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A country of 123 million souls, Mexico, is invading a country of 300 million souls, the United States, and it is winning. How can this be? The primary reason is that the invaded country, United States, refuses to defend itself. What does Mexico do on its southern border? It protests it and arrests anyone who dares cross into Mexico. What does the United States do on its southern border- almost nothing.

What do most third world countries have in common? For the most part, their governments are corrupt. Mexico is no exception. Although its people are hard working there are not enough good paying jobs. As a result, it encourages its citizens to invade the USA in order to prevent these immigrants from revolting in their own country. What amazes me is that these same people remain loyal to Mexico and send a sizable amount of their earnings back to relatives in Mexico. That remittance amounts to the second largest income for Mexico next only to oil.

Mexicans who become US citizens retain their Mexican citizenship and are told by the Mexican government, “Mexican first and always. ” Again. I can understand the reasoning of the Mexican government, but how can those who leave Mexico because of the poverty and corruption remain faithful to it?


INVASION FROM THE SOUTH by Don B. — 4 Comments

  1. Are you suggesting that people who work and live in the US should forget about their parents, siblings, S.O., sons and daughters? Only a selfish kind of person would do that. To me all of you sound pretty selfish and ignorant. It seems that you’re talking about animals rather than human beings. Oh, I forgot, you treat animals better.

    Illegals are destroying the U.S.A. that they are now taking advantage of. Soon they won’t be any better off here than they were in mexico. The U.S.A. wasn’t built by illegals and we don’t need them now. There is a legal way to come here which is the way all should be required to do.

  2. It is so sad that this kind of ignorance still exist. Please do not try to justify your white supremacy. Most of you totally benefit off the exploitation of Mexican people that are willing to do the work that you are not willing to do. Please educate yourself and see that Mexican people- illegal or legal are no more threatening that anyone else- especially since you are demonstrating how threatening a group of hateful, ignorant, racist people can be. By the ay, the president is Black. Things are changing rapidly. Perhaps you would be more comfortable living somewhere else.

    Name one job that spiks do that whites or blacks can’t or won’t do.

  3. They can do the job but not as good as Mexicans… Fool just quit writing here your not helping on nothing. You’re not stopping immigrants from jumping the border just because your typing racism shet here. Just accept it MEXICANS ARE TAKING OVER…….

  4. she has never seen any staff member at eiethr El Rio Clinic or Pima County Health Department ask for proof of citizenship before providing free medical services (immunizations, Well Baby checks, food stamps, WIC services, birth control, and even elective abortions). Costs are paid by taxpayers. When funds are depleted, low income American citizens have fewer services and longer waits as a result.3. This same RN also said: “I personally know Mexican men who married 16 year old girls, got them pregnant, brought them to Tucson for the baby to become a US citizen. They livein Mexico but come here for their health care. Taxpayers pay for this medical care many ways, at the Public Health Department, and with school nurses who provide care.”4. Uncompensated medical services for illegal immigrants mean higher premiums for all of us due to cost shifting among all third party payers. To cover the deficits from “free” medical services they provide, the administration at University Physicians Health System Kino campus is analyzing how much to increase employeehealth insurance premiums as of July 1.5. Obamacare cuts benefits to American citizens: $500 billion in Medicare cuts and slashing the Medicare Advantage program. Medicare Advantage, chosen by one in five seniors, is the most popular plan for low and moderate income seniors, and covers about half of our Hispanic or African-American elderly. My patients on Medicare have worked and paid into the system over their working careers, yet these cuts mean less healthadcare available to them now. We certainly cannot afford to cover those here illegally.6. Hospitals in Tucson and Dallas also provide uncompensated (“free”) maternity services to pregnant women here illegally. Their babies then become US citizens entitled to all of the services available for low income American families – food stamps, WIC, immunizations, office visits, medications, etc. This drives up costs to all of us: higher premiums for private insurance companies, and higher taxes for government insurance like Arizona’s Medicaid (AHCCCS).7. Professional estimates are that over halfof the pregnant women served at Parkland Hospital in Dallas are in this country illegally. With over 16,000 deliveries a year, Parkland is one of the nation’s busiest maternity services with prenatal clinics for low income women to receive free prenatal care, nutrition, medication, birthing classes, child care classes, and free supplies (formula, diapers, bottles, car seats). Taxpayers pay the bills.

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