Oklahoma says Get Out Spiks

A law Rep. Randy Terrill sponsored eliminating most public assistance and taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants sparked protests, above, in 2007 at the state Capitol.

OKLAHOMA CITY—Oklahoma is far from the border and home to fewer illegal immigrants than much of the U.S. But this heartland state has emerged as the most aggressive combatant of illegal immigration alongside Arizona, thanks to a state lawmaker who has built his political career around the issue.

Arizona sparked a nationwide controversy by approving a law last month that makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally and requires police to question people they stop about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally. On Sunday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the federal government was weighing a lawsuit to challenge the law.

But in Oklahoma, meanwhile, state Rep. Randy Terrill, a Republican, has in the past few years pushed through a series of measures to try to drive out illegal immigrants, whom he blames for economic hardship and lawlessness in his state.

“Federal inaction has functionally turned every state into a border state,” Mr. Terrill said. “You are going to see an increasing number of states doing what Arizona and Oklahoma are doing.”

To his detractors, Mr. Terrill is a political opportunist who is using illegal immigration to inflame passions and win votes. To his supporters, he is a model for how state lawmakers can take control of immigration.

“Oklahoma is the gold standard for us. Terrill is leading the way,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, known as FAIR, a national organization that is a major proponent of states pursuing measures to curb immigration.

The issue had surfaced only sporadically at the state level since California passed Proposition 187 in 1994 to deny public services to illegal immigrants; the law was later ruled unconstitutional.

In the late 1990s, undocumented Latin Americans began settling beyond the Southwest and California. In Oklahoma’s panhandle, they found work at pig farms. In Tulsa and Oklahoma City, they took jobs in construction and hospitality. Oklahoma’s overall Latino population, both legal and undocumented, swelled 187% between 1990 and 2007, the fastest-growing group. Undocumented immigrants numbered about 40,000 to 100,000 in 2008, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

Mr. Terrill, first elected to the Oklahoma House in 2004 to represent a bedroom community of Oklahoma City called Moore, said his constituents began questioning him about the influx. “I thought, ‘Why not do something?’ ” he recalls, “and I started piecing together a bill.”

His first immigration bill in 2006 was deemed too harsh and failed. The next year, he drafted the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007 to eliminate most public assistance and taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants and to discourage employers from hiring them. It passed, and is among the most far-reaching illegal-immigrant laws at the state level.

The measure made it a felony to assist or transport any undocumented person for commercial purposes; prohibited illegal immigrants from getting a driver’s license or any form of state identification; and directed local law enforcement to step up cooperation with federal authorities on immigration enforcement.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, along with the chambers of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, successfully defeated two employer-related sections in federal court, including one that required businesses to verify the work eligibility of individuals hired as independent contractors. The court upheld a provision requiring state contractors to use an electronic verification system to check whether new hires can work legally in the U.S. Another portion of the bill remains stuck in court.

The law created “a culture of fear,” said Richard Klinge, chief counsel for Oklahoma City’s Catholic Charities, which helps immigrants and refugees. He and other advocates said it also provided an opening for anti-immigrant sentiment to flourish in Oklahoma.

Mr. Terrill said his goal was to discourage new illegal immigrants from coming and encourage those already in the state to leave.

The law “is cruel,” said an undocumented construction worker who gave his name only as Gabriel. After 11 years working in the U.S., paying taxes and buying a home, he said, his family life was destroyed last year because his eldest son and then his wife were deported within months of each other after separate police stops.

Mr. Terrill, 40 years old, condenses his views on the issue into phrases, such as, “Flagrant illegal immigration threatens the very integrity of our Republic.”

He won a landslide victory in the Republican primary in 2008, which he said validated his illegal-immigrant crusade.

“I voted for him,” said Yvonne Lowell, a resident of Mr. Terrill’s district, while shopping at a department store in Moore the other day. “Everywhere I go,” she said, there are immigrants who aren’t “paying their fair share.”

Last year, Mr. Terrill successfully introduced several narrower measures, including one that halted Spanish-language drivers’ tests and another that imposed a $5 fee on every overseas money wire transfer.

