Stupid Mexi Cans

Good dog

Good dog

Why Do Mexicans Have Low-riders? To Pick Up The Strawberries!

How Many Cops Does It Take To Arrest A Mexican? 10, 1 To Hold The Mexican, And 9 To Hold The Oranges.

There’s A Black Man And A Mexican In A Car, Who’s Driving? The Police Man.

Why Don’t You Throw A Rock At A Mexican On A Bike? Because Its Probably Your Bike.

What Do You Call 5 White Guys Pushing A Car Down The Road? White Power. ” 5 Black Guys Pushing A Car Down The Road? Black Power. ” 5 Mexicans-grand Theft Auto.

Why Do Mexicans Buy Cabbage Patch Dolls? Because They Come With Birth Certificates.

What Do A Mexican And A Sperm Have In Common? Only One Out Of A Million Work.

How Do You Wink At A Mexican? (hold Your Hands Like Your Holding A Shotgun And Shut One Eye.)

What Do You Call 10 Mexicans In A Truck? One Short Of Full.

Why Did The Mexican Cross The Road? To Get From Abco To The Orange Groves.

Why Did The Mexicans Have To Move Out Of The House? Because They Couldn’t Figure Out How To Flush The Pool.

What Do A Mexican And A Skunk Have In Common? There Both Black And White And They Both Smell.

Why Don’t Mexicans Have Any Olympic Teams?  Because All The Mexicans Who Can Run, Jump, And Swim Are Over Here.

There’s A Deer And A Mexican Lying Dead In The Road, Whats The Difference? There Is Skid Marks In Front Of The Deer.

Why Did The Black Man Marry A Mexican? So His Kids Would Be To Lazy To Steal.

What Do You Do When You See A Mexican Riding A Bike? Steal It Back.

Why Don’t Mexicans Have Checking Accounts? Its Too Hard To Spray Paint Your Name On The Little Line.

What Do You Get When You Cross A Mexican And A Dumb Blonde? A Kid Who Spraypaints His Name On A Chain Link Fence.

How Do You Starve A Mexican? Hide Their Food Stamps Under Their Work Boots.

A Mexican And A Black Person Both Fall Off A Building, Who Hits First? Who Cares.

How Come There Are No Pools In Mexico? Because All The Mexicans Who Can Swim Are Over Here.

Why Wasn’t Christ Born In Mexico? Because They Couldn’t Find Three Wise Men And A Virgin.

Why Is There So Little Great Mexican Literature? Spray Paint Wasn’t Invented Until 1950.

Why Is The Average Age Of The Mexican Army 40? Because They Take ’em Right Out Of High School.

Why Don’t Mexicans Play Hide And Seek? Because No One Will Look For Them.

Why Do Mexicans Make Great Astronauts? Because They Take Up Space In School.

What Do You Call A Mexican With A Fur Coat? A Pipe Cleaner.

What Are The Three Most Difficult Years In A Mexicans Life? Second Grade.

How Does Every Mexican Joke Start? The Teller Looks Over Both His Shoulders.

How Do You Save A Mexican From Drowning? Take Your Foot Off His Head.

What Is The Best Boxing A Mexican Does? Oranges.

How Do You Get A Mexican Out Of A Bath Tub? Throw In A Bar Of Soap.

What Do A Mexican And An Oreo Have In Common? They Are Both Black And White And Come In Packs Of 40.

Why Do Mexican Cars Have Such Small Steering Wheels? So They Can Drive With Handcuffs On.

Why Are Scientists Breeding Mexicans Instead Of Rats For Science Experiments? Because They Breed Faster And You Don’t Get As Attached To Them.

Did You Hear About The Two Mexicans On “thats Incredible”? One Had Auto Insurance And The Other Was An Only Child.

How Do You Give A Mexican A Concusion? Smash His Head With The Toilet Seat While He’s Drinking.

What Do You Call Four Mexicans Drowning? Quatro Sinco.

Why Did They Cancel Sex Ed And Drivers Ed In Mexico? The Donkey Died.

What Do A Mexican And A Cue Ball Have In Common? The Harder You Hit ’em The More English You Get Out Of Them.

What Do You Say To A Mexican In A Three- Piece Suit? Will The Defendant Please Rise.

What Do You Call A Mexican Sky Diver? Instant Air Pollution.

What Did The Mexican Do With His First 50 Cent Piece? He Married Her.

What Do You Call A Taco With A Food Stamp Inside It? A Mexican Fortune Cookie.

What Do You Call A Mexican Without A Lawnmower? Unemployed.

What Do You Call A Building Full Of Mexicans? Jail


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    • hey jose/jacob

      mexicans are too tired/tierd to fight for their own country… not to tired/tierd to get FREE food and education from Americans

      • These Jokes are so LAME. Dare you to go to East L.A. and spout this shite. Hello, half of this country was Mexico. Perhaps you should take Spanish lessons because you’ve got to learn how to communicate with your future in-laws.

    • jesus/jacob,
      How much pot do you have to smoke to be that stupid?
      remember in 2006 ” a day without mexicans”? the jobs all got done… orders were filled correctly at fast food places, less traffic on the streets… SO, don;t worry about us you can go back to mexico and us lazy Americans will survive.

        • Barrett English is one of the toughest laaugnges to learn. I also think you generalizing here as I live in phoenix which is pretty close to mexico and we have a large Mexican population. Most if not all of the Mexicans I have met know English. I also work with many people in Mexico who speak decent English. Move to Germany and let me know how long it takes you to pick up German .

          • I did, and it took 2-months. What’s your point. I also learned Chinese. Try something REALLY tough, like learning a language with a different alphabet. Mexicans are genetically lazy and inferior.

