you here!
    If you and your family want to live here then become a US citizen legally otherwise shut the fuck up.

  15. Why the fuck are white people being blamed for being racist? There’s so many nationalities here that don’t want illegal immagrants here. They had to go through the stages of becoming legal in this country but they did it Why can’t Mexicans do that too?
    Then illegal Mexicans come here and have the gall to demand US rights. They’re not entitled to any. Nor are they entitled to any US benifits such as welfare and food stamps or medicare. Nevermind. I’m just pissed. I hate when they wave their fucking flag here and demand our Countries retributes, but don’t want to become a legal citizen here. But they think they have rights here. What a fuck’n laugh!
    And what a fuck’n laugh to think you will do the work that Americans wont do.
    The only reason you get work here is because no American is going to do peasant work for less than minimum wage but you will. That’s right. Well leave your asses to clean our shit from our toilets and outhouses. You do a good job for next to nothing in pay. Send that back to your family in Mexico…lmao.
    So it’s not just the whites that don’t want you here…it’s everybody that pays taxes in this country you asshole.

  16. you fucking white racest bitches need to go fuck yourselfs with a giant two foot double ended dildo you gay ass fucking whit ass dick eaters. you stupid americans took america away from indians and mexicans you fucking white ass theifs. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mexicans have got to be the filthiest pieces of shit to ever slither over the border. Why are you all so damn ugly? I got a housefull of the nasty bastards living nest to me. They have a stove in the backyard. What some stupid assholes. Every damn one of these stink bombs should be rounded up and sent back over the border. Fight your own battles with each other. Jose Cuervo sucks bag meat.

    • You really should drop the stereotype about all hispanics doing drugs and being in gangs because thats like saying all white people are racist

      • We used to have racist immigration laws that didn’t allow Mexicans. Those racists thought that those Mexicans would come here and get on welfare. So we changed those racist laws and now Mexico is our number one import. Problem is, those racists were right: those ignorant, dirt-poor Mexicans and all on welfare. Maybe we owe those white guys an apology. Like it or not, they were right. IMAGINE THAT

  18. wow.i can’t believe there is people who can hate so much without knowing the truth. I have never heard such closed-minded comments in my life.

    You know it seems the europeans never get enough,

    They destroyed the native americans,

    spanish europeans destroyed the rest of the American continent.

    you know what…
    if one puto gringo would go and apply for jobs that they think they’re too good for then maybe all the real hard working people wouldn’t have jobs…
    ….but they gringos would still not be happy.

  19. one thing for the europeans… are YOU all so damn ugly…..

    At least immigrants from around the world actually have culture. REd necks have no culture, no idea where they came from, and suck dick and like it.

    CHINGA TU PUTISIMA MADRE….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Having been alerted by Mordents ansewr I checked on your profile and you appear to have a bee in your bonnet ( a quaint,old fashioned British expression that means obsession) about this band as you have asked this question over and over again !I think most people have given you your ansewr.Sorry but they are not good enough for the British or American market and probably all the others you have asked.! You could listen to the groups /bands that do make it big here and perhaps learn something from them. This is not intended as an insult but rather as constructive criticism. Was this ansewr helpful?

    • Fact: If illegal aliens were a separate state, it would be the most populous state in the union! With the ugliest and rudess people.

      Does it make any sense for America to sponsor a subculture comprised of 38 million third-world peasants, most of whom are uneducated, unskilled and non-English speaking?

      A subculture that costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year for public services?

      A subculture where many actually believe that Mexico still holds claim to the southwest United States, and that “gringos” should be forced out?

      A subculture where the Mexican flag is more esteemed that Old Glory?
      (so until they make a state for nasty fucks like you, go back to mexico)

  20. So anyway I vandalized home depot just so i could make a historic remark that mexicans are racist. Any way story goes i went into home depot as a white man and nothing but mexicans were working their and it pissed me off because you no their not going to hire you no matter what you do because they hate us. So anyway I said fuck it you know you only live once and whos gonna care in a million years anyway so I vandalized home depot so as to cost them money to repair the front window. I mean shit if people would just be nice to others i wouldn’t have to vandalize your store so sorry I had to make history anyway and Ill keep doing it anyways to piss them off .

  21. I am satan, I declare their shall be a major world war declared on the mexicans from the united states which they shall perish from trying to take are country.

  22. You Mexicans are fucking stupid. You realize that,

    1st. “Native Americans come from Mexico” Mexico was not even a fucking country till the Spaniards came around.

    2nd. Texas and California are not your “Land” Anymore, They are ours. Here I think I will educate you, It was called the Mexican-American War and guess who’s ass got sent back across the boarder with a nice taking of half of its country.

