Illegal alien repeat offender gets life in prison

LAS VEGAS — A federal prosecutor says an illegal immigrant with two previous convictions in California for drug trafficking has been sentenced in Nevada to life in federal prison after being found guilty of methamphetamine trafficking and firearms possession.

U.S. Attorney Gregory Brower says 28-year-old Martin Alvarez-Rodriquez was sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Court Judge Philip M. Pro in Las Vegas.

Alvarez-Rodriguez also uses the name Delfino Sotelo-Ortega.
A jury found him guilty in November of conspiracy, drug possession and firearms charges stemming from a May 2006 undercover drug buy in Las Vegas.

Brower says federal law calls for a sentence of life without parole for defendants with two prior felony drug convictions and a new conviction for selling 50 grams or more of methamphetamine.

Border agents find 73 illegals in truck

SAN DIEGO — A Mexican man is in federal custody Monday after Border Patrol agents found 73 illegal immigrants inside the semi-truck he was driving.

The man stopped at the Interstate 8 checkpoint in Pine Valley Saturday about 5:45 p.m. and agents decided to inspect his truck after observing the that driver seemed nervous, Border Patrol officials said.

Agents found a plastic container inside the cab which the driver said was methamphetamine. They then opened the doors of the trailer and discovered 50 men and 23 women inside, officials said.

The 50-year-old truck driver was arrested and is in federal custody on suspicion of alien smuggling.

This is the third similar arrest in the last three months. On March 6 agents found 25 people from Mexico inside the cargo area of a tractor-trailer and on April 29, 11 people were found being smuggled inside a modified compartment of a truck.

This lust gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling

SONOITA, Ariz. Authorities say a sports utility vehicle crammed with 22 people rolled over in a remote area near Tucson, Ariz., killing 10 and injuring the others.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Joy Craig said Sunday there was no rear seat in the Ford Excursion and most of the passengers were ejected when the SUV crashed just before midnight Saturday. She says all the victims are believed to be undocumented aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and perhaps Mexico.

She said, “They stack live people, as many as they can, like stacking wood.”

The dozen who were injured were taken to hospitals.

The department is investigating what caused the SUV to roll over.

Police in Arizona starting to do their job.

Police in Ariz. may stop accepting Mexican ID card

A recent legal review revealed a Mexican identification card issued to more than 231,000 people in the Valley fails to meet Arizona traffic law, leaving some illegal alien motorists subject to arrest during routine stops.

While the Mexican government billed the matricula consular card as a secure document for U.S. transplants, police agencies said the card is invalid – the difference between a civil citation and a criminal charge in some cases.

Phoenix city attorneys reviewed the details of the matricula card after Mexican diplomats pushed for a police department policy that would require officers to accept the ID, which appears like a driver’s license.

Attorneys said officers are unable to read biometric information – such as height, weight and eye color – encoded on the back of the card. According to Arizona state law, a driver who fails to provide evidence of their identity could be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor.

Tucson police Sgt. Fabian Pacheco said officers have the discretion to make an arrest if they feel they cannot identify a subject based on the matricula card alone.

“It serves very little purpose,” Pacheco said. “I can see the Mexican government’s and Mexican Consulate’s attempt to provide something for their citizens… but you have to be careful not to interpret it as a legal document.”

Carlos Flores Vizcarra, the consul general of Mexico in Phoenix, said officers in the past routinely ticketed and released drivers stopped for minor traffic violations who showed a matricula card in lieu of a driver’s license.

But as public pressure to crack down on illegal aliens has intensified, officers have become less inclined to accept the card, Flores Vizcarra said. As a result, more Mexican drivers stopped for minor traffic infractions are being arrested, booked into Maricopa County jails and deported, he said.

In 2003, an FBI official told a congressional panel that the matricula card is primarily used by illegal aliens. The FBI also concluded applicants could forge birth certificates and other documents to obtain one.

Phoenix police Cmdr. Glen Gardner said even though the Mexican government updated the matricula card in September, patrol officers were never provided with devices to scan or read the encoded material on the back – something that would require U.S. law enforcement agencies access to the Mexican government databases, he said.

“I would venture that they’re frustrated that the card isn’t being accepted in Arizona the way they would like,” said Gardner, who helped design Operations Order 1.4 aliens enforcement policy one year ago, which gave Phoenix officers discretion to contact federal authorities when they encounter people they suspect are in the country illegally.