            • Marcus2323, you are such a poser, a liar. Hah! Show us your German and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese?) You are genetically a stupid liar. De-lu-sion-al.


    • pablo/jacob

      Illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. For the children of illegal immigrants born in the US, the crime rate is even higher… yea guess you are not too TIRED to break the laws,,,,, America is TIRED of you!

        • Lee Because Mexican are hard core violent rascit who think the world shout cater to their needs, Mexicans feel that they are better than any other ethnicity in the world and that they shouldn’t have to obey the laws of any country in the world.Remember, the ONLY reason that Mexican want’ to flood into the USA is because of what hard working legal European immigrants built here. That’s a fact. But they will come up with all kinds of pathetic excuses and try to use their own skewed version of history as to why they should be exempt from our immigration laws.So to recap, Mexicans are rascits. The reason that Mexico is a dump is because the Mexicans have made it that way. It’s pretty sad when you entire ethnicity/race is mainly know for breaking immigration laws, ruining communities, going to prison and sprewing hate, such as Hispanics.

          • Ur dumb, how come only some people have a a problem with Mexicans and others don’t? Because the others are smart enough not to care. Cuz its not a prob. I don’t hear anybody complaining about white people coming over to mexico. They bring drugs over there to

          • Mexicans are so fucking stupid, that they think that the best way to attract people to your store, is by blaring music as loud as possible. This is common, especially at stores where they sell either (a) food or (b) cell phones or other electronic gadgets. Picture this. You rent a couple of boom boxes, place them on the street and just start playing whatever music. It is not necessary that you even play a CD. You can just tune to your favorite radio station, and force everyone in a 3 block radius to listen to it. Even the commercials. At a grocery store once, I needed to buy some bacon. The place where they sell the bacon, called “salchichonería”, had speakers and they were blaring music at top volume. It was so loud, that I would have suggested that the employees wear ear plugs! This is by no means an exaggeration. Customers had to shout their orders to the employees, since the music was so loud, that it actually muffled the voices. I talked to the manager and told him that instead of wanting to come over and dance, and that in turn, it would make me by some salami, I was repelled and disgusted by their “music”. By the way, cumbias and rancheras is not music. It is a bunch of idiots hitting the drums, and some asshole singing about drugs. Screw that shit, and fuck mexicans.

          • European immigrants didn’t build anything here, dummy. This country was built on the backs of African slaves, Chinese railroad workers, displaced Mexicans who were here before your Mama June spread her stank legs. Oh, and how many Native Americans did you exterminate??? You ruined the whole beautiful habitat here. How many people did you starve when you killed millions of buffalo for fun? Go back to Europe, and let’s see how you will be laughed at because you are soooo ignorant. I have been all over the world, nobody thinks Americans are cultured or smart. Do the world a favor and jump in front of the tires of your retard monster truck. Better yet, go drown your Mama June and th rest of your trashy family in your mud wrestling recreational fun. How much shite did you crap in the mud? You need cleaner drinking water. Mud sharks must taste good to you.

          • David, do you know how many Americans go to Mexico to live? Millions do. They like it here. Nobody’s hating on them here. Come on down, talk your trash, and let’s watch a 10 year old Mestizo beat the shit out of you.

    • nacho/jacob
      here’s a job idea for all the unemployed (tired) Americans::::
      put a $1000 bounty on all illegals. This will give American people jobs and at the same time get rid of millions of illegal aliens and this in turn will lower taxes and make more room for the real Americans… you think they would be too tired to collect thousands of dollars to fix our Country???

    • lupe/jacob

      Why are mexicans the worst immigrants in the US? Its not being racist look at the facts, look at the stats,? They romanticize mexico, ignoring its oppressive and corrupt power structure. With all that national pride, I can’t figure out why they are literally risking their lives to get into OUR country. then they continue to live in their native 3rd world fashion. Ghettos, unskilled labor, no education, pollution, gang violence…
      SINCE you think poorly of Americans, just take your ANCHOR ASS back to mexico where it belongs and use your non/tired ways to build your country, quit using your non/tired ways of ruining my Country! GO HOME!

      • Yet again where are the stats… up your arse. as a Mexican American I will always love Mexico Just like every white skinned American person should love their ancestry whether it be British, Swedish or whatever it may be, the only true Americans are Native Americans. Fyi we all know about the corruption in Mexico dumbass, most of the money made in mexico goes to swedish banks.Did you know that?second of all dont act like you know every mexican’s living situation that just make’s your statements more like hate rants with no weight behind them. For example I live in a 350 thousand dollar home before those damn mexicans ruined the economy… was in the Carpenter’s Local Union No. 363 in illinois before those mexicans took my job….. am now furthering my education by going to college for business, the pollution part is just retarded. the whole gang thing their gangs everywhere which i am sure you are apart of some hate group or “gang” If i May. I dont think poorly of america I love my Srt8 Charger, American Muscle all the way, Not bad for a 23 year old Mexican American . I am Home and dont plan on going anywhere i actually think my taxes have done a great deal for this country as this country has done for me hopefully you grow up one day and realize whats really the problem with this country.

        • If you would like to continue pretending you’re educated & ‘smart’, please be aware of your grammar, punctuation & sentence structure. People may listen to you if you presented your argument coherently.