    3rd. Mexicans do not in no WAY help the U.S.A. Hell if anything it is the U.S. Americans who are helping the Mexicans, I mean we have to go over there and ACTUALLY TRAIN your people and give you weapons because you all are to cowardly to fight your government like U.S.A. did back in the Revolutionary War.

    4th. Another Reason I do not like Mexico is that their Anchor babies who come to America are the ghettoest pieces of SHIT around. What is even more funny is when you tell a Mexican that if they don’t like America to GO HOME! and they start with insults. See that is the problem with Mexicans, You give them facts, They give you BS. Their own country does not even want them and Cartels are taking over.

    Lastly, Nothing is more annoying that when you are at a protest and you have Americanized Hispanics screaming for Mexico and when you tell them to go back they call you racist. Now what I would like to know is how is that racist? Mexico = Country, Mexican = Country’s People.. They just all think that we Pick on THEM which is very ignorant. I don’t care what race or country you are or come from. If you’re Illegal GTFO and it just so happens to be a bunch of Illegal Mexicans but you know…. The Illegal Mexicans and the American Mexicans are too stupid to realize that. Another thing that pisses me off is the un-Americanized ones are just as bad, They have no respect for our country or it’s people, They think they are SO PURE but if you look at their history. A majority of it came from Spain not really Aztecs, Plus I talk to Numerous Native Americans that are still alive today that even admit they don’t even like Mexicans, Hell I am half Native American and I don’t like some Mexicans. Personally I really don’t have a problem with Mexicans, Just their people that think they can Sneak across the boarder of any country they want. What is even more sad is that we need to Build a PHYSICAL WALL to keep them out, Kinda like Berlin but instead of concrete it’s a gate.

    The most funny thing I find is when you confront a Hispanic about Mexico they always get mad and tell you that their country would crush ours…. What they don’t realize is that the only reason they have a military is because we made them. If we wanted to we could crush them in a war over a week. Something they do not realize is that we are a “SUPER POWER” we defeated Russia’s communist reign over Europe, and we done many other things so a war against USA and Mexico is like Russia vs Haiti.

    So here i rest my case saying GTFO all you ILLEGAL Mexicans and go back to Mexico and grow a serious pair of “Webbles” and know who is the reason for your country being as fucked up as it is. I will tell you this thought, It is definitely not USA.

  23. Mexicans, Blacks, Indians, Asians, Puerto Ricans, gays, lesbians, etc… are taking over this country. Like it or not.

    Old ignorant, racist, people will probably leave this earth before illegals are all deported from the country. Good riddance!

    Welcome to America 2011 bitches!!
    If you don’t like diversity, feel free to go back to wherever your damn ancestors came from! My middle finger salutes you all.

  24. irish people belong in ireland – that’s why they are called irish people
    italians belong in italy- thats why they are called italians
    germans belong in germany- thats why they are called germans
    you see my point? right? people come to the us to live a nice life. nobody likes white people. all throughout history you guys were the barbarians. mexicans found the fibinacci sequence first, not europeans. a mexican made the TV, not white people. mexicans get things done instead of being little bitches about it like white people. white people think they are on the top of the heap. you must have a small richard because you aren’t man enough to show your name. you are discriminating an ethnicity. if this website does not cease to exist i will report you. i am an inferiated 13yr old boy how cannot bear the burden of being looked down upon because of my ancestry. i did not ask to be mexican i just got lucky.

    • I assume your a Mexican – I don’t know you, but your either a Mexican or your just ignorant garbage – but that really doesn’t matter to me.

      Look at Mexico, great country (ha ha) dirty, crime ridden, gross just like the people………. So, do not take freebies from MY country, go back if your not happy, what the fuck go back no matter what!!!
      and why do……………………..
      1. Mexicans call Americans racist.
      2. Mexicans always have God as an excuse.
      3. Mexicans feel entitled.
      4. Mexicans are rude and pushy.
      5. Mexicans are Pro-Mexico – but want to be in the United States.
      Yep – its time to get rid of the Mexicans – and if our government stands in our way – it will be time to get rid of them as well.

  25. Mexicans are looters! Nothing more, nothing less. They think they have a right to side step the guidelines to becoming legal citizens deserving of Constitutional rights. Go to the DEA website and look at the most wanted list of any field office in the country. Every single one-Mexican! Go look at any hospital and see the waiting room-Mexican! I just went to traffic court to pay a ticket recently. All of the non-hispanics were forced to wait until the translator could come in and process all of the non English speaking spics before our cases were heard. They had to group all of those together, which was the majority of the courtroom, because the translator had to be at another court. So their cases, which shouldn’t even be heard by a judge, were pushed ahead of everyone elses.

