Mexico declares war on USA

Parlamento Migrantes

To unify the movement through a broad call that will allow analysis and evaluation and the ability to design programs that enhance the pro-immigrant struggle and the type of organization that Mexican leaders can create to advance and improve levels of self defense in the U.S.;

To build a bridge that will allow for the fortification of institutional dialogue with principal leaders and organizations of Mexican immigrants, with the objective of establishing an integral panorama of the complex migratory political reality and to identify actions of collaboration that will benefit the millions of Mexicans living in the U.S.;

To promote discussion and approval of a Mexican Agenda that is to be implemented in the U.S. in defense of the rights of immigrant workers and their families. The agenda should consolidate the up to now disperse political participation and construct conditions for a more equitable bilateral relation between the two countries. Moreover, to establish conditions for the humane treatment and quality of life for all Mexican people; and
To create a permanent organizational structure for lobbying in the U.S. supported and sustained by the Mexican Congress; and, to be aware of proposals processed within the Legislative body in relation to the “Proyecto de Presupuesto de Egresos para el Ejercicio Fiscal de 2008’ in relation to protection programs for Mexicans living in the US.

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