        • Mexicans are so fucking stupid, that they think that the best way to attract people to your store, is by blaring music as loud as possible. This is common, especially at stores where they sell either (a) food or (b) cell phones or other electronic gadgets. Picture this. You rent a couple of boom boxes, place them on the street and just start playing whatever music. It is not necessary that you even play a CD. You can just tune to your favorite radio station, and force everyone in a 3 block radius to listen to it. Even the commercials. At a grocery store once, I needed to buy some bacon. The place where they sell the bacon, called “salchichonería”, had speakers and they were blaring music at top volume. It was so loud, that I would have suggested that the employees wear ear plugs! This is by no means an exaggeration. Customers had to shout their orders to the employees, since the music was so loud, that it actually muffled the voices. I talked to the manager and told him that instead of wanting to come over and dance, and that in turn, it would make me by some salami, I was repelled and disgusted by their “music”. By the way, cumbias and rancheras is not music. It is a bunch of idiots hitting the drums, and some asshole singing about drugs. Screw that shit, and fuck mexicans.

      • I am home stupid. If it weren’t for MexiCans, you wouldn’t have any food on your table. Got a problem with MexiCans? Go get a job in all those fields, picking your own food. Your wife would make a lousy maid. If you cant stand the heat in the fields, you can always mow lawns. That is, if you can figure out how to start the lawnmower, baboso hdp.

    • Tell that to the white Amish people here who are totally independant. They NEVER complain about hard work and they are crime, drug free and they all speak english.

      There are lots of farms here too and white people conduct all that business – even picking the crops!

      Even the hotel janitors and maids are white people.

      I have a woman neighbor who cleans asbestos in filthy conditions and she’s VERY happy to have that job.

      Go away you FILTHY, VILE subhuman ASSHOLES…

      We DON’T NEED OR WANT YOU or you STUPID Indian/Spaniard mixed SHIT…

      • I sympathise with you….You own shit must definitely taste better to you and Mama June, you wife. Why did you marry your sister? Is it because your mama was busy mud wrestling? Of course you are so hateful because 1) any Mexican can beat the shit out of you and you know it…2) You are a sorry inbred HDP.3) you and your brother live too far away so suck each other’s vergas. oh… 4) you have no cojones, sorry you wife Mama June ate them at your honeymoon in that nasty barn u live in.

  1. Being racsist Is not ok in any color,shape or form.
    Life is a test of god. Most of us are failing that test.
    No one has a right to tell anyone else where he or she
    should be able to live. Stop blaming every race and color
    for the past ,present or future. Grow up people . I’m against
    All racial people. We reap what we sow,what comes around goes
    around. YOU WILL GET IT ALL back.
    I have seen it so many times before. And I’ll see it again.
    Most or to stupid to realize their getting it all back.
    SO STOP . GOD WILL get you back for your words and hate.
    No matter what race you are. SO WAKE UP people.
    Before its to late.

    • Illegal immigrant entitlements: Jail & deportation
      is that really a racist statement? really?
      instead of screwing up this country – they need to grow some backbones and clean up their own country. .. was that racist?? was it?

      speaking the Truth does not make you racist… but thinking like yours toya is killing America… they have invaded America,,, are we not allowed to get rid of the criminals??

      • ingli. i agree with your point on deportation for ILLEGAL immigrants but lets not not pretend to be a sheep in wolf”s clothing. You are with out a doubt, obviously, a racist… I’m sorry if your just finding this out and if anyone disagrees I’d love to hear why you’re on a website with a domain that has nothing to do with illegal’s in America. Just pretty specific on a certain race to go home and that they are stupid? … lol who am I kid’n no way is this racist.
        I’m guessing ingi… you your self are not very educated or maybe you are just grew up around some stubborn people or else you would try and find positive ways to make this work since, well us Mexicans, legal or illegal’s children will inevitably be taking over, literally we’re taken this shit over man there’s no way to avoid it unless somehow your comments actually make a difference ( which they won’t ). You’ll get used to it man. shoot ill even teach you Spanish.

        • great a country run by mexicos rejects…. you do know that mexico does EVERYTHING it can to get its most uneducated (stupid) and poor to leave mexico and come to America< don't you??

          America shouldn't be obligated to take care of the people Mexico doesn't want

      • Never heard of them. But then I don’t know of any company that does Mexican Insurance expcet Auto Club.I would get the insurance from Auto Club because they are well known.

    • Go preach that to the most racist of all, Hispanics/Latinos who think that the color of their skin makes them immune to our laws.

        • a racist is a racist and there only excuse is that Mexican took my job. what a bunch of fuck heads and most of them probably have no job or are having a rough life that is why they complain so much and a fact is that Mexican will always be around WE ARE LIKE AID’S there is no cure the only way is to kill everyone including the RACIST ASS MOTHER FUCKERS THAT are posting some much shit on here. that is the truth weather you like it FUCK FACE KKK’s you all got it in your DNA.

      • Most Latinos are a mix of white, brown, black. Duh….there are many beautiful Latinos who are mixed with black. Or did you think the only Africans came to the 13 colonies????? At least the Spanish and Portugeses mixed with the Native Americans. French too… But the Brits did not because they do not think people of color are humans with a soul. The onlytime whites had relations with colored folks was when they coundn’t get it up with their frigid women, and snuck into the slave cabins, raped, and then had the gall to sell their own offspring. American history if so depressing and full of ugliness. I like my mixed blood. We are stronger, tougher, smarter. Liken youselves, white racists to purebred dogs who are born with all sorts of problems. I’ll take a mutt anytime of the day over some inbred, pale, dumb, sterile white racist. EEWWWW!

  2. toya,

    Illegals and pro-illegal idiots (like u) know in their heart they have absolutely NO argument or credible reasoning to back any of their BShit… So, they throw around the “RACE” card or the “GOD” card….
    either dispute the comments with Facts or buy a church you can preach in……….

  3. Why you hate me?
    I am a teenager mexican, I don’t make you anything and I don’t understand you :c
    -What is the different of a mexican an one american?
    A: anything, both are people and have feelings.

