More Evidence that Interior Enforcement Works

New Reports Provide More Evidence that Interior Enforcement Works « Illegal Immigration
Enforcement Works

New reports from various parts of the country are providing increasing evidence that interior enforcement of immigration laws reduces both local crime and illegal immigration. On Thursday, city officials in Irving, Texas announced a 15.2 percent drop in the number of violent crimes and a 7 percent drop in overall crime between 2006 and 2007. The city attributed a large part of this drop to a citywide program under which local officials inquire into legal status of anyone arrested and turn over illegal aliens to federal authorities. One critic of the program, Carlos Quintanilla, has disputed the claim, stating that the deportation of 2000 people among a population of 200,000 would not produce the claimed reduction in crime. But Irving Mayor Herbert Gears noted that by removing illegal aliens who had been arrested, the city could avoid problems with repeat offenders. (Star-Telegram, January 24, 2008)

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