Gardner said Phoenix officials agreed to accept the matricula card as a form of ID after it was introduced in 2002, though officers have always had the discretion to judge a person’s identification.

The argument frustrated some advocates, who feared that officers could unfairly target undocumented aliens even though they provide a form of government-approved ID.

8th U.S. Circuit Court to Mexican Immigrants: “Adios, illegals!”

In a ruling that could have national implications, Valley Park’s controversial and long-debated ordinance prohibiting city employers from hiring illegal immigrants was unanimously upheld today by a three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The decision affirms a lower court ruling in favor of Valley Park, where Hispanics represent barely 2 percent of the city’s population.

The issue has sharply divided Valley Park’s 6,500 residents, ever since the ordinance was adopted in 2006, thanks largely to the efforts of Jeffery Whitteaker, then the city’s outspoken mayor.

A St. Louis County judge struck down the original ordinance, which would have imposed $500 fines on landlords and employers who rented homes or offered jobs to illegals. Following that setback, the city revised the law again, this time to repeal the rental prohibition, but keeping the provision in regards to employing them.

In a RFT feature story in 2007 that dealt largely with Whitteaker’s anti-illegal immigrant vision for Valley Park, Whitteaker, who last year lost his bid for reelection, explained his rationale for spearheading passage of the ordinance.

“My main issue is overcrowding,” he said. “You got one guy and his wife that settle down here, have a couple of kids, and before long you have Cousin Puerto Rico and Taco Whoever from moving in.

CA Initiative targets U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants

Many people are calling for comprehensive national immigration reform, the states appear to be fed up and are taking matters into their own hands. In California, majority rules, and given the current make up of this state and political climate, I have no doubt that this amendment will pass; whether it will hold up in federal court remains another matter.

A CA statewide initiative is now being circulated would create two kinds of birth certificates: one for the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants and one for everyone else.

Currently, children born in the U.S. are considered citizens under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868. However, those who oppose birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants say the amendment does not apply.

Section 1 of the amendment, drafted with freed slaves in mind, says: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.”

Some people feel that treating children differently on the basis of their parents’ immigration status is a violation of the equal-protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by creating different kinds of classes of people, and therfore different kinds of citizenships in this country.

The initiative, which was drafted by anti-illegal immigration activists, was endorsed by several former officials, including former state Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Oceanside, and former U.S. Attorney Peter Nunez.

By taking aim at the children of illegal immigrants, the initiative raises the specter of the controversial Proposition 187, a 1994 measure that would have denied a public education to illegal immigrant children. It was approved by the state’s voters, but declared largely unconstitutional in federal court.

This measure would deny publicly funded health benefits to the children of illegal immigrants, by ending illegal aliens use of all public funded benefits including pre-natal and non-emergency medical care. In addition it terminates all child welfare for illegal aliens.

There is a huge meed for national comprehensive immigration reform.

Is this statewide measure the right thing to do?

Mexican Indicted For Illegal Status In U.S.

A 48-year-old Mexican national has been indicted by a Tyler federal grand jury for being in the country illegally.

Jesus Manuel Diaz-Orozco, also known as Manuel Ortega, was indicted Wednesday for being a criminal alien found in the United States. According to the indictment, the defendant was arrested by Tyler police officers April 29.

On May 18, Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers went to the Smith County Jail and determined he was in the country illegally after being deported back to Mexico in 2000 following a conviction for aggravated felony for a residential burglary in Conway, Ark.

If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Juan Melendez-Reynoso,

A Posen man accused killing a toddler smothered the child’s face in her own excrement, authorities said.

Bail has been denied for Juan Melendez-Reynoso, 31, of 14331 Division St., who was charged Friday with first-degree murder in the suffocation of 22-month-old Ivette Palacios on May 24, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office said Wednesday.

A judge denied bail because authorities consider Melendez-Reynoso, who is an illegal resident from Mexico, a flight risk, Posen Deputy Police Chief Vickie Paggi said.

Police say Melendez-Reynoso was baby-sitting Ivette with his girlfriend, who for years has been watching the toddler and her two brothers, when the baby soiled herself.

“She started crying,” Paggi said. “He became angry and took the diaper that the baby soiled on and suffocated her.”

