Sheriff Joe Arpaio

On Thursday, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies raided the Alpine Valley Bread bakery outlet in Mesa and arrested 24 suspected illegal aliens who used stolen Social Security numbers and fake driver’s licenses to obtain their jobs.

According to Sheriff Arpaio, his department was investigating additional employees for similar violations.

Arpaio told reporters gathered in front of the bakery: “People accuse me of arresting just dishwashers. These people are committing crimes to get their jobs. Stealing someone’s identity is a felony.”

To date, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has conducted 48 worksite enforcement raids, resulting in hundreds of arrests.

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  1. This to inform you of a person living and working in the United States illegally.The names that this person assumes are as follows: Gabriela Sanchez (her niece), Karla P. Durazo (her aunt), Patty Durazo (her sister),Julieta Sanchez (her aunt), Patty/Patricia Sanchez (her sister/her niece) Rocio Sanchez (her sister), Mayra Viramontes (her cousin), Karen Durazo (her cousin),Kenya Durazo (her cousin), Karina Sanchez (her cousin). All of the names assumed by her can be substantiated through her facebook account which is under the name Gabby Sanchez. Her Employer (who is married to Elona Shaw) whom she is having an affair with is: Dr. Larry Stark 3201 W. Peoria Ave # A-100 Phoenix, AZ 85029. Her assumed Social Security # is her Aunt’s Soc. Sec. # 611-32-7757 (Karla P.Durazo) who actually lives in California. The birthdates used May 17, 1968 & March 26, 1972 etc… She drives a pathfinder with AZ lic. # AHT4587. Her address is: 2220 W. Mission Ln. #1095 Phoenix, AZ 85017 SRP Acct # 919-863-000 Her Phone #602-628-3116 (All compliments of Dr. Larry Stark including Breast implants, plastic surgery, Full Medical & Dental, Gym membership etc…). This young woman makes it easier for other illegals to obtain medications including narcotics and evade citizenship tests through the Doctors office that she works in. Also supplying them with false identification and documentation. I am very concerned about the illegal activities (Document Fraud, Identity Theft,Conducting crimes in America) that she is involved in. Why is she still here??? Why hasn’t she been sent back to Mexico???

    Concerned Citizen

  2. i agree with the comment that illegals need to go back to where they came from if they commit crimes though there are many other races that commit identity theft including whites blacks etc…. not only mexicans i was a victim of identity theft and to my surprise it was a white woman who stole my identity. i agree with the immigration laws to deport but i also feel that all the other races also need to be looked at as well as the mexicans are being picked on for deportation if the immigration would focus on other races as well especially those committing crimes we could help save tax payers lots of money having to pay out for all of these low lifes on welfare food stamps cash assistance social security and leave it for those who really need it.

  3. The dirty stinkin animals…steal anything they get their hands on…lie, cheat, rape..
    the Prisons are full of this scum of the earth..destroying our country…..they are a sickening cancer on the asshole of humanity…..nothing good will ever comefrom these Cursed Turds…………….Useless Garbage is what they are…all this bullshit about them being innocent “hard Workers” is a complete fantasy…they are shitbags.

  4. i do not mind them being here just do it the right way and pay taxes and if the man is not paying for the kids take them to the red door child support and the need to stop stealing other peoples id that is wrong

  5. We have here in western Colorado,a real problem with illegal Mexicans Many of these people are using false social security numbers,and driving on our highways without drivers licences,and no insurance,A friend of mine was hit in a auto accident by an illegal,with and was severly injured with a a broken back and legs ,the illegal Mexican did not show up for court,and fled ,probably using another false id,Thank the piece of shit politions,that refuse to enforce immigration laws!

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