One illegal spik – nine little girls molested!

On Tuesday evening, police in Lakewood, NJ took illegal alien Cirilo Cholula, 18, into custody and charged him with nine counts of aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment

On June 13, the family of one of the little girls notified police that the Mexican national had molested their daughter.

The children range from 4-to-7-years-old, authorities said.

Incredibly, Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford told reporters that her office believes the illegal alien has molested even more girls, and is asking parents to contact police if their child has had any contact with Cholula.

Cholula is currently being held in the Ocean County Jail on $1 million bail. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have also filed a detainer against Cholula.

It should be noted that in Mexico, the crime of child molestation is almost never prosecuted, in fact if a rapist (even a child rapist) proposes marriage to his victim before a judge, all charges are usually dropped.

The reason so many Mexican nationals are committing horrendous crimes against children in this country is due in large measure to the vast cultural differences between the two countries. The fact is that the lives of little girls, and women in general are simply not valued in Mexico.

The most glaring example of the sad aforementioned fact is the age of sexual consent throughout most of Mexico is only 12 years of age!

If this nation does not soon begin to defend our border with Mexico, as well as begin mass deportations of illegal aliens, the United States will become just as inhospitable to children as is Mexico.


One illegal spik – nine little girls molested! — 8 Comments

  1. Get a fucking education you ignorant white fuck. Have you ever even been to Mexico or ever even known a Mexican? Im sure you havent for you to make these unwarranted assumptions about MY culture. But to be quite frank I think my culture is more rich and know how to value the family- compared to your lame ass Anglo race. Take a look at how many your people commit these types of crimes.. If my mind serves me correctly from getting my Master’s degree in Cmrinal Justice WHITE men are the ones more likey to be not only child molestors but also serial killers.. check your facts buddy and do a little research before making comments..

  2. Child molestation is not tried in Mexico? Can we, the readers, at least have some sort of proof or a source of some kind? Who or what do you take us to be?

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    For JESS: Yes, they can molest little girls, BUT ONLY IN YOUR COUNTRY, where life is cheap and means nothing,

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