Ivette’s family has said they had problems recently with the sitter, who refused to answer the door for the toddler’s family while she was watching the girl at least once.

But none of the children ever had been harmed before, they said.

Ivette’s paternal grandfather, Refugio Palacios, said his son Usvaldo always was suspicious of Melendez-Reynoso and his girlfriend – the baby sitter – and that he argued with Ivette’s mom about it.

“But the mom was the boss,” Palacios said in Spanish.

Paggi said authorities do not expect to charge anyone else, but Refugio Palacios doesn’t think that’s right. He said the baby sitter should be held responsible.

“She should be charged as well – she was there, she’s an accomplice” he said. “Why didn’t she call the police right away?”

Palacios also said the toddler’s mom should be charged because she wasn’t there. Instead, mother Maria Martinez was out dancing, he said.

Palacios’ other grandkids, who are 3 and 4, are scared they’ll be back in the care of Melendez-Reynoso, he said.

“They probably saw everything that happened or he treated them badly,” he said.

Melendez-Reynoso is in custody at the Cook County Jail. He is due in court June 23.


Sounds like a swell illegal alien family with typical Mexican values. Viva Mexico!

Outing of spik BS

There’s the “the U.S. stole the southwest” argument.

Well, the land in dispute was “owned” by Spain for a couple of centuries. Then by Mexico for about 25 years. During these periods, there weren’t more than a few thousand Spaniards or Mexicans in the entire territory. It’s been owned by the U.S. for about 160 years now, much longer than Mexico’s reign. And the U.S. has actually done something with the land, made it habitable for tens of millions. The difference between American and Mexican “twin cities” straddling the border is like night and day, yet the land is obviously the same. It’s not the dirt that’s important, it’s the people. Put another way, if culture didn’t matter, Mexico and Central America would be paradise.

Then there is they are all God,s children argument.

Isn’t everyone God,s children? If so, then guess the open borders crowd are saying everyone and anyone has the right to Invade this Nation, waving their flags, demand their rights, while feasting at the trough of public welfare and Kill, Rape and Rob thousands of American citizens each year! There are 100,s of millions probably billions from India, China, Africa, etc. that would like to immigrate to the USA. If it ok for Latinos to pour across our borders then unless the open borders crowd are racist it should be ok for any and all of the world people no matter their Education, Religion, Race, Criminal convictions, Diseases, or Terrorist ties to invade this nation & be rewarded with American citizenship!

There’s the “lettuce” argument

We’ll be paying $50/head if we don’t have illegal aliens working in the fields. As Phil Martin, ag economist at UC Davis shows, the field labor cost in a $1 head of lettuce is about 6 cents. Triple those wages and Americans will do the jobs. (They’re not career positions. They’re seasonal jobs for young people, starting in the world of work. I have did similarly menial jobs.) And you’ll be paying 10% more for lettuce and other produce. Do you spend $1,000/year on produce? OK, you’ll pay $100 more.

The lettuce argument also parallels that for the retention of slavery.

Immigrant Argument!

There’s the “everyone’s an immigrant except for the ‘Native Americans'” argument. Well, the American Indians didn’t sprout from the land, they came across the Bering land bridge from Asia. So if the criterion is “You’re an immigrant if you had an ancestor who immigrated here,” then American Indians are immigrants, too.

In that case, “immigrant” is no longer a useful word, since Everyone’s an immigrant.

Illegal pay taxes Argument!

There’s the “illegal aliens pay tons of taxes” argument. Sure, they all pay real estate taxes (in rent) and sales taxes (most states). Those working on the books (typically using stolen Social Security numbers) pay FICA and, perhaps, income taxes. But they’re mostly ill-educated and low-skilled and pay very low taxes connected to their working — in fact, most claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, i.e. negative income tax! If a family with both parents working has two kids in school, that’s at least $15k/year just for schooling, way more than the taxes on, say, $35k/year aggregate income.

Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation has done the systematic accounting on all this. A typical household headed by a low-skilled illegal alien is a net drain of about $20k/year for the rest of us, year after year. (Low-skilled Americans are a similar burden, but they’re part of the national family, not gate crashers from other societies.)

Illegal Bad..Amnesty good Argument!

