High cost of Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration — it affects us all (OneNewsNow.com)
Illegal immigration should be a concern to all American citizens in this election year. With increased anxiety over the economy, Americans should be aware that illegal immigration is expensive — so expensive that it will deprive taxpayers of enormous, hard-earned benefits in years to come.

I live in the County of San Diego (California). Several months ago our Board of Supervisors was presented with a government report essentially saying that detention and apprehension of illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the county cost taxpayers more than $100 million a year. Just to the north of us, in Los Angeles County, a popular area radio station reported that more than 75 medical emergency facilities have closed in the last 18 months because of the overriding costs and non-payment of benefits offered to illegal immigrants.

A few years ago, one emergency ward nurse actually confided in me that the requirement to treat undocumented aliens was hurting her local hospital financially. (Incidentally, some state and federal laws require designated medical facilities to treat all patients, regardless if they can afford to pay.)

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