“My idea is to slowly but surely roll down the welcome mat for illegals,” Mr. Terrill said during an interview at the state capitol. Latin Americans, he said, won’t acculturate as did previous waves of U.S. immigrants.

In coming weeks, Mr. Terrill said he planned to introduce a bill similar to Arizona’s new law, making illegal immigration a state crime. His legislation would add asset-seizure and forfeiture provisions for immigration-related crimes and harsher penalties for undocumented immigrants caught with weapons.

Soon, he plans to attack birthright citizenship, which he describes as the “holy grail of illegal immigration.” The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that anyone born in the U.S. is a citizen. Mr. Terrill said it was “intended to give freed slaves citizenship,” not confer it upon the children of undocumented immigrants.


Oklahoma says Get Out Spiks — 77 Comments

    • Fuck you! It is not about hate, it is about the American dream! We can’t have that while illegal Mexicans take our jobs and tarnish the American work ethic. Filthy Mexicans take every low paying job and live like cattle. Get them out of my Country, now! There is no reason I have to put up with 3rd world degenerates when I order a sandwich at Togo’s. Go home you illegal, budget draining wetbacks!

      • You’re right it shouldn’t be about hate, but common sense. However, you are hating because you’re calling a whole ethnic/national group of people “filthy”.

        • it’s not being a racist… it’s about being a good American and yes “hating” the worst breed of people to come here.

          The Government of Mexico publishes a handbook to assist the illegal aliens and the drug cartels instructing them how to be successful getting to America. This is a covert act of war upon the American people by the Government of Mexico. A major hidden benefit to the Government of Mexico is the removal of the lowest performing and least capable from their society by dumping them into the USA and making them our problem. (so Mexcio doesn’t want them, and we get stuck with all 30 million of them??)
          they gotta go, by whatever means it takes. and yes as a whole they are gross, dirty, nasty, ……..

          • Racism has been going on for a while its disturbing to hear your comments yet it wakes some of us up t knw that there is racism going against us just becuse of our color and culture forget all you rascist peple that dont think fucken uneducated ignorant people were not gross were like everyone else were equally different like i heard some 12 years olds say in a tv series forget you all may we all be happy some day and safe…

            • we should see each ther as one blacks browns whites asians we shuld all be happy its all the media that drills this to ur heads instead of calling us all bad words and calling us criminals we should be helping all yuth and keeping them safe.. much love

      • NorCal408 you are ignorant. Since this country has inforced immigration laws to be stricter there has been a huge crisis. People in this country are to lazy to do the work Mexicans do. On all the big apple farms now in Washington state all the apples are sitting on the trees rotting because there is not enough skilled workers any more to pick them. 60 percent of your food is picked by a mexican. Not because they are steeling your job but because they are willing to do it. This country was build on immigration and the integration of many types of people. We need people like you to get the hell out of or country because you my friend are un American!

        • Yes integration is good. But until most mexicans start comin over on a boat to ellis island and documenting themselves…. (I kid) but makes a point. They know theyre doing wrong. You can tell when you see them scatter like cockroaches when border officials show up. Shine a light and mexicans running amuck. They could care less. Criminals. Cartel. Diseased. And yes truly decent people alm say the same thing. “Oh were just here for work. ” makes it kinda hard to believe. So yes. Illegals.. round em. Up.. ship em out. With paperwork though. Lol

        • Why you fucking beaners are always saying that the United States is your country? You feel you greasy spica are Native-American? Yeah, I know for a bright fact that that’s the problem… You greasy spica from Mexico are always bragging about being “Native-American” just because you have a gook face and brown skin… You ain’t and never were natives of this land! Seriously, I don’t see the Amerindians of Brazil saying that Argentina used to be their lands before the Europeans came nor do I not hear Filipinos saying that that Chinese is their native language. So shut your trap and stay where you belong because you beaners don’t deserve American citizenship.

        • Mexican-like typing detected…

          Greedy American companies are the ones choosing to let those supposed (not convinced of this really…) apples rot. They are throwing a tantrum because working-class America is tired of subsidizing their slave labor while WE go without!

