Arizona Suns Fan Makes Pro-Immigration Law Statement

by James Buchanan

There was a recent story in the news about the owner of the Arizona Suns renaming his team “Los Suns” in solidarity with the illegal aliens and as a protest against the new Arizona immigration law #1070. There’s just one little problem: 70 percent of the people of Arizona support the new immigration law and only the liberal ivory tower elitists (who don’t have to live near the illegals) are protesting the law while the vast majority of White Americans enthusiastically support it.

Well, an enterprising fan of the Suns showed up at the now notorious game, where the Arizona Suns became “Los Suns”, wearing a custom-made T-shirt boldly proclaiming his support for the new law. The fan had purchased an expensive seat along with a friend with a similar T-shirt right above the Arizona Suns’ coach and the TV cameras kept getting shots of his T-Shirt supporting Arizona’s new immigration law #1070. All the people sitting around him were giving him the “thumbs up” sign.

An article on the John and Ken website reports “As the Phoenix Suns took the court last week wearing ‘Los Suns’ jerseys in protest of Arizona’s new immigration law, Jim Clark had his own protest. Clark, CEO of Republic Monetary Exchange, had his own shirt made in response to the team’s move. The Phoenix resident wore his bright orange long-sleeved shirt that read ‘Viva Los 1070′ in the Wednesday playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs. Clark said he decided to wear the shirt after learning the Suns were taking a stance against Arizona’s new immigration law, known as Senate Bill 1070.”

The pro-illegal alien owner of the Suns noticed this guy getting on the TV screen over and over and finally blew his top. Security guards were sent after the T-shirt guy and his friend, who resisted their thuggish behavior. At first the security thugs claimed that they were removing him for trying to make a political statement. The law however had already passed, and all they were doing was supporting a valid law of the state of Arizona (while the owner of the Suns was showing disrespect for the new Arizona law).

The security guards backed down and let the pro-immigration law fans return to their seats, and the people sitting around them gave them a round of applause on their return.

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Arizona Suns Fan Makes Pro-Immigration Law Statement — 1 Comment

  1. I dont believe there is any method to handle immigration in America without race seeming to be an issue. eventually we do have to enforce our laws. Some individuals are going to have hurt feelings, but for now, this is necessary.

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