They should have cut his nuts off

A former city bakery owner pleaded guilty to employing illegal immigrants during an appearance in federal court on Thursday. Anthony DiBenedetto, 64, of North Branford, is an Italian immigrant who owned and operated Rocco’s Pastry Shop, which had locations in … Continue reading

Bye bye spiks

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government deported a record number of undocumented immigrants in the 2010 fiscal year, officials said Wednesday. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, cited the figure during … Continue reading

Georgia’s gitting its act togather

Lawmakers plan to introduce a bill to bar these students from all public colleges — the 35 institutions in the University System of Georgia and the 26 in the Technical College System of Georgia. Both Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates … Continue reading

They’er comming to take you spiks away

BOISE — The Ada and Canyon County sheriff’s offices will soon join a federal effort to crack down on criminal illegal aliens. As it stands now, everyone who is booked into the jails is fingerprinted.  Those prints are then sent … Continue reading

US town votes on plan to ban foreigners renting homes or having jobs | World news | The Guardian

A Nebraska town, angry over a surge in the number of Hispanic residents, is voting today in a referendum on a new law that would require foreign nationals to get a licence to live in the town. The referendum in … Continue reading | Tucson, Arizona 1,200 National Guard troops to be deployed to border

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Tuesday announced the White House has agreed to her requests to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S. border with Mexico. Giffords called for the Guard's deployment immediately after the March 27, 2010, murder … Continue reading

Illegal Immigrant Deported 9 Times Rapes American Woman On Street

EDMONDS, Wash. – The KING 5 Investigators have learned that an illegal immigrant accused of raping a woman in Edmonds Sunday has been deported nine times. That's much more than previously reported. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement won't comment on the … Continue reading

Arizona Suns Fan Makes Pro-Immigration Law Statement

by James Buchanan There was a recent story in the news about the owner of the Arizona Suns renaming his team “Los Suns” in solidarity with the illegal aliens and as a protest against the new Arizona immigration law #1070. … Continue reading

Arizona Grades Teachers on English

The Arizona Department of Education recently began telling school districts that teachers whose spoken English it deems to be heavily accented or ungrammatical must be removed from classes for students still learning English. State education officials say the move is … Continue reading

Arizona Legislature to Ban Ethnic-Studies Programs

Just a week after signing the country’s toughest immigration bill into law, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer now must decide whether to endorse another bill passed by her state legislature — one that outlaws ethnic-studies programs in public schools. The bill … Continue reading

A wakeup call for all mexi cans.

PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer ignored criticism from President Obama on Friday and signed into law a bill supporters said would take handcuffs off police in dealing with illegal immigration in Arizona, the nation’s busiest gateway for human and drug … Continue reading

Clerk blames firing on illegals debate

DENVER — Not only did Bruno Kirchenwitz’s U.S. Border Patrol baseball cap help get him fired, it almost got him shot. Mr. Kirchenwitz, 54, was dismissed from his part-time job at 7-Eleven in Basalt after he was threatened by two … Continue reading


WALNUT CREEK — More than 40 employees at the downtown Target store quit their jobs after an internal probe raised suspicions about their immigration status, according to lawyers who have met with the workers. Managers summoned the overnight crew of … Continue reading

3 illegals beat pregnant woman

Three illegal immigrants are being held on $50,000 bonds for a vandalism and mayhem rampage that included beating a pregnant woman with a hose. The three men, Jose Ramirez-Lopez, 26, Christian Onofre-Caba, 19, and Rosalino Gaspar, 25, were arrested Sunday … Continue reading

Legal price of hiring illegals

Legal price of hiring illegals A Mishawaka company has a legal price to pay—for hiring illegal aliens. Today, Janco Composites (as a corporation), and its President (as an individual), pleaded guilty to criminal charges in federal court in South Bend. … Continue reading

Mexican ass kissers, Traitors to USA

Family Security Matters Open Border Shyster John McCain Deserves a Dunce Cap Pam Meister In the days of yore, students who did not make a valid attempt to learn their lessons and acquitted themselves badly at recitation time were sometimes … Continue reading

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico By John Dillin WASHINGTON – George W. Bush isn’t the first Republican president to face a full-blown immigration crisis on the US-Mexican border. Fifty-three years ago, when newly elected Dwight Eisenhower moved … Continue reading

Ex-Border Patrol agent gets prison

They ought to lop this guys nuts off!!!  SAN DIEGO—A former U.S. Border Patrol agent was sentenced Friday to 36 months in federal prison for helping immigrant smugglers in exchange for cash. Jose Olivas Jr., 46, pleaded guilty in October … Continue reading

Democrats get set to reward lawbreakers

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Democrats get set to reward lawbreakers What is the value of citizenship, when a country decides to reward assaults against it? There’s a pro-illegal move afoot in Maryland that is infuriating, but not at … Continue reading

Aid to Illegal Immigrants

State to Investigate Whether Arizona State U. Broke Law on Aid to Illegal Immigrants I’m liking Arizona more the more I read. Arizona’s treasurer plans to investigate whether Arizona State University is breaking a new state law by providing private … Continue reading