          Americans won’t do jobs like that for pennies and no benefits because WE DO NOT WANT THIS COUNTRY TO LOOK LIKE THE ONE YOU LEFT. Those of us desperate enough to try anyway find that there are not even these crappy jobs available because you locusts have taken them all!

          Large companies won’t pay a living wage for AMERICAN people…the same large companies that determine how impossibly expensive EVERYTHING Is….and at least so far, overall, American people would rather NOT live twelve to a room with no toilet like we would HAVE TO in order to accept those wages!

          Why do you want this country to look like Mexico? Where will you break into and start begging then? Canada, I guess?

          Also: we kinda have to pay our own bills. Most of us can’t just cry about how brown we are and how tragic and oppressive the (mess YOU made of YOUR own) country back home is to get pity and free handouts.

          We can’t SURVIVE on those wages because we don’t get free EVERYTHING like you do!

          Why don’t you fight your oppressive, criminal government and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Like we did?

          Oh, right. I’ve seen how you act when you get here. You’re just the ones that didn’t win the game of corruption and immoral behavior, so you slink over here to try again. And often succeed, driving even MORE desperate Americans out of jobs, and if they complain?

          Why, they’re RACISTS! Never mind if they’re right and their declarations are true: RACISTS! It’s the new new WITCH!

          I gave zero fks what race anyone was until I lived near the border. I’m racist now, all right. I caught that disease from proximity to Mexicans.

          Please don’t tell me how some of you are Guatemalan or Central American. I don’t care. I doubt you care whether the gringos are of German or British or French ancestry and I don’t give any more of a damn which flavor of invader you are.

          Go home. You are not wanted here. And before you cry about THIS IS ARE LAND (yes, that’s how you spell it, repeatedly, I’ve seen it…see also “steeling” and “to” and the rest of your babble) whatever ELSE you believe:

          Your people lost the war, and you accepted MONEY America didn’t have to give you for the lost territory. YOU’RE WELCOME.

          This is not your land, and it’s arguable if it EVER WAS.

          And if it was, well, you’d only have made it into more of Mexico, like you are illegally doing right now! And then you KEEP going “Look at the terrible filth and broken-ass mess we live in! It happened spontaneously one day while we weren’t looking because of White privilege somehow! Please give us more money!”

          And you’d STILL be swarming farther north like locusts, crying about how bad YOUR country magically is for no reason and how MEAN the gringos are for not sharing what they magically have for no reason.

          You want to come here? COME LEGALLY and live up to the same standards of behavior that Americans do. And learn English. We are doing YOU a favor by letting you come here and it’s up to YOU to show gratitude and courtesy.

          Help us, Donald. You’re our only hope. EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE is really just arguing about how much MORE to hand these parasites.

          TRUMP 2016

  1. Hate ? I don’t think so ! that guy knows what he is talking about. hate or being a racist has nothing to do with enforcing the laws. If you do not want to obey the laws, then you shouldn’t have come to our “COUNTRY”. Mexico lives a double standard. If you go to their country and try to protest in their streets, or demand your rights, or disrespect their flag, what would happen? You got it, you would be deported or jailed and shown the door.

    • I’ve asked many a wetback, “How would you feel Pedro, if 200 million gringos moved to shithole Mexico and wanted free food free housing free medical free school”? Not one of them said a word. Just gave a dirty look.

      • These wetbacks are shit. Ugly, nasty, dirty and sucking up resources. They do not belong here. plus they got little micro penises attached to a spongebob square pants body!

  2. And they are GOD FEARING DECENT AMERICANS and we are PROUD OF IT!! YOU GO OKLA!! you keep standing up for your rights. I admire your stand and I wish other states would stand up just like you. YOU have the right idea, don’t ever let anyone say you don’t. Of course when you don’t agree with the law breakers they will pull out the race card every time. DON’T let that stop you from following through with doing the right thing. WE will back you 100% OKLA.