There’s the “illegal immigration is bad, but make them citizens and problem solved” argument. Nope. If that were the case, legalizing (i.e. amnestying) the illegal aliens would solve the problem. But they’d still be (on average) low-skilled workers whose burden on the rest of us would continue. In fact, once legal they’d be able to access more public benefits programs, so their cost to the rest of us would actually rise substantially. In addition to bringing in their relatives under chain immigration in a never ending chain! In short, all of the problems of mass illegal immigration are shared & increased by mass amnestying them.

Then there is the straw man Argument this Nation cannot afford to deport 12 million people!

Never noting if our Politicians had abide by our Constitution and enforced our Laws there would not be 12 millions to deport. Even worse, there is not 12 million but between 20 and 30 million but the government prefers to lie and down play the number! ( Same as the 1986 Amnesty was more than double the government estimate, so will this one be) At any rate deportation would save billions in the long run over what they will cost this Nation in welfare in the coming years. Every person with less that a high school education cost a average of 55 thousand over their life time, so apply that times the 12 million plus all their relatives & their relatives in a never ending chain & deportation would be a great bargain and save billions if not trillions in the coming years! But deportations is not necessary, just close our borders and enforcing our Laws with E-Verify. Fine companies, imprison executives and cut out the welfare they will self deport. No jobs, No Welfare equals no Illegal Aliens!

The flood of immigrants drives wages and living conditions in our central cities toward those of the Third World & has already destroyed Calif..

This tidal wave imposes sprawl, gridlock, pollution, and environmental damage on our metropolitan areas & Nation.

Immigrant families needing services overwhelm our schools, taxpayer-funded health care facilities, and other public agencies.

Those requiring services don’t assimilate and, instead, expect to be served in their native languages.

American civic culture frays as each ethnic group establishes its own grievance lobby and pushes for preferences.

Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis (new, drug-resistant strains) return.

Shortages of water and other resources loom, especially in immigration-blitzed Southwest.

Most that come across our open borders come from countries where, Crime, Corruption, Poverty, Misery, Anti-education, and hate for Americans has existed for centuries and is normal. Should anyone be surprised they bring those same family values across the border with them?

Spik gets 10 yrs

Tucson, Arizona

A Mexican man who pleaded guilty to holding a group of illegal aliens hostage at a Tucson drop house was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office press release.

Jaime Moreno-Villalobos, 30, pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy to commit hostage-taking and conspiracy to transport and harbor illegal aliens for profit after he was arrested in April 2007, the press release stated.

Moreno-Villalobos, of Puerto Vallarta, took a group illegal aliens hostage after they were brought to his drop house when they arrived from Mexico, the press released stated.

Once the migrants arrived at the drop house, their clothing was taken, and they were told the smuggling fee had been raised, the press release stated.
The men were placed in a room with bars on the windows and a door that was locked from the outside.

When U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrived at the house in March 2007, they encountered 15 people attempting to leave the home, the press release stated.

The agents found 20 more people inside, the press release stated. A U.S. District Court judge also ordered Moreno-Villalobos to forfeit almost $25,000, a 2002 pickup truck and more than 50 pieces of jewelry.

Restaurant owner fined over illegal worker

Asiana, an upscale steakhouse in the Village of Pewaukee, was ordered Friday in federal court to pay a $32,000 fine and placed on one year of probation for a conviction on one felony count of harboring an illegal alien for financial gain.

In a separate, related case, Asiana’s owner, Rong “Ricky” Shi, 33, was sentenced Friday to 17 days in jail and ordered to forfeit $9,750, the amount of his financial interest in a $195,000 Waukesha home where illegal immigrants who worked for the restaurant lived.

The 17-day sentence handed down by Judge Rudolph T. Randa was for time Shi, of the Town of Merton, already served while he was detained after his arrest.

In February as part of a plea deal in U.S. District Court in Milwaukee, Shi pleaded guilty to and was convicted of one count of hiring an unauthorized alien, a misdemeanor.

In exchange, four felony counts that Shi knowingly and unlawfully harbored illegal immigrants for financial gain, were dismissed.

Shi, a naturalized U.S. citizen from China, was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on May 22, 2008.

The arrest came after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement took four illegal immigrants from Mexico and China into custody April 28 after executing a search warrant at the residence on Melody Lane in Waukesha.

Residents in the neighborhood had repeatedly complained to authorities about problems at the house.

Randa ordered Asiana, 1198 George Towne Drive, not to hire any illegal immigrants. He said that Shi was “very loose” about paperwork he accepted from employees as proof that they could legally work in the United States.