    • The difference is that one respects the laws and people of this country and the other doesn’t. People who don’t respect our borders and laws don’t respect our country and people. Those people don’t deserve the American Dream and neither do their children.

      • EVERY SINGLE american respects the law jajaja, neither do their children? you sir, make me laugh, what does the kid have to do with me, but ok fine, were is your police then? why arent they doing anything from traying to stop us? are we stronger then you? are we smarter then you?..probably, let me go ahead, you will reply some bullshit comment like, “but they work on McDonald’s” or other crappy jobs, but thats because they have needs, since no american wants to do the hard or bad jobs, well.. we’ll take it. that was the reply of a mexican(me) , now heres a reply of a guy who doesn’t give a fuck what nationality he has…this pagee is rude, it speeks true?..then can i make a joke like that, like “there were 3 contestant’s at the hot dog contest, who won? one, the american ate them all before the contest” if i dont have your respect, i really, absolutely, do not give A FUCK

        • Saying that no American wants to do the “hard” or “bad” jobs is completely bullshit and ignorant. The illegals that first come over are willing to pick strawberries or wash dishes but do you seriously believe their ten children are willing to do that? Their anchor babies grow up to steal good jobs that are for Americans. I can’t believe that in the United States of America there are ads for jobs stating you must speak Spanish. Take your meth, weed, tank tops, and shitty retarded DNA and get the fuck out of this country unless you are here legally.

      • Who died and made you God? How do you know WHO deserves the American Dream? Lay off the crank, delusional mofo, HDP. You are so messed up from you meth diet that you actually think you know what everybody is thinking and doing. Stupid frustrated cranker, tweaker. Keep on doing your white powder, mixed with Drano. You already looked like some pimply-ass loser anyhow, before you discovered crank! I bet your kids are in Special Ed.

      • Bro I really admire ur feelings and the idea that ur bearing and summoning for our country. You are one true American, God bless you sir.

        • and you to “american” god bless’re going to need it…your hole life i guess, just for the record, yes an american es the one who lives in america…which is a continent…just saying

          • To “another mexican”, just because you may live in America doesn’t mean you are an American!! You are ONLY an American if you were born here, or if you have applied for citizenship!!!

            • Hello stupid. Ignoramus, the Western Hemisphere IS called North America and Central America, and South America! Or did you think that the USA is the only America? USA’ans are soo ignorant. They look so stupid in Paris; everywhere else for that matter…… Poorly educated by myths in school textbooks written by stupid people. GTF off your high horse. Only reason your ancestors came here is because they were losers or criminals….

  4. These illegal aliens, whatever the color of their skin, have no right to even be here, let alone to use the infrastructure and other government services our country provides. No right at all. It’s hurting America, It’s hurting Americans!
    If they can buy a lottery ticket, if they can afford a cell phone, they can f’in feed their OWN kids…

  5. The immigration debate is tainted by a sense of entitlement from illegal aliens that they have some kind of right to illegally cross our border and work in the United States

    It is the failure of Mexico to create a vibrant economy that can fully employ its own people. Mexico is pushing people out of its country rather than solve its own problems. AMERICA IS NOT OBLIGATED to employ, feed, dress, house, EDUCATE, medicate……. people from ANOTHER COUNTRY..
    PS… just because they are born here it does not make them American….. it’s time to end birthright citizenship,,,, it’s not intended for this purpose!!! it’s just creating millions of mexicans that can legally STAY HERE>>

  6. Even though I’m proud of being half Spanish, I HATE them for creating these filthy,rotten,uneducated,monkey ass-kissing retards called “Mexicans.” It’s ok to blame us Spanish people I won’t hold a grudge.

    • Imagine how I feel… I’m an American of Mexican descent. These cockroaches infesting out country disgust me. They are an embarrassment to me.

      • a guy who hates his descent…mhm..and he is “defending” his country? that doesn’t seem right, but well, let the little kid have his moment

      • A.P. , dude.. you must know german guy and ingi hate you too right? i guess german guy was right… “ass kissers”. good point nats.

        Dude you shouldn’t even say your mexican decent your on a racist website who hates mexicans even of a 1% i’d bet my left nut on that and your talking shit about mexicans dude take a fucken side or make a good point on what to do instead of calling your grandfathers cockroaches christ you must have gotten the dumb immigrant gene still.

      • We’ll i am sorry to say this… But you are also MEXICAN dummy! Instead of being ashamed of your family why don’t you thank them.. Cause all they do is work the dirty jobs Americans don’t want to do.. I am half mexican and I am soo proud of it.. And you should be too cause that is who u are, you can’t change it… EVER.. and u said u have mexican descent so I bet your family might have struggled the same way…

    • Fuck u and all the cock suckers here I’m Mexican and I fucking got into the second best school in this country while your there sitting on your lazy ass BITCH!!!!!!

    • Yor are half-assed puto. Mexicans had advanced civilizations while you Germans were still swinging in trees….Show me a great ancient structure you Huns ever made before the Romans showed up. You got nothing. Yu must be proud of your concentration camps and gas chambers dirty Hun. That’s all you have. Bet your mama was in one of those Nazi breeding camps for propagation of Nordic Aryans.

  7. fuck all you fags, you have too much time on your hands. fighting over this shit through the internet, mexicans need the white mans pay, the white man needs the mexicans/latinos labor….boo hoo…grow up bunch of cry babies we should be fighting those fuckin taliban turban wearing fucks

      • same thing with all crime syndicates bro, italy,russia etc they all work with those camel jockey pig fuckers. the US should send mexicans on the front lines since they’re so eager of being part of this country.qw

    • do you even think for a second that there’s a question about which group of illegal and legal immigrants is the largest and most costly?
      when was the last time u heard *press 3 for Chinese*?
      We need to deal with all these illegals, it’s a big problem… and we need to put and end to birthright citizenship…. these beaners are having baby beanies NOT FUTURE AMERICANS…. the Feds are not going to help us…. Each state needs to fight… Arizona and TENN are good examples!