  26. The last commenter needs to grow up and get a life. You didn’t get lucky by being born a Mexican, but I guess you could do worse (by being born a Colombian or Russian for example).

  27. Well, after reading all the stuff in this site I just came to a conclusion:
    Americans hate illegal mexican because the get the works they want to do (like making burgers, farming their vegetables, cleaning their homes). IDK why U call yourselves americans, what name would be right for U (so called american)? Unitedstatians? Mexican DO LIVE in the american continent, so hence, they’re as much american (and even more american than U) as well as brazilians, canadian or other southamerican/centroamerican country people.
    United States has no history.
    Yep, Sry If it hurts your feelings, but U have no history.
    Mexicans has registry of their history in their old pyramids. I think their history comes from 1500 BC (BC means before christ, I think many of u don’t know about that, so I try to get it a it more easy for U “american” GUYS 🙂 ), let me think, 1500+2011= 3511 years and counting, n U (Poor of U) has history from 1607 AC, and as well as many doesn’t know US flag has 13 bars because they’re were the 13 colonies U were stolin.. err I mean setting when U reached northamerican ground.
    Well, that was a bit off track. WEll, U have no registry because the TRUE AMERICANS I refer the “indians” U killed while U set up your colonies were nomas, living by the hunting and recolection, meanwhile mexicans set up their economy into agriculture, hunting and many other features.
    Ur little place of robbers, made by the blood of other countries, is nothing more than the result of continous assault of the world.
    But I’m happy; and sad at the same time. first because your tiny money, the dollar, is losing power in the world, sad because If we sink, U sink also, and viceversa (I hope U know what tha word means, if not ooh poor americans…).

    A little video for your entertainment just because I want U to see that we can do racist pages as well ^^:


    Trans, becuas I know that U don’t know to use your language, neither spanish:

    To stay in arizona…
    just change a bit your persona..
    To stay in arizona…
    just change “a bit” your persona..
    To stay in arizona…
    just change a bit your persona..
    To stay in arizona…
    A bit U just have to change!
    Put a lot of make up…
    Get a better language…
    your carriage…
    Let the gringo (american) work…
    Change your melody…
    Look for new friends…
    Eat potatoes and hamburgers all day…
    Shave your mustache…
    Don’t say elote (corn)…
    Don’t say Epazote…
    Now call it fine herbs..
    Now don’t see soccer…
    Zap it to baseball…
    There U don’t scream goal…
    But U scream Homerun!…
    To stay in arizona…
    just change a bit your persona..
    To stay in arizona…
    just change “a bit” your persona..
    To stay in arizona…
    just change a bit your persona..
    To stay in arizona…
    A bit U just have to change!
    Become materialist…
    Make yourself much more racist…
    And totally fatalist…
    Change Chela…
    For Beer…
    Put your head blonde…
    Oxigenate your body hair…
    And hang inside your farts…
    Who gets the mission of the naturalization?…
    Hurry up your convertion…
    To your new religion…
    What they keep their state, that they wants us to that grade…
    Moreover, is just stone and pure worn out desert…
    Don’t stay, In Arizona…
    Better take your belongings to other zone….
    What they stay with their laws…
    Let’s see who makes the food of those morons…
    Don’t stay, In Arizona…
    Go fuck their fucking mother these people…
    What they keep their works…
    A Mexican can find work anywhere!…
    Don’t stay, In Arizona…
    Better take your belongings to other zone….
    What is happening, is because they’re upset…
    Becaus chinese fucke’em up!..
    Don’t stay, In Arizona…
    Go fuck their fucking mother these people…
    Don’t stay, In Arizona…
    Better take your belongings to other zone….

    See ya racis…gringos ^^.

  28. fuck you beaners, if it was your country why did you leave? And not that you have your own country and fucked it up, why do you want to be here. fuck you illegals, we are paying the indians and now you are jealous. fuck you beaners.

  29. Not all Mexicans are bad. I’ve had mixed experiences with them. The ones who are here illegally, behave in a rude manner and bring trouble to the USA, need to be put in jail. Just like any other person who breaks the law. On the other hand, some of the women are smoking hot!!! Some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen were, Mexican.
    Though, most of them soon get fat and lose their shape rather easily.

    • Mexican and white men are about equally likely to be obese, but Mexican women are 24 percent more likely than white women to be obese. Children show a more disturbing trend. , boys ages 6-11 of Mexican origin are 89 percent more likely to be obese than white boys, and Mexican girls in the same age group are 31 percent more likely to be obese than white girls. There are similar differences among 12- to 19-year-olds. Hispanics are 32 percent less likely than whites to exercise regularly, and even Hispanics with incomes three times the poverty threshold or greater are 19 percent less likely to exercise than similar whites.

