Illegal aliens place huge burden on taxpayers – Illegal aliens place huge burden on taxpayers
We Americans have a very serious problem – in Danbury and throughout our country. Twenty million-plus illegal aliens are running amok and most of our state and federal elected officials refuse to enforce federal immigration laws.

Members of Congress just cut the planned double border fence to 300 miles, but added more than 3,000 of their pet projects to the federal budget. That’s our money!

Meanwhile, Arizona citizens are engaged in drug and human trafficking where one person each day, usually a dealer or close family member, is kidnapped for cash ransoms, just like in Mexico. Bodies are found in the desert for non-payers.

Members of MS-13, an El Salvador gang of killers, are known to be residing in Connecticut.

Our government officials are ignoring the devastation caused by illegal aliens to our cities and towns, schools, hospitals and neighborhoods. Why? Foreign governments, large companies, groups such as La Raza, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the League of United Latin American Citizens and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, churches and unions, all employ companies to lobby our elected officials in Washington to allow this problem to exist.

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