Bakery Busted

The owner of a wholesale bakery in San Diego has been charged with hiring illegal workers. Immigration authorities say half of the employees were not authorized to work in the U.S.

The bakery’s president, Jesse Fadick, and three employees are charged with harboring illegal aliens. Immigration authorities said they arrested a total of 44 employees.

The federal court complaint says S&S bakery made deliveries to San Diego’s federal courthouse, military bases and prisons.

Court papers say a former employee tipped off federal authorities to the bakery’s illegal hiring practices.

The informant told authorities his boss directed him to get fake work papers. The informant is a legal resident and allowed to work in the U.S., but his boss didn’t know that.

This is the second bakery immigration officials have targeted in San Diego recently. The owners of the French Gourmet have been accused of knowingly employing undocumented workers and face millions of dollars in fines.

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