      Illegal immigrants enter the country without health screening, and some bring diseases not normally found in the United States. Polio, typhoid, tuberculosis, plague, leprosy, and dysentery are still rare but are increasing. Outbreaks are almost always traced to immigrants, many of them Hispanic

  30. The Mexican shitskins better “pray everyday to the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior” that a white man like myself becomes POTUS. What happened to the American Indian will instantly be forgotten when the Mexican problem is solved! It will happen sooner or later. Putting you back in Mexico isn’t an option now. Sorry.

    • What are patriotic Americans to do? At the moment, local action beckons. Lobby your local politicians to enact anti-illegal immigration legislation. Demand deportation. Join militias, join patrols, and prepare yourself for coming war. It will be a bloody war, but I predict, I hope, that patriotic Americans will be victorious.

  31. White people are the most vile and disgusting pig men to exist. They have attempted to conquer every corner of this world including Antarctica and have proven through their insance pig like behavior that they are incapable of getting along with anyone that they come in contact with. They come from a place called Europe which is a wasteland with very little natural resources and with the pig mentality they have raped the very little natural wealth they did possess and soon needed other to venture into foreign lands to rape the treasures of those places. So called Mexicans are indigenous to this continent incorrectly called North America. They are the exact same as so called Indians or so called Native Americans. One people were colonized and murdered by an English Speaking Pig, the other people were colnized and murdered by a Spanish Speaking Pig. Both pig’s came from Europe and both Pigs came with their diseases and sicknesses that committed a conscious genocide against the Native people of this Continent. These pig borders that exist today between what the white pig named Mexico and the USA is less than 200 years old. We have existed on this continent for 30,000 years. You put up a picture of a Mexican Otomi Indian and a picture of an Texas Comanche they are going to look exactly the same. These pigs have confused and dilluted our great people becuase of their sick behavior and diseases. The white pig is not worthy of being called White Man because nothing in their history, and behaviour warrants that title. Instead the pig will be refered to as such, and until the pig returns to the pig troth known as Europe will our people cease claiming our continent which is truly ours. To hell with the pig.

  32. You fucking wetbacks are so fucking stupid. This land America never belong to you any more than it belong to whites. It was native American land. Indians. The land known as Mexico did include parts of the land known as America. However it was named so by your masters the
    Spanish. Mexicans were all tribes back then. They owned shit. The Spanish your masters sold the land to America. After the Spanish your master’s pulled out of your useless land and raped all your women. Then the French became your new masters. There the ones who formed what’s known as Mexico today by stilling land from central American countrys.

  33. By the way I can cut my own lawn. I dont care about your food while it is good I can make it my self after all natives inventors tortillas and what you call Mexican food is actually Spanish cousine. Remember your occupying masters. We dont need you for shit.somehow you got this idea that we can’t do hard work. Well fuck you we built this country. The most prosperous country in history at least till recently. So you fucks want back what you think is your ancestral land. OK well take all are industry and money and are welfare handouts and leave. Then you can have more useless land like the shithole known as Mexico. By the way my house that I sold was built by wetbacks.I sold it because after 3 years it was falling apart from shoddy work.

  34. What he fuck!? all you people out there who want to send the mexicans packing and give em the bird, shut the fuck up! id like to see you do any of the jobs that they come here to do and not complain! and to anyone who says whites founded america, NO! the native americans were here first! we just decided to kill all of them and say we found it! stop being so racist and just appreciate the fact that even if these people are illegal they come here to work and make an honest living!

    • Hmmmm. – well, you need to do some historical research – and some research into genetics as well – it would seem to be the case anyway.
      Historical Research has proven that the Clovis People were the first Americans — they were from Europe – France to be more exact.
      Next came the Vikings. Historical research has found Viking artifacts going back to at least 1500 years before the first native Americans.
      The Native American was of Asian descent – as the Mexican is a rather lower end result of race mixtures.
      I suppose being Mexican is parallel to being ignorant – but you can work on that down in Mexico – can you not?
      Or do you insist on invading a foreign nation?

  35. Every person I meet .. every thing that was .. has changed. I’m 49 now, and seen it all go down, town after town, first one mexican, then 1000000, like roaches they came . I love my country and all people. Its unfortunate.. That mexicans have had a rough life in there home land. And I really feel bad for them. But America is not the solution.. .. .. It tax’s our country to the point where love and understanding does not matter anymore, we have children also, and at least 70% of the real american’s in our country we will fight back with with force that will make you understand that nothing is free. There is nothing easy in America. We have business calling the shots right now, but make no mistake, we have faith in them . WE ARE AMERICA FOR A RESON.