  8. personally, I’m really not racist, just kinda annoyed at the fact that ANY immigrant is over here taking the last couple cents that america has at this depression we’re at, to tell the truth i dislike the older mexicans that can’t talk English because they are too stubborn to understand its probably better in mexihole than in america at the moment. Now the one’s i HATE are the young, English speaking ones that have NO respect for such a country they are getting they’re money from, they disrepect us americans that are smart enough to make it for ourselves and make us look bad, im OK with a few mexicans here and there, but i live in maryland. In a part where its ALL blacks and spanish, i’ve been called: cracker, white ass, “pale as shit” for just being white. it goes on and on, i just don’t think it’s fair to us americans just minding our own business and a foreign person walks up and starts dissing me/ (verbally) jumps me for being white. that’s it, not racism.

    • Nick, Mexicans have ruined the quality of life all over southern California. . mexicans have dumbed down schools, bankrupted hospitals and transformed nice American neighborhoods into filthy stinking mexican slums. You are entitled to feel anyway you want to about these invaders…..

      I say, Deport them ALL and if they don’t go peacefully……..

  9. Ingli, it seems as though our government wants them to keep coming and replace our population. They absolutely will keep coming as long as there are food stamps, section eight, free education (just day care for them) and immunity from laws.

    This is a form of genocide and it has already taken California. I moved two thousand miles to get away from Mexicans and their filth and crime. Sure, it’s freezing here in the winter, but there’s almost no crime, zero grafitti, and you can actually leave tools and other stuff outside all night and no one will steal them.

    That’s what it used to be like in California, but it’s way too late to clean it up. The US loves them and they will not go. They even have their own grocery store chain and interpreters for free at any DMV or other government facility.

    I have only seen one Mexican here over the past four months since leaving California and even that was way too much to bear witness to!

    When these filthy Mexicans invade my small town here, I’ll move once again. And they will be coming…

    • Renny,

      If people hate Mexicans it’s because of THEIR actions. the massively disproportionate amount of crime they commit, welfare, destroying of neighborhoods, etc, the overall raping of society. Then when you combine it with their complete lack of appreciation, no patriotism, and all their loyalty is to their failure of a country..
      and which is worse??
      Mexican immigrants having the belief that they can come to another country and claim the rights of citizens although they are not citizens or the fact that OUR government allows it??
      California is totally fucked up… Our Government officials are either pussys or they have a scary hidden agenda???

    • Renny,
      you are right.
      good luck on the next house.

      Hopefully they’ll be Americanized and wont be so scary.

  10. results from a survey taken in mexico last year::: that more than one-third of people in Mexico (38 million) would like to live in the United States if they could. This clearly shows that the desire to come to America remains very strong in that country. This means that if there was an amnesty in the United States, a very large number of people in Mexico might come illegally in the future in the hope of qualifying for another amnesty.
    NO AMNESTY !!! END Birthright citizenship!!!

  11. WTF? This is damn racist! Saw how wrong was to threat black people back in time? And now this bullshit? What is the difference here? This is just full of discrimination, not all Mexicans are like described above, I mean not all of them, some came in he legally and are living normal lifes, some
    Aren’t but people can’t see this since they like to generalize people and call all of them pipe cleaners, thieves. Jesus man…

    • That’s right I’m racist and proud to be. My race is a victim of current genocide attempts and I don’t care if I offend anyone. Enough is enough.

      Mexican and other immigrants are termites eating away at the foundation of my country.

      Since I’m not a Politician, I don’t have to be “Politically Correct”!

      So, all you brown asshole retard Mexicans – GO HOME!

      Get out of my country.

    • Really, so you support racism, you think is alright to treat people as animals just by how they look, you support how black people were treated in the past, you support all than just because you have the way of thinking that your people is superior? So what about if white people
      Were the ones that are segregated? You also think that is alright? You should since that is racism, which is not supposed to exist since no human is superior than any other human, and thats your way of thinking? You should be proud, damn proud of doing this to people who hasn’t done anything against you, people that are innocent since you are talking about the whole Mexican race, which not all of them are immigrants, and still if they were, they should be threated like that, remember back in 2006? A day without immigrants? All the streets and schools employ because no immigrants we’re up to work? Sure that lazy Americans will have a good like without commerce…

      • If mexicans are such wonderful workers verses the “lazy” Americans, why is it that the “lazy Americans” built a country that mexicans could not create if their lives depended on it? mexico is a joke which is why people flee from there to come to the “promised land” built by Americans. Additionally, if Mexicans overall were such wonderful workers, why are there more illegal mexicans in our prisons than all other illegal’s combined? Opps. I guess that is just an “inconvenient fact” for wishful thinking, unskilled, uneducated mexicans attempting to justify their law breaking ways. Funny how facts get in the way of baseless arguments. Facts talk and Bullshit walks.

        • Hoye stupid there more mexican in jail because before a mexican is deported he serves a time in jail, so only like
          Um one tenth are in there for an actual crime… Makes sense know doesn’t it?