WHO Guilty of Anti-Mexican Racism?

Is it discriminatory to take every precaution to protect one’s citizens against the Mexican swine flu?

Mexico thinks so.

As reported at, in part:

“MEXICO CITY – Saying China’s quarantine of 70 Mexican travelers was discrimination, Mexico announced it was chartering a plane Monday to bring its citizens home from the country. Mexican officials also declared the epidemic to be waning, but medical experts worldwide said it was to early to make that call.”

Kudos to the Chinese for goading Mexico into removing its undesirables!

Now how can the U.S. irritate Mexico enough to have 38 million illegal aliens flown back to Mexico City?

WHO appeared to support the more cautious position. As reported at, in part:

Chan hits back at WHO

“The head of the World Health Organisation hit back at critics who have accused it of over-reaction to the swine flu crisis, warning it may return “with a vengeance” in the months ahead.

“In her first extensive media interview since alerting the world to a potential flu pandemic nine days ago, Margaret Chan, the agency’s director-general, told the Financial Times that the end of the flu season in the northern hemisphere meant an initial outbreak could be milder but then a second wave more lethal, as happened in 1918.”

From the same source, Mexico’s “health” minister painted a far rosier picture of the chaos in Mexico:

“Fresh data from Mexico suggested the impact of the flu could be less than initially thought. José Angel Cordova, health minister said the flu virus epidemic had passed its peak and was declining. “The evolution of the epidemic is now in its phase of descent,” he said.”

In deciding WHO to believe, one must note that José Angel Cordova is hardly objective.

After all, it his third-world nation that gave the entire world the swine flu, a fact Cordova would like to cover-up with pig poo.

WHO is supposed to be independent, but given the fact that it is affiliated with the UN, WHO lacks credibility.

Why not move UN headquarters to Mexico City where Ms. Chan and WHO can see first hand what is happening with the Mexican swine, while Cordova can keep a wary eye on WHO?

illegal aliens and the Swine FLU

For undocumented Mexican migrants in the United States, the threat of the H1N1 flu virus is compounded by a lack of face masks, medicine or other medical assistance, should the need arise.

The flu outbreak has also led some groups in the US to call for tighter border security and an end to illegal migration from Mexico.

Lazy Mexi Cans


Mexi Can Lunch


Boycott mexi cans May 5


Boycott wherever mexi cans work on May 5. Piss on cinco de mayo.

Illegal Aliens Are the Swine Flu In U.S.

illegal_aliensHealth officials in a U.S. city that borders Mexico fear that the Mexican swine flu will spread quickly within its vast illegal immigrant communities, especially the region’s numerous migrant settlements.

San Diego County’s Health Department has already reported eight cases of swine flu—three in the last day—and the area’s substantial illegal alien population will likely contribute to its rapid spread. Although the county’s health department doesn’t list the immigration status of the infected, a top health official explains what will happen within tight knit migrant communities.

The physician and health professor at San Diego’s biggest public university says that concentrated groups such as migrant communities are not able to isolate sick members. Therefore, Dr. Thomas Novotny explains, there is potential for major spread of the virus among illegal aliens.

Dr. Novotny, who spent two decades at the Centers for Disease Control, says that to prevent a crisis the government must target those who are working and living illegally in the U.S. County officials should closely watch local migrant camps for signs of swine flu and offer treatment, he says.

The potentially deadly virus originated in Mexico and so far has killed nearly 200 people and infected thousands there, forcing the country to shut down public services, schools and private businesses. The earliest known case was a four-year-old boy who lives on a pig farm in Veracruz and contracted the disease on April 2.

The first reported swine flu fatality, a 39-year-old Mexican woman, occurred on April 13 in Oaxaca. Incredibly, Mexico’s health secretary (Jose Angel Cordova) publicly said this week that the outbreak likely began in the United States.

Jews got it right

JERUSALEM– Swine flu? Not in the Jewish state.

“We will call it Mexico flu. We won’t call it swine flu,” Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, a black-garbed Orthodox Jew, told a news conference on Monday, assuring the Israeli public that authorities were prepared to handle any cases.
[mappress width=”200″ height=”150″ zoom=”5″ address=”Jerusalem, Israel : Jerusalem, Israel” ] Under Jewish dietary laws, pigs are considered unclean and pork is forbidden food — although the non-kosher meat is available in some stores in Israel.