  36. Americans do not have a problem with “legal” immigration, it’s the “illegals” (and they are not “un-document” they’re “illegal” – PERIOD !!!) and they’re bleeding heart do-gooders, libs, “dumm-a-crats, etc… that think they can violate our laws that’s the problem. They are jumping the line, as to those that are doing it by the rules, and I slap in the face to those have played by the rule of law !!!

    I have gotten four illegals deported in the past by using info they provide at my work where they again violated numerous federal and state laws by trying to obtain a company credit card by using “real” U.S. citizens SS # . I made copies, informed the company who issues our company credit card of what was going on and then informed both state officals and the feds.

    To get back some of the monies that “illegals” have cost the real citizens of the U.S., I make it a point to raise the price of labor and parts, lower it down making the “illegals” think they are getting a good deal, when they’ re still over paying by 20%.

    At my other job, I make sure they don’t get the right items so it will cost them more in the long run, and have to buy again. Again, getting make money the “illegals” are costing the citizens of the U.S.

    In both cases, I as well as the rest of the folks at both jobs, make sure that the “illegals” know its “English Only” spoken by us and they need to speak English and/or bring someone who does. !!!!

    If someone is going to be in the U.S. , they better be here “LEGALLY” and learn to speak English, as Americans are under no duty to learn but English.

    I also am involved to make sure “illegals” do not vote, as well as to stop anyone from trying to vote more than once or when they are not citizen of my state ( as members of Acorn did in 08 to get husein obama elected. Those indivduals where not brought to justice due to Libs being both the County Prosecutor and Sec. of State at the time.
    These two anti-Americans where voted out of office there after.

    Now it is time to stop the Left and hussein obama at all costs, no mater what it takes to do so, so that whatever measures needed to be taken to stop more “illegals” from coming in, set aside all “illegal” acts by hussein obama – especially that allowing “illegals” to stay and others to come in and lie about how old and how long they have been here , can be put into action.

    Again, I believe in “Legal Immigration” and that that the U.S. borders must be secured. All measures must be taken to do this, and all states and the Federal Government must use E Varify. Anyone employer found with knowing using “illegals” must be fined large enough amounts of money so that they will not be able nor want to do so again. And the “illegals” must ASAP be deported, with their entire family (including any “want-a-be” kids that happen to be born her. That alone does not make a citizen and was not nor is the factual meaning of the 14th Amendment.

    Any “illegals” that can read this and to their Lib, bleeding heart, do-gooder , dumm-a-crat supporters, get use the facts that real Amricans have had it with what has been going on and are doing things to put an end to it. I am getting ready to do additional actions to make sure “illegals” know that they are not needed nor wanted here in America !!!!

    American Born Veteran

  37. Let’s say I break into your house. Let’s say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave.
    But I say, “I’ve made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I’ve done all the things you don’t like to do. I’m hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house).
    According to the protesters:
    You are Required to let me stay in your house.
    You are Required to add me to your family’s insurance plan.
    You are Required to Educate my kids.
    You are Required to Provide other benefits to me & to my family (my husband will do all of your yard work because he is also hard-working and honest, except for that breaking in part).
    If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my RIGHT to be there. It’s only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I’m just trying to better myself. I’m a hard-working and honest, person, except for well, you know, I did break into your house. And oh yeah, I get a free education, where you have to pay your own way through college.(TEEHEE)
    And what a deal it is for me!!!
    I live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of cold,
    Uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, and bigoted behavior.
    Oh yeah, I DEMAND that you learn MY LANGUAGE!!! So you can communicate with me. And don’t forget to make sure your forms are in MY language – I need to understand them…
    Why can’t people see how ridiculous this is?! Only in America !
    , pass it on ( in English ).

  38. It’s not going to work — there are too many of them here (so calif) — they ain’t goin nowhere. I was born and raised here and I’ve seen the city where I live go from all white to like 80% Mexican — they have taken over and we’re outta luck. It doesn’t really bother me anymore. In fact, the whole white population is gradually disappearing — we will become (or maybe already are) the new minority.

    Best thing to do to avoid constant frustration with this thing is to just leave — find a white area (check city demographics on the Internet) and move there. No use fightin it — just get the heck outta here.

    They’re not going to leave — that’s the reality of the situation.


