Mexican lawlessness threatens American Second Amendment rights

Mexican lawlessness threatens American Second Amendment rights

AZ AG Goddard teams with Mexican officials to hamstring Americans

In a misdirected effort to target Mexican coyotes transporting illegal aliens and drug smuggling rings, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has announced his intention to forge agreements between U.S. and Mexican prosecutors.

The East Valley Tribune reports as part of the agreements, Goddard said he will push for changes in federal gun laws to make it easier to track arms dealers who smuggle weapons into Mexico.

The change would require people who buy multiple rifles in a single transaction to file a disclosure form, similar to one now required for multiple handgun purchases. Goddard said the law would only be effective if passed at the federal level, but acknowledged that the idea is “going nowhere” in Congress.

Obviously, this alliance raised more than a few questions: Why should Americans have restrictions placed upon their Second Amendment rights in order for Mexican officials to address criminality in their country?

Since the Mexican government aids and abets the illegal entry of its citizens into the United States, what indications are there that such activities will stop? Notorious corruption among authorities in that country is renowned.

The crime wave should be addressed from South of the border. Where is the evidence that Americans are the major culprits in Mexican criminal activity? Illegal immigration into Mexico, as well as using falsified documents, are felonies in that country.Goddard, who acknowledges the restrictions are “going nowhere,” appears to be catering to the Mexican government as a means of garnering local Mexican votes as he proceeds along his career path.

Goddard, whose father, Sam Goddard, served as Arizona governor from 1965 to 1967, was thwarted by Fife Symington in his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps. He obviously still has high hopes.

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