Mexi Cans are the swine flu

[mappress zoom=”5″ address=”Mexico City, DF Mexico” ]
MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s president assumed new powers Saturday to isolate people infected with a deadly swine flu strain as authorities struggled to contain an outbreak that world health officials warned could become a global epidemic.
New cases of swine flu were confirmed in Kansas and California and suspected in New York City, but health officials said they didn’t know whether it was the strain that has killed up to 68 people in Mexico and likely sickened more than 1,000.

Mexican soldiers and health workers patrolled airports and bus stations as they tried to corral people who may be infected with the swine flu, as it became clearer that the government may have been slow to respond to the outbreak in March and early April.

Now, even detaining the ill may not keep the strain — a combination of swine, bird and human influenza that people may have no natural immunity to — from spreading, epidemiologists say.

Mexico Swine FluThe World Health Organization on Saturday asked countries around the world to step up reporting and surveillance of the disease and implement a coordinated response to contain it.

Two dozen new suspected cases were reported in Mexico City alone, where authorities suspended schools and all public events until further notice. More than 500 concerts, sporting events and other gatherings were canceled in the metropolis of 20 million.

The Mexican government issued a decree authorizing President Felipe Calderon to invoke special powers letting the Health Department isolate patients and inspect homes, incoming travelers and baggage.

Officials said the decree gives clear legal authority to Health Department workers who might otherwise face reprisals.

At Mexico City’s international airport, health workers passed out written questionnaires seeking to identify passengers with flu symptoms. Surgical masks and brochures were handed out at bus and subway stations. The U.S. embassy in Mexico posted a message advising U.S. citizens to avoid large crowds, shaking hands, greeting people with a kiss or using the subway.

But with confirmed swine flu cases in at least six states — and possibly as many as 14 — the efforts seemed unlikely to stop the spread of the disease.

Particularly difficult in a metropolis as crowded as Mexico City was the embassy’s advice to maintain “a distance of at least 6 feet from other persons may decrease the risk of exposure.”

WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said the outbreak of the never-before-seen virus has “pandemic potential.” But she said it is still too early to tell if it would become a pandemic.

“The situation is evolving quickly,” Chan said in Geneva. “A new disease is by definition poorly understood.”

WHO lays out three criteria necessary for a global epidemic to occur: The virus is able to infect people, can readily spread person-to-person and the global population has no immunity to it. The agency held off raising its pandemic alert level, citing the need for more information. Out of the many cases in Mexico reported, relatively few samples have been tested.

Early detection and treatment are key to stopping any outbreak. WHO guidance calls for isolating the sick and blanketing everyone around them with antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu.

Now, with patients showing up all across Mexico and its teeming capital, simple math suggests that kind of response is impossible.

Mexico appears to have lost valuable days or weeks in detecting the new virus.

Health authorities started noticing a threefold spike in flu cases in late March and early April, but they thought it was a late rebound in the December-February flu season.

Testing at domestic labs did not alert doctors here to the new strain, although U.S. authorities detected an outbreak in California and Texas last week.

Perhaps spurred by the U.S. discoveries, Mexico sent 14 mucous samples to the CDC April 18 and dispatched health teams to hospitals looking for patients with severe flu or pnuemonia-like symptoms.

Those teams noticed something strange: The flu was killing people aged 20 to 40. Flu victims are usually either infants or the elderly. The Spanish flu pandemic, which killed at least 40 million people worldwide in 1918-19, also first struck otherwise healthy young adults.

As recently as Wednesday, authorities were referring to it as a late-season flu.

But mid-afternoon Thursday, Mexico City Health Secretary Dr. Armando Ahued said, officials got a call “from the United States and Canada, the most important laboratories in the field, telling us this was a new virus.”

“That was what led us to realize it wasn’t a seasonal virus … and take more serious preventative measures,” Health Secretary Jose Cordova said.

Some Mexicans suspected the government had been less than forthcoming. “They always make a big deal about good things that happen, but they really try to hide anything bad,” Mexico City paralegal Gilberto Martinez said.

Hospitals dealt with crowds of people seeking help. A hot line fielded 2,366 calls in its first hours from frightened city residents who suspected they might have the disease.

Doctors reported that anti-viral medications and even steroids were working well against the disease, noting no new deaths had been reported in the capital in the last day.

