How many times should we let an illegal alien go?

Josefa Gonzalez Loya has sneaked across the Mexican border at least 128 times in the past eight years. And each time, the Border Patrol has been nice enough to give her a lift home.

Gonzalez and a group of other women and children–all Indians from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca–have no interest in staying in the United States. All they want to do is panhandle outside El Paso businesses, using the children as lures.

At the end of a productive day, they wait for the Border Patrol to come pick them up and drive them back to the border.

Little dramas like this play out day after day, accounting for thousands of arrests but hardly any prosecutions in the past several years.

The Oaxacan immigrants fall under a loophole that gives border agents discretion to keep some adults and children together and out of jail.


How many times should we let an illegal alien go? — 1 Comment

  1. Mexicans belong in Mexico. Wetbacks don’t come over here to embrace America, they come over here to exploit it. They do not integrate with American society, they polarize themselves in there own communities, then they have the audacity to look at US Citizens with hostility when you come in there neighborhood. I hate them and I wish they would just die. Them and all the Slopes.

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