      • hey No Name,

        The “Day Without a Mexican” protest on May 1, 2006 was a lovely day in Los Angeles. The freeways were clear and people got a reminder of how it was before the invasion. It didn’t exactly have the intended effect.
        Why stop at one day? To the illegal invaders: Please do us a favor and stay away both from work and from all government welfare offices for at least one solid year. Let’s see how badly you’re missed.
        The problem with these Day Without a Mexican protests is that they happen far too infrequently.
        It was a great day!! I went to see Kid Rock that night……… no beaners all day and none at the concert..
        P.S. fast food orders were taken in English and delivered to the customers Correctly!!! Loved that day without mexicans it was a day to remember in L.A.

        • ingli not all beaners are as bad as you think bro. They’re great workers and ya some are fucken ass holes but only the fuckers that make a bad name for the rest of us which in that case should be sent back bout better boarders or more money in the coast guard. legalize that OG so the cartels cant make any money off you gringos. and wana get up in hear make moves man stop categorizing the bad ones for all mexicans. Every race has an ignorant brother just like white people have dumb inbreeds.. doesn’t mean your like that or every white person i will meet.

          • I agree every race and country has it’s crazies… Americans (black and white) no exception… But we are not obligated to take care of another countries problems including the people they don’t want.

  12. Yes, I support segregation and I am a proud racist.
    I am not brainwashed and I do know that yes, Mexicans and niggers are less than human.

    It’s not bad, but it’s true.

    Mexicans are not needed for commerce here. There are many Amish white people who do all their own work and they excell at it.

    Mexicans steal, are lazy, pollute, trash neighborhoods, etc.

    So, read through this entire site and use your few iq points and just try to understand why you things are hated.

    I don’t hate Mexicans in Mexico or niggers in Africa, but I do hate all the shit I’m the us.
    Go back, we don’t like you and we hate you all.

  13. We do believe ILLEGAL immigrants are burdening the system we support and live under, thereby, causing us to work harder and pay higher taxes to support the illegal activities, which our government has simply chosen to look the other way. Is it “racist” to disagree with those who are not supporting the American system?” That’s racist? Really??

  14. You can take the Mexican out of Mexico, but you can’t take Mexico out of the Mexican. Or at least it appears so when examining their behavior after they cross the border. Are they grateful to reside in a society where fairness is a strong social value and bribery is not? Do they respond with appreciative behavior?
    Of course not. Mexicans keep their mordida custom even in First World America.

    You can use the word racist to argue how I feel,,,, But, am I racist? Did reality create my racist tone? As one good city after another in the US becomes more third world like, saying nothing would be wrong!
    It’s kinda like the chicken-egg thing…

  15. a racist is a racist and there only excuse is that Mexican took my job. what a bunch of fuck heads and most of them probably have no job or are having a rough life that is why they complain so much and a fact is that Mexican will always be around WE ARE LIKE AID’S there is no cure the only way is to kill everyone including the RACIST ASS MOTHER FUCKERS THAT are posting some much shit on here. that is the truth weather you like it FUCK FACE KKK’s you all got it in your DNA.

    • what about the other reasons…. they have destroyed the school system, overpopulated the prisions, bankrupted the hospitals, driven wages DOWN, because that’s what the elites want you moron a bunch of slaves!! and mexico doesn’t want you there… so they do whatever they can to get rid of their poor and uneducated … lucky America gets you…
      America is not obligated to take care of Mexico’s problems!

    • Of the approximately 750,000 students enrolled in LAUSD district, almost three out of four were eligible for free or reduced price meals ,,, who is paying for these FREE meals??? Is mexico paying to feed THEIR CHILDREN? We get to educate them AND feed them.

      Mexicos poor are mexicos poor,,, NOT America’s poor …

    • trying to claim Americans are just being “RACIST”, is shit, you use this magic word because they don’t have any justifiable words for their actions. Mexico caused their own problems with excessive breeding, they could have stopped it. Now Mexico expects the United States to take all these broke baby making people off their hands. And has the nerve to call this free trade. We where told trading is a win-win tool,” Well” it is when you have something too trade. Personally” i don’t believe the U.S. trading 2 or 3 trillion American dollars for millions out of control breeders is in the best interest of the U.S. Of course its easy to see how Mexico wins with this.

  16. McCain said “There are 11 million people living here illegally,” he said. “We are not going to get enough buses to deport them.”

  17. For those of you hating on immigrants, find out your “country’s” history first before speaking nonsense and sounding like a complete fool!!! This country was created thanks to the efforts of many immigrants. So if you are not a native American, then shut your mouth. For your freakin information illegal immigrants can’t get “freebies” because proof of citizenship is required before any aid is given.

    • not true…… they walk into a hospital without insurance they are treated,,, if pregnant with a mexican baby they are admitted….. That’s free for them WHO PAYS??? they are here illegally with a child or 10 tehy send them to public school which IS NOT FREE/// who pays??? I could add to the endless list of freebies they cash in on

  18. I hate my self being white! Forgive me my friends of all colors, for everything my kind done to you, they don’t know…

  19. SO RACIST only cuss he is of COLOR but i blame it on the Ignorance of some people but good thing more then half of the nation agree’s with OBAMA and the Majority spoke with there VOTE’S and left the RACISM behind.

