Mexican Immigrants Protest Western Union


Mexican Immigrants Protest Western Union — 1 Comment

  1. true that!!! i live in ohio not not a nazi just tired of seeing our jobs go to mexicans who will do our work for half the wage,live in filth of about 5-8 people living in a 2 bedroom apt saving there money to go back to mexico and live high off the american hog!we should offer a million or so inmates from all american prisons the chance for freedom but they have to illagally migrate to mexico.let the mexican goverment have a taste of what we deal with.let american immigrants mess with their economy let americans start violent gangs let them spend the money to inprison them deport them so we can slap them on the wrist and let them go do it again!let the mexicans support our yes tough shit your paying too much for western union so you can pay for more illagals to come through.go home stay home have the balls to build a better country for yourselves american can no longer afford to babysit the rest of the world

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