Lazy Mexi Cans


Lazy Mexi Cans — 6 Comments

  1. Racist we are not, Patriots. None of Freeloading Cowards fought in any War The United State was involved in. World War One or Two, Korean War, Viet Nam, Desert Storm. Just by being in the United States you, your children are stealing Jobs, Education, Medical Treatment. I think the United States should elimnate Unemployment and Deport all Mexicans, Cancel All Permanat Resident Alien Cards Dating back a least 30 years. What’s the matter? Truth Hurt, Mexicans have mastered the art of Fogery, Fraud, and Identy Theft

  2. that guy in the picture looks mexican too…DUMBASS…LONNIE BANARK study your history stupid white trailer trash yall dont even belong here…this was a native american land.. send your ass back from were ever you came from

  3. I am mexican and all my family is mexican eather, we live in the border at the mexican side near San Diego California, i have two children and they are born in the USA, undestend? US citizen as any of you could be, 10mts cant be the diferences and as in my example isnt. Dont worry about us, every time we will be more and more in us land, be calm an hope some they say hi to my children. See you soon. hehe

  4. fuck you ass whites we working hard cuz you ppl are to lazy to do so? thats why you white ppl are in the bottem of the race list making stronger race workin for the week! fuck you and go fuck a horse or somthing

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