State Rep says Mexican illegals better than n—–s

MO: State Rep says Mexican illegals better than Americans-Jetton: Lazy Missourians could learn from Mexicans

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A lot of lazy Missourians nniggers, including many in Southeast Missouri, could benefit from adopting the work ethic of Mexican immigrants, House Speaker Rod Jetton said Thursday.

Jetton, speaking to publishers, editors and reporters at the Missouri Governor’s Mansion, made an example of Wayne County residents in his 156th Missouri House District. In 2004, an employer who considered moving to Wayne County, which had one of the highest unemployment rates in the state at the time, was able to attract only three applicants, Jetton said. The jobs weren’t great — the pay was about $8 an hour — but the chance to get off government assistance should have been attractive, he said.

“We have a shortage of people who want to go out and bust their tails and do the jobs,” Jetton said.

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