  39. Hahaha. Poor, complaining Americans. You’re useless. All you can do is cry. “They’re stealing our jobs! They’re stealing our land! They’re criminals!”. Even if this was true (it’s not, really), why aren’t you doing something about it? All you did was make a cute website with a catchy name and call it a day! Can you imagine if us Mexicans kept complaining about our drug wars, our poverty and our politicians? We’d be all dead!

    So, keep crying all you want. We Mexicans never had that option. You already have a black president, how much do you think until a brown one comes along?

    ingli ONLY, that is a quite stupid example you posted there. For one, the U.S.A. isn’t your home. It’s home to millions of people. Nobody is asking you to educate our children, fortunately, for both of us. As a whole, you’re just a person, a particularly useless and entitled cog in the machine.

    oldbiker1 has the right idea. It’s already too late. You can whine all you want, but you’re still gonna lose. White people are going to be a minority. Sheer genetics forced you into this. While all you did was post a racist website, the rest of the races America is made of banded together and made the country a beautiful place. Blacks, Asians, Latinos, we are America. You’ve become obsolete. It’s time to either earn your keep like the rest of us or disappear from the genetic map. I can only wonder, what will you do once you realize what you thought was your house turned out to be an extraordinary diverse community center? Will you dress up in sheets and terrorize people in the name of religion? Again?

    America was founded by illegal immigrants, remember? Said immigrants stole lands from the guys who were already there. Sound familiar? Your time is up. The sheer stupidity and impotency of the whole website almost makes me feel ashamed of begin a white skinned Mexican.

    • Carlos, you’re right the mexican don’t complain about the drug wars, politicians and poverty in their country, they are cowards and leeches that sneak into a country illegally … instead of fighting or even speaking up..

      It is funny how the uneducated still want to use American Indians as an excuse for these criminal illegal aliens!! I always love how you claim the whites came and stole our land.. DID you forget how mexico got possession of the southwest!! How they spread diseases and murdered the inhabitants, much of the same as happening today!! Read up on Geronimo and tell me who really stold land…

      My favorite is the “stolen” part.
      Stolen from whom? Last I checked, Texas declared independence from you guys. Oh, and then you guys declared war on us and LOST. It’s not like we just marched in and took the land.
      (more history) Santa Anna’s govt SURRENDERED the northern states and was even PAID $15 Million in 1848, under the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The collective government in Mexico City & THE U.S. spent 2 months creating the treaty and both nations signed it.

      The government of Mexico carefully and willingly agreed to the transfer of California, Nevada, Arizona and parts of New Mexico.
      So really the mexican history books are just a little off…. America is country of Legal immigrants…

    • carlos… sheer numbers won’t win a war… you need quality leaders and intelligence… not a bunch of pussys and leeches..

    • Why is the United States obligated to educate, medicate and in alot of cases incarcerate people from another country?? Mexicans should be mexicos problem… What is with this feel of entitlement?? We are not a charity.. go home and fight for your rights…

      IF YOU CAN’T EVEN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT,HOW IN BLUE BLAZES ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE OVER OURS? (you can’t) And that’s what is the most frighting about this mexican problem… as their numbers grow the States are slowly becoming more like mexico… They are killing the American way of life and if they are the majority in 50 years as you say, this will just be another dirty mexico…

      Illegal immigration of mexicans may ultimately be more threatening to the character and values of the US than any threat from radical Islamists. It’s not about tribe; it’s about the law ….
      It’s not about being “Racist” it’s about saving America

    • carlos,,
      Just where do you get the idea that a NATION does not have the right to discriminate who comes into their country and who does not!? People try to cast this as RACIST ISSUE? Or a civil rights issue?? BUT for it to be a civil rights issue you have to be a legal citizen to begin with…
      I HATE mexicans coming here and RUINING America.!! I’m NOT a racist I have 2 blacks, 1 Japanese, 2 Russian, 5 of mixed races, and 4 whites at my Thanksgiving table…
      mexicans have left a clear path of destruction … Every city they populate… from the schools to the prisions, from the hospitals to the streets they fuck it all up. ..
      MEXICANS ARE BAD FOR AMERICA.. It’s not a racist isuue, it’s just a FACT.

      In one state (California) illegal aliens cost taxpayers over $10.5 billion annually just for education, health care and incarceration. Do you now understand why California is bankrupt and insolvent? This is spreading across the country…. We are not responsible for mexicans… mexico is responsible for mexicans..

      we are not blaming the illegals for our problems; we are rightfully blaming them for the problems they are causing.
      Big Difference.

