Juan Melendez-Reynoso,

A Posen man accused killing a toddler smothered the child’s face in her own excrement, authorities said.

Bail has been denied for Juan Melendez-Reynoso, 31, of 14331 Division St., who was charged Friday with first-degree murder in the suffocation of 22-month-old Ivette Palacios on May 24, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office said Wednesday.

A judge denied bail because authorities consider Melendez-Reynoso, who is an illegal resident from Mexico, a flight risk, Posen Deputy Police Chief Vickie Paggi said.

Police say Melendez-Reynoso was baby-sitting Ivette with his girlfriend, who for years has been watching the toddler and her two brothers, when the baby soiled herself.

“She started crying,” Paggi said. “He became angry and took the diaper that the baby soiled on and suffocated her.”

Ivette’s family has said they had problems recently with the sitter, who refused to answer the door for the toddler’s family while she was watching the girl at least once.

But none of the children ever had been harmed before, they said.

Ivette’s paternal grandfather, Refugio Palacios, said his son Usvaldo always was suspicious of Melendez-Reynoso and his girlfriend – the baby sitter – and that he argued with Ivette’s mom about it.

“But the mom was the boss,” Palacios said in Spanish.

Paggi said authorities do not expect to charge anyone else, but Refugio Palacios doesn’t think that’s right. He said the baby sitter should be held responsible.

“She should be charged as well – she was there, she’s an accomplice” he said. “Why didn’t she call the police right away?”

Palacios also said the toddler’s mom should be charged because she wasn’t there. Instead, mother Maria Martinez was out dancing, he said.

Palacios’ other grandkids, who are 3 and 4, are scared they’ll be back in the care of Melendez-Reynoso, he said.

“They probably saw everything that happened or he treated them badly,” he said.

Melendez-Reynoso is in custody at the Cook County Jail. He is due in court June 23.


Sounds like a swell illegal alien family with typical Mexican values. Viva Mexico!

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