  3. -Im an american veteran and i dont like the fact that we are fighting for a bunch of mexicans. I was in a store the other day and saw a mexican lady with a load of groceries pull out her ebt card and get cash back! And I have a bunch of mexicans selling drugs and driving bmw’s and lincolns right next door. I am looking to move to another country because this is getting out of hand. If i wanted to live with mexicans I would move there.

    • a lot of Hispanic people were fighting in the front lines for your freedom in Vietnam they served your fucking country for your freedom not like the brain washed jewish shit on your tv. p.s. we have federal laws in place for ignorant people that run the states and local office too keep them at bay.

        • 911 didn’t change anithyng. It was an inside job. Part of a plan called Problem Reaction Solution. NAFTA is part of a plan that will make Canada, US, an Mexico one country. This is the first step to NWO.See Rep. Ron Paul NAFTA superhighway. he speaks out vigurously.

      • 9,087,000 personal server in Vietnam, 88.4% were honkies, 10.6% darkies, 1% spicks. info from national war records. 86.8% kia were honkies, 12.1% kia shiners, 1.1% other races. Personal comment: I have seen wounded darkies from Nam, wounded honkies from Nam, but as of today I have not seen nor met a wounded spick the got half his ass shot off in the fucken bush, not that there isn’t one hiding in NC. some where

    • Finally! People here seems to have a hard time understanding that portvey in some other parts of the globe affects all of us. And that includes not only immigration, but outsourcing as well (cheaper labor costs, etc). It’s really simplistic, not to say idiotic, to think that we can simply put up a fence and think that will solve the problem.

      • It is time to use the US Military for its only proper constitutionally mandated purpose, the defense of the borders and the citizens of the United States of America, instead of fighting illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

  4. I remember Randy on opposing debate teams in high school over 25 years ago! Not only does he have my full support and vote , I also believe it’s time to start holding Gov. Fallin accountable for her campaign promises of ridding oklahoma of illegal immigrants and putting oklahomans back to work
    Justin Hicks

    • The great wall of china was built to stop raiders from geittng away with their loot, not invading armies. There was just no way to put sufficient manpower all along such a large structure to repel a concerted attack at a single point. Also note that China was conquered by the Mongols, so yeah.If you really want to stop people, you need something closer to the Berlin wall, which is nasty fucking business no matter how you look at it, and still doesn’t stop everybody.

      • Great wall was to keep out mongols retard don’t soak on history if you are ill informed please. And if Mexicans want to come here legally fine, but I’d you are caught here illegally, regardless of where you’re from, you should be heavily fined, documented, and given a swift boot back to your country. Its not complicated….

  5. If it may we will be in an all out civil war and might even turn the good old US into a 3rd world country. people were made to suffer die and god brings down the human race with sickness disaster all because people hate on each other.

  6. I’ve discovered it’s the vatican that produced this nightmare and encourage and force mexicans to breed like this, so they could infiltrate and take over America from the protestant Christian patriots. Mexicans claim they “own” the southwest but they fail to recognize that the latino & mexican invasion of Mexico was one of catholic/jesuit crusading & spanish greed. They aren’t anymore native than european americans. They just bred with the natives so you couldn’t tell they’re latin/vatican puppets. The catholic church taught them not to control birthing and control all of their thinking and behavior. They are ignorant pawns of the vatican and through Georgetown & American Jesuit universities, they have assaulted protestant Christian U.S.A. of whom they have resisted and fought since white man landed at Plymouth Rock. The new world order is their goal, and they are using mexicans to over-power the Protestant power base in America to cripple our national government and force us into the globalist/vatican controlled one world government. Once they’ve acheived their goal of taking the power of the Christian protestants, they’ll begin to destroy all the mexicans they’ve deliberately bred. They have no loyalty to any race, only to their power mad quest for world domination. All roads lead to Rome.

    • These shits are not Hispanic. They are latin admixtures like you say. Most of them are just hispanicized INDIANS. They were taken in as slaves from the Spaniards hence their Spanish last names. Yet you ask a dumb mexican and they think they are a RACE.

