Bye bye spiks

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government deported a record number of undocumented immigrants in the 2010 fiscal year, officials said Wednesday.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, cited the figure during a press conference here to tout progress made over the past 20 months under President Barack Obama.

Of the 392,000 people deported by ICE agents during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, more than half – 195,000 – had been convicted of criminal offenses, the officials said.

Those numbers represent increases of more than 23,000 and 81,000, respectively, over the totals for the 2008 fiscal year, meaning that deportations of convicted criminals have risen by more than 70% from levels during the Bush administration, Napolitano said.


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  1. hey listen here, not all mexicans are bad!! they just try to act big and bad! my best friend is mexican and im against this 100% i cant stand people who are racist!

    • You do not know crap I’m 38 and worked hard all my life starting at 15 1/2 and spent the last 22 years working and having to complete with people with a high school education that are born in USA . I now have disability from BAE. ship yard in sandiego working on the U.S.S Freedom (the name is be the ship took half of my freedom ) I’m going work even harder because if your a employer and can pay one half for a non us worker Thiers no way for me to find employment now with a back problem , Theirs to many non U.S workers to be able to complete with because employers can throw people away . There’s so many able bodied illegals good luck to me born in San Diego Ca

      • Better luck in Mexico you don’t like your gov?? Change it or die doing so like our forefathers did..Amen once again good luck n godspeed..another Ameri job opening perhaps?

    • Doesn’t that make you racist if you hate racists? Why bother to worry about stuff like this there is nothing any one can do to change it. People will always hate each other.

  2. I bet you’re some fat white guy who is obviously a failure. You’re probably poor as well. I mean poor white folks are the ones that have knowledge of their inferiority to others, therefore use their bogus skin color as an excuse to think they’re better. How about you go do something that’s actually productive like say, a start up? Make money off of that, and then talk about that. Instead of on going issues, that you have no direct control of, apart from your stupid vote. I love folks like you. You’re the fucking motivation. I am a 17 year old hispanic kid whose parents are illegal immigrants. I can’t even legally drink, and have already made more money off of my dad’s company than you probably make in a life time. Stupid fucker, Go workout or find something better to do. Dumbass cracker…I can’t believe I just wasted my time with this.

    • Get over it Grease Ball!
      Do the dumb fuckers (your parents) pay taxes on that chop-shop buisness? Probably not.

      Statistics are correct, mexicans are the dumbest species on Earth!
      They breed faster than cockroaches.

      • Bigger family’s bigger welfare check ola…n kids don’t eat hardly anything+ they supplement gov dole with selling drugs ..poisoning go die for Mexico..asap

  3. WOW. This website is the most appaling thing i have ever seen. it is nothing but racist and ignorant. IT IS IGNORANT UNEDUCATED PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO THINK ALL IMMIGRANTS COME FROM MEXICO. you yourself are an immigrant too.

    so…if what you are saying is that mexicans belong in Mexico, then….that means EUROPEANS BELONG IN…omg. where….EUROPE.. GO BACK TO EUROPE.


  4. wow i haven’t gone on this website in a while and the last time i did i left a very long note saying that i am Mexican and Italian and if you don’t know the meaning of spik which by the way is spelled wrong its spic and it means someone from Hispanic descent so instead of tell me to stay in school i surley wanted you to know that you should have stayed in school -_- ;P. i also advise you that not all imagrants are from mexico you got Italians Costa Ricans brizilians Ecuadorians Asians Germans Ecuadorians so i dont think the name of this web site makes much sense

  5. These scumbag wetback commit one crime after another…they should round up every one of these dirtballs……..there is no benefit to having these clowns here.

    • Send them home tell your moms to wait on US soil and dump the baby then and only then should you be here because the USA is full we don’t need more people we are full of out a work people no work for us fix your crap hole country and I will try to fix my country crappy country . THIS SHITY country is the only one I have can’t go the England, Scotland Ireland or France my familys been here at least since the twenties and up to 1750’s so this is my country and I’m willing to die and kill for it. Do that I’m Mexico.

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