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Illegal alien sent to prison

Good dog

Good dog

Jose Felix Franco-Maqueda, who had been deported twice before, was ordered to spend 27 months in federal prison Wednesday for entering the United States illegally from Mexico.

In his sentencing at the Harrison federal courthouse, Franco-Maqueda told federal Judge Jimm Hendren through an interpreter that he was sorry and had learned his lesson.

Sentencing him to the maximum prison time plus a $2,000 fine, Judge Hendren noted that Franco-Maqueda had “plenty of opportunity” already to learn his lesson.

He was first deported in 1998 and was deported again two years later after pleading guilty to possessing methamphetamine in Carroll County. The second time, Judge Hendren sentenced him to 21 months for entering the country illegally, but instead of serving the sentence, he was again deported. Judge Hendren did not say why.

Immigration officers charged him with being in the country illegally for the third time on Feb. 5, 2008, after being called to the Carroll County Jail, where he was charged with failing to meet bond requirements and failure to pay fines or court costs.

Assistant U. S. Attorney Matthew Quinn said after the federal sentencing Wednesday that, “I think this time he’ll serve his sentence before being deported.”

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