  7. NO AMNESTY, NO BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP for children of illegal alien parents…. NO rewards to illegal aliens… they are THIEVES and they are actively stealing from America….

  8. I am a retired USAF MSgt and have been to 27 countries and five continents. I have seen rich countries, poor countries, and shit-hole countries. Jamaica is a shit-hole, Niger is a shit-hole and Mexico is a shit-hole. The reason those countries are shit-holes are because of the people that live there. White people and Asian people live in nice, rich countries. Its because of our higher intelligence…stupid people create stupid societies plan and simple. I returned home to my Chicago neighborhood and its now filled with Mexicans….and guess what? It’s a shit-hole! The McDonald’s parking lot is filled with trash, the streets are filled with trash, the yards are filled with trash. No one obeys traffic laws, no one takes care of their lawn….its just like living in Mexico.

    • Does anyone relaly believe that the crackdown against buying drugs from Canada is driven by anything other than corporate greed? The drugs are the same ones we pay more for in the US. Medicare Part D rules and regs were written by the industries which profit from it, so it is no surprise that I will pay more this year for the same medications using Medicare Part D than I did last year without any prescription insurance.

  9. The reason that we are so upset is because these fuckers come to the US and have a million kid, all these kids will have medical attention and financial help, where do they get the money from? They get it from the fuckn taxes, and if the government will keep bringing these assholes to our country then they will see the real American rage and possible to have another civil war.

  10. They want to infiltrate this country, this city, your neighborhood and your personal space. as much as i wanna puke i also feel murderous vibes. we outta find a way to rake em out and have them do in there country what there trying to do in our country. No more swine flu. somebody give me advice to keep my cool.

  11. Instead of invading and occupying distant foreign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan over the last few decades, we should have been invading Mexico. I mean, if we are going to invest so much time, money and suffer so much loss of life, it might as well have been for a worthwhile cause. Mexico IS the problem. Tear out the defective and inept government and occupy the country. Then the damn Hispanics will experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things. They are so eager to force their way over here and honor us with their “rich” Hispanic culture, let’s return the favor in kind!

    • So well put, my friend. I couldn’t have said it better myself. These taco motherfuckers are eating this country alive and everything it used to stand for. I see the sorry bastards everyday because everywhere is Mexico here in Texas where I am now. It’s disgusting and pathetic. I feel such a rage every time I leave the house because they’re all I see anywhere.

  12. Let me get this straight, its unconstitutional to withhold aide from a person or group of persons that dont belong here in the first place? Wtf is wrong with our country? I bet (as a american born and bred) i couldnt get nearly half as much assistance from my country as these scum sucking illegals receive, ever. And for the record, being born on US soil from two illegals does not make you a legal resident….at least in my book. Take you and your illegal womb back where ever TF you came from and try to reenter the legal way.

  13. Great to hear! Non tax-payers should NOT be treated the same as legal, tax-paying, full blooded Americans! Luckily up here in CT there isn’t as big an immigrant problem- but I do hope laws like this are passed everywhere soon!

  14. I ride the bus and train in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA AND I AM WHITE A

  15. Wow you guys a racist scum and your lack of intelligence is awe inspireing, yes mexicans are a drain on our society and no i dont like them but the lack of intelligence and blaitant racism is intense here, and to those who say “they took our jobs” if you are in a position to work a job a illigeal mexican took its not his fault your a fucking idiot and can only do things ment for illigeals get a little smarter and find a real job

    • So we are racist scum because we don’t want a filthy greasy mexican harassing us and soaking up resources? They are illegal and don’t belong here. They are only here for perks. If they couldn’t get shit they would not be here. So go fuck yourself you liberal fuck. I blame fucks like you that have mexicanized yourselves just for the sake of not getting your house shot up by a pack of mexicans for ruining the state of California. TRUMP-PENCE 2016. We saw a pack of Mexicans at a Costa Mesa Trump rally burn an American Flag and destroy city property and no one cared. Sad day in America. You dumb nigs voting for Hillary get what you deserve too. Obama hasnt and wont do shit for your own race. You think hillary gives two fucks? Dumb niggers. Ya’ll got no jobs now and let these fucking Mexicans take over all of your cities and shoot you up too. Wake the fuck up!!!