    • Obamas Lust for power and greed. The insatiable desire to be king… very dangerous.
      mexicans mean 2 things to him… votes and cheap/slave labor

    • Remove the incentives for illegal immigrants to remain (jobs, PUBLIC EDUCATION, healthcare, welfare benefits, insane policy of birthright citizenship) and the illegal immigrant population will decline precipitously by attrition. Problem solved

    • Since illegal immigrants typically work for less money, employers don’t have to hire employees (*Americans) whom they must pay the regular rate.
      and Obama knows this… connect the dots sparkey

  20. Latino voters and their increasing commitment to Democrats, some in the GOP say this time will be different.
    “What’s changed, honestly, is that there is a new, I think, appreciation on both sides of the aisle — including maybe more importantly on the Republican side of the aisle — that we have to enact a comprehensive immigration reform bill,” McCain said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”
    “I think the time is right,” McCain said.
    The group claims a notable newcomer in Rubio, a potential 2016 presidential candidate whose conservative bona fides may help smooth the way for support among conservatives wary of anything that smacks of amnesty. In an opinion piece published Sunday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Rubio wrote that the existing system amounts to “de facto amnesty,” and he called for “commonsense reform.”
    According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, the senators will call for accomplishing four goals:
    —Creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here, contingent upon securing the border and better tracking of people here on visas.
    —Reforming the legal immigration system, including awarding green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology or engineering from an American university.
    —Creating an effective employment verification system to ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants.
    —Allowing more low-skill workers into the country and allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they couldn’t recruit a U.S. citizen; and establishing an agricultural worker program.
    The principles being released Monday are outlined on just over four pages, leaving plenty of details left to fill in. What the senators do call for is similar to Obama’s goals and some past efforts by Democrats and Republicans, since there’s wide agreement in identifying problems with the current immigration system. The most difficult disagreement is likely to arise over how to accomplish the path to citizenship.
    In order to satisfy the concerns of Rubio and other Republicans, the senators are calling for the completion of steps on border security and oversight of those here on visas before taking major steps forward on the path to citizenship.
    Even then, those here illegally would have to qualify for a “probationary legal status” that would allow them to live and work here — but not qualify for federal benefits — before being able to apply for permanent residency. Once they are allowed to apply they would do so behind everyone else already in line for a green card within the current immigration system.
    That could be a highly cumbersome process, but how to make it more workable is being left to future negotiations. The senators envision a more streamlined process toward citizenship for immigrants brought here as children by their parents, and for agricultural workers.
    The American Civil Liberties Union said in a statement that the framework agreed on by the senators could provide important protections for illegal immigrants who are exploited by employers and live in “constant fear” over their immigration status.
    But the ACLU took issue with the proposal to require employers to use an electronic employment-verification system, calling it “a thinly disguised national ID requirement” that would undermine employees’ privacy and lead to discrimination against those “who look or sound ‘foreign.'”
    Such legislation could also face long odds in the House, which is dominated by conservative Republicans and which has shown little interest in immigration reform.
    The debate will play out at the start of Obama’s second term, as he aims to spend the political capital afforded him by his re-election victory on an issue that has eluded past presidents and stymied him during his first term despite his promises to the Latino community to act.
    “As the president has made clear for some time, immigration reform is an important priority and he is pleased that progress is being made with bipartisan support,” a White House spokesman, Clark Stevens, said in a statement. “At the same time, he will not be satisfied until there is meaningful reform and he will continue to urge Congress to act until that is achieved.”
    For Republicans, the November elections were a stark schooling on the importance of Latino voters, who voted for Obama over Republican Mitt Romney 71 percent to 27 percent, helping ensure Obama’s victory. That led some Republican leaders to conclude that supporting immigration reform with a path to citizenship has become a political imperative.

    • They are the fastest growing ethnic group in America, but they have NO ALLEGIANCE to our country. They don’t want to be American,,, they want to be mexicans living in America….. BIG DIFFERENCE!

  21. immigrants of the past were not illegal invaders…..
    they were not pussies nor leeches,, they added to a great country, unlike these 30 million NON American beaners who have killed everything once great about California. anchor’s are not or ever will be good Americans!

  22. the Mexican who won the silver medal in the Olympics… he was wearing a USA jersery on the USA team…he lived in the US since he was 4 when his parents came here ILLEGALLY…
    When he won the bronze
    he chose to raise the American flag AND the mexican flag???
    This country took him in during his hour of need paid for his education and who know what else…. Now in his moment of glory, which country deserves his respect — the one that offered nothing to his parents and forced them to leave or the one that took them all in and gave him the opportunity to live out his dreams?
    The answer should have been obvious.
    But as usual Mexicans find pride with mexico and a free ride in America…

  23. I am Mexican American as well, have double citizenship. These people here are so ignorant and heartless, I hope God will forgive them. I understand that they have had bad encounters with other Mexicans but there is no reason to say that all Mexicans are the same. White people need to realize that, yes Mexico is a developing country and that there is alot of corruption but Mexico is a beatiful place with beaches, architectual , and culture. White people think that Mexicans are taking all the jobs. But the truth is we actually go out and work hard to keep that job. Not all Mexicans are drunkies. You guys think that we came to invade “your” country but the thing is we are just trying to live a life whith opportunities just like everyone in the world is. If the white people would go to college and get a degree than maybe they wouldn’t be complainig about them not having a job at McDonald’s. You guys expect for jobs to drop from the sky but it’s not going to happen, Mexicans go out and seek jobs until they find one. I am not trying to justify the actions of some Mexicans( cartels etc.) Im just saying that you guys should really mind your own business and stop blaming other people for your low-life. I encountered with alot of white people that share the same beliefs as these guys and it was very hard for me to prosper, I stoped thinking about them and lived my life. I am more than blessed to Mexican! I am so proud of my heritage because we have come a long way. I just wanted to post this comments to teach alot of ignorant people that not all Mexicans are the same.

  24. I am not a sheep and I am a proud racist…

    People should not be scared to be called that.

    There is a breaking point and I’m there.

    Mexicans are a TOTAL blight and they ALL need to go home.