Airports around the world were screening travelers from Mexico for flu symptoms. But containing the disease may not be an option.

“Anything that would be about containing it right now would purely be a political move,” said Michael Osterholm, a University of Minnesota pandemic expert.

Ahued, the capital’s health secretary, said Mexico City may not even be the epicenter of the outbreak.

“The country’s best health care facilities are concentrated in the city,” he said. “All the cases here get reported, that’s why the number is so high.”

Scientists have warned for years about the potential for a pandemic from viruses that mix genetic material from humans and animals.

This swine flu and regular flu can have similar symptoms — mostly fever, cough and sore throat, though some of the U.S. victims who recovered also experienced vomiting and diarrhea. But unlike with regular flu, humans don’t have natural immunity to a virus that includes animal genes — and new vaccines can take months to bring into use.

The same virus also sickened at least 11 people in the United States, though there have been no deaths north of the border.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Saturday confirmed two cases of swine flu in two adults in the same household. One of the patients had recently traveled to Mexico. Another eight students at a New York City high school probably have human swine influenza, but health officials said they don’t know for sure whether it is the same strain.

A “seed stock” genetically matched to the new swine flu virus has been created by the CDC, said Dr. Richard Besser, the agency’s acting director. If the government decides vaccine production is necessary, manufacturers would need that stock to get started.

None of that provided any easy answers to Mexico City residents, who reacted with fatalism and confusion, anger and mounting fear at the idea that their city may be ground zero for a global epidemic.

Outside Hospital Obregon in the capital’s middle-class Roma district, a tired Dr. Roberto Ortiz, 59, leaned against an ambulance and sipped coffee Saturday on a break from an unusually busy shift.

“The people are scared,” Ortiz said. “A person gets some flu symptoms or a child gets a fever and they think it is this swine flu and rush to the hospital.”

He said none of the cases so far at the hospital had turned out to be swine flu.

Antonio Villariagosa and the Aztec Al-Qeada

It is shameful……hardly any time in his office; spending time running to any photo ops he can manage; travels for pleasure at taxpayers expense; had a cute little affair with a news reporter covering him for her paper while married and his wife had throat cancer; marched with the illegal aliens beginning with their first march when they carried Mexican flags demanding equal benefits and entitlements as American citizens; cheered them and encouraged illegals from the podiums at the marches; he supports illegal immigration; Villaraigosa was the only California politician who dared to join in the 1996 March on Washington that demanded amnesty for illegal aliens; LOS ANGELES — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez are among those expected to join immigrant-rights activists Thursday for a march and rally to denounce the actions of Los Angeles riot police at a May Day rally at MacArthur Park culminating with Villaraigosa stating that MacArthur Park was a safe place to be 24/7.

With complains running rampant because of his absence from duties of being Mayor, he told Hillary during her campaign he would knock on doors for her as long as it took and his time was all hers.

After UCLA, Villaraigosa attended the People’s College of Law (PCL), a “community-run law school” in Los Angeles, which is unaccredited through the State Bar.[7] Villaraigosa failed the California Bar Exam in each of four attempts, and thus remains unlicensed to practice law

Los Angeles, Alta California – June 16, 2008 – (ACN) Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed an agreement during his trip to Israel that greatly endangers the security of all Angelenos and of travellers who utilize the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The agreement signed on Friday will allow right-wing Israeli Likud Party operatives complete access to all areas of the LAX under the pretext of making “expert” periodic reviews of anti-terrorist measures at the world’s fifth busiest airport. The agreement also calls for city taxpayers to pay three Israelis $1000.00 each per day plus all travel, lodging and other expenses while making “security” inspections at the LAX. ACORN rent-A-mob demands more welfare housing in L.A.

The vote fraud factory known as ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is apparently supporting Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s crazy push for $5 billion in so-called affordable housing…

And last, but not least, “Born to Raise Hell” – at UCLA

Antonio Villaraigosa, ( Tony Villara) one-time juvenile delinquent still tattooed with the slogan “Born to Raise Hell,” entered the UCLA campus as a transfer student from East Los Angeles Community College in 1972. Known then simply as Tony Villar, he would not successfully graduate by the time he left in 1975.(1) But Villar did leave a wide swath of influence in other, more radical ways.