  16. Speak english, this is america!!! I totally agree with you. I went to college and can’t get a job because I do not speak spanish, can you believe it an american can not get a job in america cause I do not speak spanish!! That’s discrimination!!! Why is government enabling these damn mexicans. Does the president speak spanish? Or do his children have to go to school with them, I think not. This needs to be stopped! And they are breeding here like crazy, and who’s paying for it, us!!! Donald Trump for president!!!

  17. There will NEVER be a time is the United States when a Wetback or Mexican or ” I was born here” ….whatever and however you leeches want to label yourself… be an American!!!!!!!!
    WE are a different people!!!…. We are of a different mind set!!!!… We have our own culture which we do not share with you. GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!! Don’t you Mexicans have any pride in your own heritage!!!!!
    You will never be excepted here! You are spending a lifetime in a country where your not wanted!!

  18. He is correct , this is a growing problem and states need to get involved to help deal with this issue !!! American citizens are tired of illegal immigration And we want changes and reform. No more illegal immigration it is not good for the country or those who value it

      • If (white female), you are not tired of illegal immigration, your not tired of non Americans breaking America’s laws in America, then you should move into their neighbor hood, live with them and help them. You could speak Mexican, help them get American federal and state benefits, donate your time and money, and basically put your life where your mouth is.

  19. Mexicans stay in Mexico and USA stay in USA – the people who imigrated here from the British colonies and had to deal war with native Americans to establish territory. I feel like Mexico is trying to start war with the us trying to invade us and our native people who actually owned the land before we.

    • What do the native Americans feel about more people coming into the USA. That should be a main focal point to because their people resided here way before the whites and our slaves.

  20. OMG how I wish some of you could use my mind for a couple of hours and become aware of how dim-witted you are blaming the Mexicans for your troubles, you have every right to protect your borders but do it in an effective way, going for the key causes, but no, you just see the symptoms of a much pernicious and hidden disease within your white society.

    • Anyone else noticing how utterly unable the OMG RACIST crowd is of typing even passably coherent casual-chat levels of English? I wonder if there’s some reason behind that?

  21. Who would have thought that after insulting almost every group – the Hispanics, the Muslims, the Blacks, the Women – Donald Trump is still pulling 39% of likely voters; Birds of a feather flock together, that’s the most logical explanation.

  22. Who would have thought that after insulting almost every group – the Hispanics, the Muslims, the Blacks, the Women – Donald Trump is still pulling 39% of likely voters; Birds of a feather flock together, that’s the most logical explanation.

  23. Today, right now, this very minute there are 28,000 American troops guarding South Korea from North Korea. The famous 150 mile long DMZ. America is protecting South Korea’s boarder. Does this give us any ideas what we should do to protect our southern boarder from the slowly invading Mexicans who are taking America from us and laughing at us for being so stupid ??? When the young Mexican girls arrive in the USA the first thing they do is get pregnant by a Mexican young man and file for welfare and the rest is well known by the Mexicans but not us. Take my country back, you bet!!!!

  24. Why should people who abandon their country get benefits or assistance from America, it’s an initiative or a bonus to leave their homeland. Does America want people like this who want a free ride ?? Do you know any Mexican who respects America ??
    What’s wrong with working your butt off to make your country as great as or better than America ?? p/s my advice to all Americans is,, don’t let the muslims get a foothold in America ,, to those beings we are all Infidels. muslims will bring War and Destruction to your door step..

    • you’re right. I don’t want those rag head nut jobs here either. And that is Hillary’s plan. To let them all come here and we have no border security. We are all a bunch of sitting ducks. It is fucking sad. If this turns to a civil war—you dirty Mexicans better stay the fuck off property or you’re libel to get shot the fuckk up. I am sick of living in Mexico with these fucking Mexicans. Let Hillary take them all with her. That bitch has alotta money to support them. Stupid bitch. she is a fucking trader to her own country and a sell out, yet, democrats support her and defend her. the bitch is teflon.


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