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Illegal aliens are a large force in America today. Backed by leftist politicians, allegedly American, La Raza has declared a civil war intended to found the Mexican state of Aztlan in the same place that the southwestern United States now stands. These same leftist politicians declare places of sanctuary for these illegals. Our Federal Government refuses to secure our borders. Those in power do not value the territorial integrity of the United States of America. Let us use these forces to establish the Christian States of America.

Conservative talk radio hosts are calling for their listeners to encourage illegal aliens to move to California and other places that have declared sanctuary for them. Let us strengthen their hand. When these illegals are strong enough, they will declare their independence from America. (The border of Aztlan does not need to be the border that they have drawn, which is what the United States took in the Mexican War.) Will the American government go to war to prevent this take over?

Note that all of the candidates for President of the United States in the 2008 election favor legalization of the illegals in one form or another. Two of the three hate our military. Will the military be used to suppress such an insurrection? Would a military solution be successful? Will President Barack Obama, President Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi call on Americans to lay down their lives to take Aztlan back from Mexico? It’s not likely.


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  1. This is the author of Grandpa Lake’s Weblog. It seems that my automatically renewing domain name “expired” a couple of days after my post, so you may not be able to go there. I contacted my web host who said that it would be back on line in “15 minutes”. It’s been 10 hours and still no domain name… I live in Finland. My Finnish wife asks if my government “censors” views that they don’t like. Does it?

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