    • carlos, and in closing,

      FYI: Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side and 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side. While Barack Hussein Obama’s father was from Kenya , his father’s family was mainly Arabs.. Barack Hussein Obama’s father was only 12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father’s birth certificate even states he’s Arab, not African Negro.. So does 6.25% make him a black man?? as for mexicans in government, here in california after elected they contiune to get busted for corruption…
      Maybe you should study your own culture to see how our values differ and figure out why your men won‘t fight for the Mexican dream in mexico. They can’t all be puss cees and leeches, can they????????

  40. @carlos

    “Can you imagine if us Mexicans kept complaining about our drug wars, our poverty and our politicians? We’d be all dead!”

    you guys don’ complain about your shithole country’s problemos because you’re over here leeching. the only thing there is for you to complain about is demanding rights (the illegal ones) and calling everyone racists because they’re against ILLEGALS aka “your people”

    i’m VERY sure you wouldn’t like it if a bunch of white people went to your country and leeched off your shit.

    and some states here WAS mexico, it’s not anymore, if you loved it so much, you should have fought for your lands instead of claiming it now, now that the “gringos” fixed it up for you to leech off of, but what would you expect from a bunch of cowards who left their shithole country instead of fixing it.

    oh and mexican president? dream on. even if you guys become the majority, you still won’t have control over this country. mexicans have lowest IQ in this country, average of 85 (look it up), around 20 below everyone else. how sad is that?

    best of all? they’re ungrateful! can’t wait till they bring back operation wetback. and trust me, everyone is fed up with your crap.

    • First of all, come on, man. Can’t really complain about IQ when you type like an eight year old, can we? And you’re right, I wouldn’t like it if some white guys came over to leech of all and stuff. I’m pretty sure I’d do something about it, though.
      See, you just prove my point. You keep complaining and whining and posting bullshit “IQ” facts as if that would help you at all. I mean, I post here because I enjoy watching idiots like you cry about something they bought upon themselves. What the hell do you have to gain by writing that kind of trash? Are you trying to convince yourself you’re in the right and that maybe this time, your racism isn’t unjustified?
      And seriously, bringing up geographic issues like the anexation of previously mexican states isn’t really quite a good argument for stating all Mexicans are cowardly. That would be like me calling you a murderer because your ancestors killed a bunch of Native Americans who used to live where you know call home. Sins of the father, and all that.

      • I apologize, I did forget one point. You claim everybody is fed up with my crap, don’t you? Thing is, all I hear is particularly entitled and snobby white people complain. Did everybody else stay home tonight?
        Or better yet, did everybody realize what a phenomenally stupid and offensive this website turned out to be?
        Keep ’em come in, people. Can somebody at least try and make a shadow of a compelling argument? I’m pretty sure I’m just hearing white trash complain nowadays.

        • are these the kind of facts you’re looking for?

          Fifty percent of Hispanic households use some form of welfare, the highest rate of any major population group.
          Hispanics are 3.3 times more likely to be in prison than whites; they are 4.2 times more likely to be in prison for murder, and 5.8 times more likely to be in prison for felony drug crimes.
          Young Hispanics are 19 times more likely than young whites (and slightly more likely than young blacks) to be in youth gangs.
          At 43 percent, the Hispanic illegitimacy rate is twice the white rate, and Hispanic women have abortions at 2.7 times the white rate.
          Hispanics are three times more likely than whites not to have medical insurance, and die from AIDS and tuberculosis at three times the white rate.
          In California, the cost of free medical care for illegal aliens forced 60 hospitals to close between 1993 and 2003.

          Fifty-three percent of working age residents in Los Angeles County have trouble reading street signs and filling out job applications in English

          In the first two years of the recession (2008, 2009), the U.S. economy lost 8.2 million jobs while adding 2.4 million legal and illegal immigrants.

          its not like the best and brightest invade America. And don’t get me started on Anchor fucking babies…

      • It is funny how the uneducated still want to use American Indians as an excuse for these criminal illegal aliens!! I always love how you claim the whites came and stole our land.. DID you forget how mexico got possession of the southwest!! How they spread diseases and murdered the inhabitants, much of the same as happening today!! Read up on Geronimo and tell me who really stold land

    • hey mexicant,
      what i don’t get.. REALLY DON’T GET is their mexican pride thing??
      Why are mexicans proud? Proud to be a pussy breed of people not fighting for their rights and country? Proud they are able to sneek into another country and REcreate the same shit they were trying to escape from? Proud to be the highest percentage of people in jail or … the list goes on..and on..
      proud of WHAT?
      I distrust the culture of false pride and cowardice. If there were any pride, then the mexicans would return to their country and defend it instead of fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. What kind of pride is it in strutting around the USA with their mexican flags while not one of them would return home to help build Mexico into something? Not a people you can admire at all. … (having this breed become an majority will not be good for America,,, )