  25. Canada and Australia admit immigrants primarily on the basis of skills, and one thing the economists agree on is that high earners raise the national income by more than low earners. They are also less of a burden on society and the people.
    We are not obligated to take the people mexico doesn’t want….. Force mexico to feed and educate their OWN people!! NO TO AMNESTY! NO TO OBAMA! No to birthright citzenship……….. IF Canada and Austraila can be picky,,, SO CAN WE

  26. mexicans steal almost everything thats why back in japan I had a mob to beat them up and send them back to thier desert. 66% of unwanted aliens in japan are mexicans and the rest are other alien latinos who should piss off we dont want mexicans taking shinjuku from us. why cant they piss off they keep coming they dont deserve freedom.

  27. The problems I see do not reside only with immigration laws, for one we aide to many different cultures as a whole. The united states has lost all means of keeping immigration under control here is a list of problems that can be fixed

    The welfare system works by providing an income equivalent to family size bigger family bigger income. My suggestion is to get rid of it completely. Instead an emergency relief system could be setup on conditions. Must have a proof of residency and can only request relief once in a lifetime. Other conditions could be set but this is the basic.

    We need to get rid of translations I see them on everything from food products to childrens toys even vocally they are translated.

    Enforce stricter laws, one of the things that irrates me the most is other countries flags being hoisted either higher then ours or without ours present.
    Parties in parks is another there is a sound obstruction law that I have yet to have see be enforced.

    There are places also in the constitution that need to be fixed one if you have a child here in the states and you are not a resident doesn’t automatically make you and your child one.

    I would love to be a female go into another country have a child and claim I’m a citizen. Bet they send me back to where I came from quicker then a blink of an eye.

    So with the above mentioned where is it an immigrants fault that our system caters to them. Yes its illegal to cross our borders but its our fault for catering.

    I would like to also mention I’m not a bigot and can’t be a racist look racist up before using it in a sentence.

    Best regards.

  28. I’m so sick of these unbelievably stupid fucking lowlifes. They become ten times as stupid when it gets close to spic pride month. Stupid Obama going out of his way to coddle the illegals who are leaching off our tax dollars only emboldens these subhumans. If they were worth a damn, they would better themselves instead of breeding like stupid rabbits (which we get to pay for). Of course, that would mean going to college, which they won’t do unless someone else pays for it (give me an example of a spic working his way through college). Just keep pissing off real Americans, you retards, see what happens. You just might spark a race war in this country. Too many of you are begging for some retroactive operation wetback.

  29. I thk its absolutely hilarious how u stupid white people get all angry and frustrated Cuz they want us to leave
    But its even more funny when its obvious we ain’t go in nowere baby!
    Suck it up and keep hating thru ur screen. ( sorry if I sound like a jerk )

  30. There are two major things that completely ruined the USA. Wanna know what those two things are?

    Women and spics.

    Currently, there are two major groups that you are never ever allowed to publicly criticize here in the western world. Wanna know what those two groups are?

    Women and spics.

    The plot thickens now doesn’t it?…


    So tell us, America. Now that you’ve betrayed your countrymen by putting women and spics in total power of everything in this Babylonian nation, what the fuck is your big plan when shit hits the fan? Just remember that women and spics are no match against God’s army of elected awakened Men! Mark my words, I’ll be smiling when you burn alive! 😀

  31. If we the members of the human race could stand together and unite putting to rest all of the harsh racial imbalances that create such a great divide, then we as a society, as diverse as we all are, wouldn’t conflict with all of the other trees in the forest. Putting aside our differences in race, creed, national origin and culture, we are are all one. If we could only learn to embrace others for their differences instead of casting them to shame then there will never be equality. Learn, love and embrace this life and the people around you. Life’s too short to view the world through a window pane. It’s a wide and wonderful world out there with fabulous cultures to enjoy on all four corners of planet earth. Please don’t waste what you’ve got with hate.

  32. So it’s okay for Americans to take land away from native amercans but it’s not okay when a Mexican tries to find a better life?

  33. I see this in June 2015 and I can say I
    Am ashamed how So many people are racist yet they don’t know how hard Mexicans work they work every year every week every day every hour every minute of their life to help out their family to have a better life and for u guys to say there lazy that’s just lies i can say this in my life I have rarely seen a Mexican asking for money on the corner of a street for change becuz there homeless rarely I usually always see always see Americans u see Mexicans selling you do see that becuz they try u call them lazy yet I bet none of u would go on a street corner selling balloons or anything just to keep ur family going with food or clothes what if u lost ur job one day it’s better to try and sell on a corner than to give up on a corner asking for money so think about it u could be one of those people ad once u realize ur working hard on a corner selling u will realize the real struggle a Mexican goes throw to keep their family alive.

    • And if u wanna argue with me I don’t care u guys aren’t worth my time as an American-Mexican young teen i can say my life is well and I don’t care if u think I’m still a wetback ok then i guess I am I’m not ashamed to admit it either but u guys would be dumb to say that becuz I was born here in Colorado

  34. These jokes are nothing but a diagrace and you are only disrespecting yourself. As well you need to learn your history because mexicans aren’t both black and white. Yes the spaniards had braught african slaves to Mexico the same as the british. Yet the population of Mexico was native mexicans/americans. There are very few mexicans who are only both black and white. And though many mexicans have african features most of their DNA is of Spanish and Native genes. So the features are of the small part of DNA inside mexicans.

  35. You suck.your a luzerfuk youjust do something with your lifeoh wait you dont have a lifecause your just a white/black bitchatleast mexicans are cleaner than you guysand better if we could we would of killed you guys and we are cooler, not lazy,have a job,and are good on our gradesand we dont fight like cats just pulling each others hairsand we are not boring like you guys and we are smarter and there is a lot more mexicans than americans in the united states especially in los Angeles, CA so see ya bye

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