Get out while you can, spikos

Ever since Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a tough new immigration bill, illegal aliens fleeing Arizona are a common sight. The undocumented, as the media likes to call them, are trying to get ahead of the tough new law before it’s implemented. The media is lamenting the fact that so many families who were having such a wonderful life are now being forced to move.

One such media report can be seen in the video below. CBS, one of the usual suspects in journalistic ineptitude, reports that illegal aliens fleeing Arizona in droves simply because of the misguided bill that was signed into law.

Sob stories of families being displaced, forced to leave jobs, kids being uprooted and leaving their friends only to seek those things in another less draconian state are now the weapon of choice by the mainstream media. In this particular video, the illegal alien that is being interviewed, Manuela, cites the governor’s new law as the reason for their move. Are they going back to Mexico? No. They’re on their way to Colorado. Heck, legal citizens have to uproot and move their families all the time, where are those stories? Why no documentaries about how unfair it is for someone to have to move to find work or the multitude of other reasons one might have to move their family.

A USA Today story says that illegal aliens fleeing Arizona can be seen in the drop in enrollments in schools. Businesses that serve Hispanics are seeing business down a bit as well as other indicators. Other sob stories include a man who has to move to New York City because his air conditioning business relies mostly on Hispanics. The real travesty there for him is that he’s going to New York. Or what about the guy in the video that rented to illegal aliens but now they’re all gone? Should have picked your tenants a little more carefully I suppose.

Illegal aliens fleeing Arizona does prove one thing beyond a reasonable doubt, there are a lot of them there; which speaks to the very reason that Governor Brewer signed the bill in the first place. It will take a lot more than an empty park (see the video) or the image of a little girl crying because she had to leave her friends to make me change my mind about illegal immigration. I’m guessing most people feel the same way.


Get out while you can, spikos — 6 Comments

  1. yep, all these spiks fleeing from arizona are now here in CALIFORNIA. I kid you not, a month after the law passed, there are many more arizona plates on huge SUV full of mexican kids. not to mention, our city has more taggings and crime rates now. every night, you can hear the sirens go off.

  2. for you all that say mexicans belong in mexico do a little bit of research on your family you may not be mexican but you dont belong here either 98% of americans have ancestors from germany who slaughtered the jews from ireland or other countries where does any one get off saying that they need to go back or calling them aliens if that be the case you should not be here either this land was the natives and a far as i am concened you bitch as white bread people stole it from us its time someone steals it back oh why dont you talk shit to one of those illegals to their face murder is nothing for them they fight to survive in mexico unlike you all, get everything handed over to you oh and with time americans like you will be running to mexico for protection for everyone that is deported a day a thousand more come over never will you be able to get away from the brown skin bitches

  3. How old are you, cristal…. probably too young to have see better days “here.” The Mexi’s bring one loaf of bread, and expect a 5 course meal…. please. Mexican Pride? You need to fix your own nation’s affairs. No more free schooling, unpaid hospital tabs, overcrowding, meal tickets, etc…

  4. AZ and Georgia have at least come to their SENSES and wrote some Laws against these invading pigs……..its about time!……the jails are filled with these scum….
    how disgusting having these savages…free to roam ur neighborhood and do unspeakable crimes to ur families…………get a GRIP…..these pukes are NOT ur friend..they are Not innocent hard workers….they are lying thieving animals…let themgo homeand do all that hard work..gardening…..and other useless crap.

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