  41. Immigration is at net zero right now. Also in the Southwest, whites have never been the majority. So get a grip of yourselves. English is not the official language. Apparently many, like you, think only Mexicans (never any mention of people from other countries who actually are here in larger numbers than Mexicans because Mexico is heaven compared to their home country i.e El Salvador, Guatemala) are oh so definitely getting those high paying jobs you so want thus are screwing the country. The business produced and the businesses they buy from are great for the economy. They contribute more than you believe these people you degrade as subhuman ‘take’. & Obama has deported more than any president in history has before you start spewing things at him, look it up. Arrogance and hate will eat you alive. But have a nice day, your entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

    Oh and also! The best jobs are increasingly being shipped overseas, THAT IS what you should blog about. Imagine how much those jobs would benefit people here?

    • SweetiePie,
      You”re right,
      The Obama administration has deported more illegal persons than any administration before his. This has been done quietly… WHY? Deportation is not dirty word, or bad thing. It is sending them to their rightful country, and we should be doing it. Any other talk is waste of time. Then,,, just before the election obama gives (amnesty) to his dreamactors,,, this NOT done so quietly… again,, I ask, WHY? Did you read about the illegals that get $739 in food stamps because they dropped five anchor babies in the USA. They are here as illegals, but no one makes an effort to deport them??? once again, WHY?

    • SweetiePie,

      I think when people speak of illegals and seem to only mention the mexicans it’s because of their sheer numbers,,, California is the poster child for the troubles of the country’s immigration policies and of mexican immigrants in particular….If you try to stop them from getting welfare state freebies, La Raza etc. will sue to overturn the legislation. That is what happened in California; now we are bankrupt. The same thing happens in California BTW — elderly people who paid into the welfare state all their lives are denied benefits when they get sick, but Pedro from Oaxaca who crawled through a tunnel five days ago gets gold-plated healthcare at no cost. And our schools can’t afford to educate pedros children either… but we do… Fuck pedro and fuck his kids,,, it’s not our responsibility to give healthcare, food, education to the people of another country..

    • SweetiePie,

      Since English has never been declared the official language of the United States, lobbyists and policymakers continue to debate over the merits of teaching more than one language in schools, providing dual-language textbooks, and presenting educational information, medical services, and a host of other cultural experiences in a multi language format.

      Although that has evolved already to a certain extent, it could continue to escalate, creating tension and potential problems for our country. . Bilingualism divides the nation…..

      and why should spanish be the second language??? Mexican immigrants are assimilating to life in the United States less successfully than other immigrants. ( English ability, education, military service, homeownership, citizenship, and earnings, ) Educational levels of Mexicans has lagged behind the national average for the past three generations. ..The incarceration levels of subsequent generations also spike… Not good for American the worst possible kind of immigrants (legal or not)

      On the other hand……
      Today’s Asian and Russian immigrants are some of the best and brightest, which puts them on a faster track to assimilation via economic success. Good for America the kind of immigrants America was founded on… So why shouldn’t the second language taught be Russian or some sort of Asian??
      since we cater to this tribe the most, you’d think they’d have the upper hand and would have become more evolved and sucessful than the other immigrant groups,,,

      • Ingli: As a retired businessman living in a small town in Mexico, I have a lot of idle time to cruise the web, and found this website and it was a shocking revelation on how the ugly head of hate is rising in America; my question to you and the rest of Mexican haters is this: why put the blame and derogatory words on people (mostly brown) who are powerless?they cross the border attracted by a magnet put by your political-economic elites with a hidden agenda (it is not only cheap labor they want) and also with a perverse incentive to stay (no brownie is going to risk his life coming back and forth the border); another incentive to bring his wife is the birthright citizenship. Everything is in the hands of your congressman but they don’t take action. I doubt Donald Trump can turn around by himself Constitutional amendments to stop immigration the way you wish. Imagine a police state detaining all brown people or spanish speaking, breaking into their homes, shipping them in buses or whatever south the border. Many will have to be murdered but some will fight back. If the USA authorities ignore your plight, why is that so? Are they blind? or deaf? The public debt is 18 trillion and counting, every american taxpayer is indebted 900,000 dollars; your soldiers are fighting other people’s wars, returning maimed or in sacks, Take a look a the white race demographics around the world; your birthrate is less than 2, your numbers are dwindling; it is that the fault of Mexicans?

        If you like history do a little research of what happened in 1917 when a stalemate was reached between Britain, France and Russia against Germany, Austria and the Ottoman Empire. Check the Balfour Declaration, who instigated the entrance of USA to the War? The enemy that will destroy white America and Europe is encrusted with your greedy white elites.

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