Legal price of hiring illegals

Legal price of hiring illegals

A Mishawaka company has a legal price to pay—for hiring illegal aliens.

Today, Janco Composites (as a corporation), and its President (as an individual), pleaded guilty to criminal charges in federal court in South Bend.

Janco Composites faces five years of probation and a fine of $210-thousand to be paid in installments over a two year period.

Janco President Douglas Jaques—as an individual– faces one year of probation and a fine of $30-thousand.

The plea agreement indicates that Janco had a pattern and practice of hiring illegal Mexican immigrants, and that one of the illegal workers was part of the Human Resources Department.

In March of 2007, officials raided Janco’s Mishawaka factory. During the raid, 36-alleged undocumented workers were arrested.

About a month before the raid, there wer

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