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Disclaimer — 14 Comments

  1. hahahaha i cant believe this bullshit!

    hahaha you stupid white people with NOTHING to do!..haha istead of worring on abpout how great we mexicans are (because we are!!)..you should be paying more attention.. on your stupid president!..and what he did to the fuckin economy of this place!..hahahaaha and all you say is bullshit!! oh and i have one guess on the people that join this so called “movement”…you blond arent you???.. hahaha well you sure do act very good a it!..(you represent!)..haha

    and again this is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha, fucken gringos if it wasnt for us you wouldnt be where youre at right now and almost half of usa was part of mexico. so there where mexicans already living there.

    Whats so bad about crossing a river?? you gringos crossed a whole ocean to get here haha and u kick out the indians they’re the actual race here in usa get that in your small brains

  3. Chicano Power! Power to lick the shit paste from my ass after I take a dump! Get to lickin’ . Mexi work free, lick my ass and drink my pee.

  4. GingR you are a disgusting person lacking class with absolutely no sense of discretion for the sake of the public. You do realize that the internet still counts as the public right? People of the world reading this! GingR does not represent America or Americans!

  5. how cute…we mexicans…give you something to talk about. We probably fill up that empty little life you have. You probably sit at home all day long, looking up the internet and and think ” how the fuck do I waste my time and write racist comments at the same time? oh I know, I’ll write a fucking piece of shiet blog. Dude get a life. I’m pretty sure some mexican chick rejected you in high school or something, and that’s why you’re so frustrated. Before you talk bullshiet about us, please take the time to actually meet a Mexican person. You probably haven’t even talked to one. And if you could write about all crap white people did, we would be full of blogs about you. Every race, has good and bad people. And for you’re information, we are not the only illegal group in America. And not all Mexicans are illegal, because that’s what you’re assuming. I could say racist things to you, but I won’t sink to your level.

  6. Im a proud Mexican American, and I can’t help but pity a disgusting sad pathetic racist like yourself. Get out of your parents basement and stop daydreaming about fucking your cousin you inbred hick.

  7. I pray to God that he has pity on your cruel, judgemental soul. No matter what race we all are equal, we all pee the same, why not make a considerable effort to soften your heart and have compassion towrds others instead of feeding the flame of the hatred in your heart.

  8. I find it infuriating that you would post such prejudice comments. Individuals born in the United States are not “Mexican”; we are simply American. The more specific title would be “Mexican-American,” but there should not even be hyphenated subcategories to define an American. Where we come from is not of importance, it’s where we are going and what we are doing to improve this place we inhabit for a few years. I would not be surprised if you have not accomplished anything positive or of prominence in your lifetime, seeing that you are this ignorant. There were others here before you and will be others here after you. I understand that this site is used merely to express your opinions, but obviously you are a feeble-minded individual.

    I am proud of my hispanic heritage, but it does not define who I am. I am a low-income, first generation, minority student living in a city ranked by Forbes as one of the most miserable cities in the United States. Many girls my age and ethnicity are not presented with the same opportunities that I have. Not to be prejudice myself, but many hispanic girls my age are becoming pregnant, involved in crime, and/or dropping out of school. The minority graduation rate is steadily declining. I attend a college preparatory academy and have been taught since elementary school that I possess the skills, the drive and ambition, and the ability to make a positive difference in not only my community, but the United States, and the world. I am a junior in high school right now and in either November or January I plan on applying to Stanford University. I am contemplating a major in political science and after I have completed my undergraduate and graduate studies I am going to become either a mayor, lawyer, congresswoman, or governor. I’m not going to rule out the possibility of becoming the President of the United States either. I can become anything I want to be, I can do anything I set my mind to. Prejudice and racist individuals will not keep me from pursuing my goals to the fullest extent. I am an American. I am the face of the future. The youth, minority or not, is the future and should be treated as such.

    Racial profiling and hate has been society’s fatal flaw for thousands of years. Religious crusades and wars cannot be looked at without race and ethnicity coming into play. Racial and religious discrimination was the foundation of Adolf Hitler’s regime. Concentration camps were erected to slaughter thousands of people based on their ethnicity and/or their religious practices. In World War II Japanese-Americans were relocated into internment camps. These camps were not anywhere near as inhumane as the Nazi’s camps, but the same principles were conducted. What you are expressing is the same kind of hate and disgust that other ignorant, hideous people have done before you. The whole ideology of separating individuals into categories of ethnicity is obscene. Every single one of us is mixed! My descendants were Mexican, Irish, Basque, Spaniard, French, and God knows what else. When people will learn to evolve and transcend above this closed state of mind is up to the mass of individuals.

    I hope that my commentary will help you, or anyone else, realize that prejudice aimed against any group of individuals is just a fine example of just how ignorant and misinformed you are. I don’t have to be of Anglo descent to speak eloquently. Although caucasians do have an advantage over me because minorities are and have been generally put into a lower socioeconomic level, I am doing everything in my power to change that. Don’t be surprised if you see me elected into a political position in the next 20 years.

    — Erika Cuevas, an educated, proud Chicana, AND American.

  9. I wish all people would stop being racist.
    Also you guys screaming out “La Raza” are probably mixed with white. I’m mixed, I’m half p’urepechua and I’m not some illegal border hopper. My boyfriend is white and he is not a stupid gringo. Quit stereotyping!

  10. Nice disclaimer. Holder’s gonna be tossed out pretty soon, and your disclaimer shows that you know more law than he does. Go for it, it’s an easy job. Bong hits and hip-hop all day long!

  11. hehe this is just crazy talk. you racist american pig lol. oh yeah im an american who´s trying to make america great again by not being racist, homophobe, bigot, and by working hard everyday and make an honest and happy living. Be happy, eat a taco.

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