Greater Threat To America: Illegal Aliens or Osama bin Laden?

by John W. Lillpop (this guy is great)
Mexican illegal aliens have been foolishly called “heroes,” first by former Mexican President Vicente Fox John W. Lillpopand echoed by his replacement Felipe Calderon.

However, Mexico’s leaders do not regard all illegal aliens in favorable terms.

Indeed, while illegal aliens from Mexico squatting in America are heroes according to Mexico,illegals living in Mexico from nations south of Mexico’s borders are felons.

What is the difference, one wonders?

United States dinero would seem to be the short answer.

While Mexico dumps millions of illiterate peasants on the U.S. side of the border, America’s other nemesis, Osama bin Laden, continues his war on America.

But which of these evil doers-Mexico or Osama bin Laden- is a greater threat to America?


Greater Threat To America: Illegal Aliens or Osama bin Laden? — 1 Comment

  1. It’s oddly foreseeable that so many of these rejoicing on Bin Laden’s dying can also be so delusional they can be stating things such as, “America is the freest country in the world.” Cost of 9/11? Hundreds of thousand tops. Cost of hunting down Bin Laden? We are bankrupt. Which was his primary goal. In death, he is still successful.

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