John McCain will deploy Open Borders

John McCain has deployed Open Borders advocate Juan Hernandez as the National Director of Hispanic Outreach for his Presidential campaign.

Juan Hernandez used to work for Mexican President Vicente Fox, he has dual US and Mexican citizenship, and is a regular guest on major news networks where he advocates amnesty for illegal aliens and the free flow of people across the US and Mexican border.

Juan Hernandez worked for the Mexican government as the head of the “Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad”.

Hernandez has been a flagrant advocate for giving amnesty, US driver licenses, and banking services to illegal aliens.

He is the author of a book titled “The New American Pioneers: Why Are We Afraid of Mexican Immigrants?” where he compares illegal aliens in the US with the original European pioneers on this continent.

Juan Hernandez has stated to the media that he advocates a “Mexico First” philosophy for Mexican Americans (legal and illegal) living in the United States!

Juan Hernandez advocates the free flow of people across US Borders to “establishing a new North American market combining the U.S. Mexico”

Hernandez has also defended illegal alien identity thieves and other illegal alien criminals that have harmed Americans.

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