Being PC is unAmerican!

PTBC: No legacy is so rich as honesty – William Shakespeare
Last Wednesday, I gave a lecture on the law of assault and battery. As an example of simple battery, I used my old middle school friend Darrin’s violent reaction to being called an “English fag” by our classmate, James. Fortunately, no one was silly enough to believe that my simple battery example was meant to endorse the widespread use of the term “fag” – in fact, I prefer the term “queer” and only use it when talking about John Edwards. (Sorry, Ann, I couldn’t resist).

I also consider it fortunate that I don’t teach at Brandeis University. If I did, I might already have had someone placed in my classroom to monitor my use of the term “fag.” If you think I’m joking, consider the case of political science professor Donald Hindley.

Professor Hindley did a good thing the other day in his Latin American Politics course. He criticized the use of the term “wetbacks” as an inappropriate racial slur against Mexican immigrants. Of course, in the process, he actually uttered the term “wetback.” As a result, some students were offended – actually, in my view, they claimed to be offended in order to get attention.

And the “offended” students certainly did get attention.

As a result of the students’ feigned offense at the criticism of the term “wetbacks,” Professor Hindley has now been found guilty of “harassment” by administrators at Brandeis University. It is certainly funny that a university named after a Supreme Court Justice (and staunch supporter of free expression) should be guilty of such heavy-handed tactics, which are certain to chill the free expression of ideas.


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  1. what the hell is rong with you.You think that all of us should go home I think your a funking horrer every body should be treated the same because a person’s a person no matter what.I was born in Huoston,Texas and my parents speak perfect english and spanish you don’t know how it is over there.Or how they feel about being away from your family or brothers and sister’s want to know something
    we or they come over here to get a beter life than they have over there but you
    you people just make worse.How would you like to be critisized by people you
    know nothing about you just a jack ass bitch.:( go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!

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