While on campus, Villar joined the UCLA chapter of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), and was part of its leadership by 1974. MEChA had only been founded as a regional movement in 1969, and in many ways, the UCLA chapter, and the radical Chicano student left today, is a direct product of Villar’s work then.

Fellow MEChA alumni from the period remember Villaraigosa’s exploits well: “He was one of the guys that would go out there and start the slogans because he was the loudest one,” said Arturo Chavez, a fellow activist in college. “He was one of the people who would make sure people were riled up.”

Chavez underemphasizes what young Tony Villar did on the UCLA campus. Archives from the campus newspaper The Daily Bruin of 1974 have revealed that Villar led a campaign to ensure an advisory role in the UCLA Chicano Studies Center for a communist Chicano community group, and successfully engineered the dismissal of the Chicano director of the Center who stood in the way of this goal.

As first reported May 9, 1974, a group of approximately 50 Chicano students (out of the 1,500 with Hispanic surnames on campus at that time) called on the Chicano Studies Center Director Rudolfo ‘Rudy’ Alvarez to resign from his post. Villar accused Alvarez of “trying to alter the concept behind Chicano studies.” The article paraphrased Villar’s further accusation “that the center has drifted away from its initial direction of research conducted in conjunction with the community.”

After the protest by the group of students, the Bruin further reported: “When CSC staff members arrived at the center Monday morning, they found locks inside and out of the offices jammed with toothpicks and matches, file cabinets also jammed, and the mouthpieces of the phones removed. It is not known who was responsible or whether this was connected to the demonstration Friday. Leaders of the demonstration deny any knowledge of the incident.”

Not content with petty vandalism, Villar’s group engineered, with the cooperation of a like-minded staff, a shut-down of the Center with the stated threat that it would not to end until Alvarez resigned.

But it is the article from June 25, 1974 that explains the real roots of the controversy and shows the true agenda that belied Villar’s posturing about Alvarez’s supposed “lack of leadership and incapability as an administrator

The Daily Bruin on that date reported that “Chicano students are considering filing a class action suit against Rodolfo Alvarez, Chicano Studies Center (CSC) director, according to student leader Raoul Garcia.

“Students criticized Alvarez’ mishandling of the Steering Committee in 1973. “Where at one time the Steering Committee composed of students, faculty, and community people was the policy making body of the Center, now Rudy is its sole dictator,” said Tony Villar, another leader in the movement against Alvarez.

“Both Villar and Garcia attacked the Alvarez-directed CSC for working only with government-sponsored drug programs “instead of community organizations like the National Committee to Free Los Tres.””

The “National Committee to Free Los Tres,” it must be understood, was a Los Angeles group created by former MEChistas to defend three members of the militant Chicano organization Casa Carnalismo who were convicted of assaulting a federal narcotics officer posing as a drug dealer in East Los Angeles. Even more telling about this “community organization” that Villar favored is that by 1974, a Marxist-Leninist faction emerged within the NCFLT seeking to deemphasize the social- service aspect of the organization, and hoping to transform its parent group Casa Carnalismo into a “revolutionary vanguard” dedicated to the “liberation of the Mexican people.”(5) In a direct and unmistakable way, Villar was advocating for nothing less than a Communist place at the table within UCLA’s Chicano Studies Center.

The Bruin ended the story with a final quote from Villar: “As Chicanos going to University they’re demanding relevant education that they have some input into.”

The term “relevant education” is Orwellian code used by minority political activists to describe their vision of a network of non- academic interests that both feed from, and direct, the university. The ideal network includes, but is not limited to, labor unions, minority racial affiliation groups, and members of the public taking direct action to aggregate political power. Stripping away Villar’s self-justification about ‘relevant education,’ it becomes clear that the fight was a proxy power grab by militant Chicano organizations. Their goal: to turn an academic unit at a proud university into a mere ideological factory to support and undergird a drive for exclusive minority power accumulation.

Villar was ultimately successful in his fight for his vision for a relevant education. On July 19, 1974, the Daily Bruin announced in a brief notice that Professor Alvarez had resigned from his directorship following internal private deliberations with higher administration figures.

Villar’s goals, and the actions which made it possible, are instructive in understanding the man who desires to be the next mayor of Los Angeles. Not only did Villar himself harbor radical ambitions, he proved willing to destroy both an innocent man and a fellow Chicano by turning his staff, his students, and eventually, his employer, against him.