When we saw the massive demonstrations in 2006 for ILLEGAL aliens “rights”, some were no doubt thinking these demonstrations were spontaneous. They would be wrong. Demonstrations of that size demand sophisticated organizing. Many powerful groups were behind them, organizing people who are hostile to our system of government.

Some, such as the schoolchildren, were rabble-roused by teachers sympathetic to illegal aliens. Some no doubt were illegal aliens, themselves. However, the fingerprints of socialists and communists were all over the demonstrations. Logical questions arise: Who bought the expensive signs displayed? Who paid for the buses employed to bring in protesters? The logistics of managing such large crowds were expensive. Who paid for it all?

Some of the signs carried showed the contempt of these marchers for us:

If you think I’m ‘illegal’ because I’m a Mexican learn the true history because I’m in my homeland”.

White racists go back to Europe”

White racists you get off our continent”

White racists this is our continent”

Fight the right. Fight capitalism”

One banner said it blatantly: “Party for Socialism and Liberation”

The first demonstrations showed flags of different foreign countries, Mexican flags being predominant. Big mistake. American citizens, whose sympathy was being courted, recoiled upon seeing those foreign flags. Handlers were quick to sense their mistake and made sure ensuing demonstrations featured the American flag.

American citizens recognize that our system of government, capitalism, has produced a better standard of living, not only here, but around the world where our money has been used wisely. It is hard to fathom the depth of hatred by those who have benefited from capitalism. It is difficult to understand the mindset that “bites the hand that feeds it”. Thus, a natural skepticism bars some from accepting that there is a fifth column here, willing to destroy our economic system in order to usher in socialism and its bully brother enforcer, communism.

Advocates of socialism/communism embrace a utopian dream that has never brought anything but loss of freedom to any society that has implemented it. Still, it is an ingrained ideal that dies hard.

Tables of literature set up at the marches featured books and pamphlets with titles such as: “Lenin”, “Marx”, “V. I. Lenin”, “Rebelion Teamster”, “El Manifesto Communista”, “En defensa del marxismo”, “Che and Fidel Castro”, and “Castro”.

Wasn’t communism defeated when the Berlin Wall came down? No, communists realized that their economy could never compete with capitalism and keep up the arms race it was in. They knew that a frontal attack would not work, so they set about to infiltrate our institutions, primary among which were our schools. But, when the communists saw that this country was giving its people a pretty good standard of living, didn’t that dissuade them from their communist idealism? Again, no. Communism is not a rational idealism.

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