Clerk blames firing on illegals debate

DENVER — Not only did Bruno Kirchenwitz’s U.S. Border Patrol baseball cap help get him fired, it almost got him shot.

Mr. Kirchenwitz, 54, was dismissed from his part-time job at 7-Eleven in Basalt after he was threatened by two Hispanic men who are suspected of later pumping five bullets into the store.

Mr. Kirchenwitz, who left work less than an hour before the shooting, was terminated by Southland Corp., which owns the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores, for violating the company’s “non-confrontation policy.”

He contends he was fired for his views on illegal immigration and seeks a lawyer to sue Southland on his behalf.

“I want to put the hurt on their pocketbook because that’s all they care about, apparently,” Mr. Kirchenwitz said.

The June 26 episode transformed him into a kind of folk hero on talk radio and within the secure-borders movement.

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