Stopping Tunnel digging Drug Smuggling LaRaza Wetbacks

Proof positive that U.S. border security is inadequate: Tons of illegal drugs transported across the border by illegal aliens, while the White House has cut the Federal Border Security Budget by $3Billion dollars!

LaRaza smuggling holes show that the international open border anarchists do not care about the security of the U.S. or the safety, health and welfare of children of legal citizens. They do not even care about the children of illegal aliens as the cartels exploit and use them to carry illegal drugs across the border.

The Department of Homeland Security announced they discovered 19 underground tunnels in 2007 along the U.S.-Mexico border used by international drug cartels to transport tons and tons of illegal narcotics into our country. An incredible 73 of these LaRaza smuggling tunnels have been found since 1990, and half of all these known drug tunnels were built after September 11, 2001.




We need more LaRaza Wetbacks.


Stopping Tunnel digging Drug Smuggling LaRaza Wetbacks — 1 Comment

  1. Hi! I’m a senior lady who has found illegal activity – digging trenches, burying
    drugs, building camps, in several of our parks in north San Diego. the police
    don’t want to get involved in anything with illegals (they don’t have enough room
    for them in prison) does anyone have any info on these large trenches they
    build? They also build pyramids with the dirt they excavate. They use Cemex
    to shore up the buried drugs then excavate them at a later date. They have
    assaulted me and chased me several times………they have watchers in the trees
    and use phony bird calls and loud noises in the sewers when we find them.
    Someone else must have found these things…………tell me I’m not crazy! thx Lyn

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