Illegal Aliens Must Go

Use Illegal Aliens Already Here to Solve Farm Worker Shortage?

Democrat politicians and certain RINOs, including our addled president, are always looking for new ways to ram illegal aliens down the throats of reluctant Americans.

In the latest scam, these anti-American knot heads are passing out crying towels to gain support for agricultural tycoons who allegedly face a shortage of farm workers.

Prudent citizens: Save your tears and pity for both the corrupt farmers and the illegal aliens that they are so fond of.

To begin with, growers should not hire illegal aliens. To do so is a violation of U.S. laws, and is a major reason why America is saddled now with upwards of 38 million illegal aliens.

Secondly, how can there be a “shortage of workers” in a nation that is overwhelmed and overrun by illegal aliens?


Illegal Aliens Must Go — 8 Comments

  1. why single out the mexicans? we come here work hard – get a little money for doing the tough jobs- and every country has people who do wrong things. Stop being a child and set aside our differences where we come from. set aside your pride of being an American because your country has its faults also. if you want the mexicans out forget about taco bell, mexican restaurants so many americans dine at. – believe it or not we help make the U.S. better along with other immigrants – illegal or legal –
    whoever is without sin cast the first stone.

  2. Why single our the mexicans? Surely you jest! Please if you loved “America” so much, why not go through the front door? Why do you sneak through the back door? And let me tell you something. . I am so tried of hearing that you mexicans are the only ones that will do those jobs, you say we “AMERICANS” will not do. That is pure BS and you know it. We have been doing those jobs for many, many years. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty!! and guess what? We do know how to plant a garden too!! yeah! we do. We have been planting for many, many years. I have worked those dirty jobs. And I know alot of “AMERICANS” that have to. So get over yourselves. BUT then again that is all you people have to go on, that and WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS! Well, I don’t care who came here first, last or in between, we are in the “NOW” and this country is a country of “LAWS”. And guess what else? I don’t need any of you to clean my house or to do my lawn or babysit my children, I do it and did it myself. I am a hard working “AMERICAN”. Now maybe those rich business people might need you, so they can use you and pay you next to nothing, to lower our wages, and line their pockets. BUT we hard working “AMERICANS” don’t. We have worked hard all of our lives, we know what it is to work. BUT the difference between you and us, is that, when we were working hard to support our families, we didn’t have our hands out for a free ride, we got nothing FREE and still don’t. We weren’t ENTITLED to anything and we didn’t take from the system, we worked a lot of hours per-week to put food on our tables and to put our children through school. We didn’t expect others to take care of us, and we sure didn’t feel entitled to anything that we didn’t work hard for, and we didn’t except anything FREE either, we had “PRIDE”, my daddy always said if you don’t work for it and earn it, you don’t deserve it. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE! Someone, somewhere has to pay for it. I say no PATHWAY FOR CITIZENSHIP. I think you all should be sent back home and if you want to be an “AMERICAN” citizen then go through the process, just like all the others have had to do to become an “AMERICAN” citizen, alot of you say it is to expensive, well that is true, but if you love “AMERICA” that shouldn’t be a problem. If you want something bad enough, like so many before have, then you would do what you have to do to SACRIFACE to be “AMERICANS”. Those that did, are glad they did. And for it, they are proud to be “AMERICANS”.


  3. oh and by the way, I don’t like mexican food either! I never eat it! so that suits me just fine, I can stay out of those places. I cook at home, I don’t eat out very much at all. BUT if I do, it is “AMERICAN” food. But I have seen mexicans that claim to be poor eating out and at the mall and wearing better clothes than my own children do. And paying with food stamps, debit cards and driving a brand new ford truck. I don’t get that one bit. And by the way. I have known people that have hired mexicans to do different jobs at their homes, and yes they charge less, and they get the jobs done fast BUT they do substandard work. This one lady who had her roof done, was bragging about how these mexicans did such a fabulous job on her roof, but within a week after they left, which they were from out of town ( the mexicans) and she liked to have never contacted them. Things started going wrong with the roof, it started to leak, and she noticed the different color of shingles, they used instead of the ones she bought for them to use, but she finally caught up with them and they kept having to come back and fix different things she seen wrong with the job. So as for them doing better jobs than the “AMERICANS” I don’t think so. You are fools if you believe it ! And I also know some rich people that have a big ranch and they hired nothing but mexicans to do the jobs, and all they do is laugh at
    “THEIR MEXICANS”. They laugh about how little they pay them and how simple they are. The rich man is all about MONEY, and that is the only reason they hire mexicans, to line THEIR pockets, they are making a profit off of you people BUT you people are to dense to see that . When others were around them they would brag to others and compare who had more mexican then the others, working for them. So believe me those rich businessness people of the world don’t care anything more for you, then they do for us “AMERICANS”, you are just slaves to them, nothing more, nothing less. And as long as they can get by not paying people decent wages, they will do it. The RICH are greedy SOBS! and as long as they are allow to keep hiring “ILLEGALS” they are not going to stop treating people like slaves. They need to fine those that hire “ILLEGALS” and if they refuse to stop, they should be made to shut their business down. They are the ones that are takening advantage of the mexicans.

  4. I don’t think it is about singling out mexicans as much as it is your attitudes and your mindsets about what you think you are intitled to in the “USA”, which by the way is “NOTHING”. And why it is that you all can be RACIST, but if we stand up for “OUR COUNTRY” then we are racist? Why is it all of a sudden wrong to stand up for what we believe, and for protecting our country, and having a voice about all the “ILLEGALS” coming to “AMERICA” ? BUT just try once to go to mexico and do any of the things you people do here and see how fast you would be deported or even put in jail. “AMERICA” is to good for it’s own good. To soft hearted and lets others walk all over it, BUT rest assured when they do get enough, that will be it.

  5. The so called Mexican culture has all but destroyed southern California which was the premier garden spot of the United States until THEY started worming their way into OUR culture. Send all of them back. They have nothing., contribute nothing except crime and it is a well known fact their culture is represented by a huge percentage of criminals in our prison system. While we’re at kicking them out, let’s also permanently kick out those who invited them in in the first place and I refer to democratic/socialist/liberal pigs who are responsible for the mess we now find ourselves in.

  6. I am personally ready to lose it if the Dems continue to put illegals before citizens. Enough is enough enforce our laws and do want the citizens want. Caesar Chávez loved a good deportation and HATED the illegals. We need another Chavez.

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