Stupid Mexi Cans

Good dog

Good dog

Why Do Mexicans Have Low-riders? To Pick Up The Strawberries!

How Many Cops Does It Take To Arrest A Mexican? 10, 1 To Hold The Mexican, And 9 To Hold The Oranges.

There’s A Black Man And A Mexican In A Car, Who’s Driving? The Police Man.

Why Don’t You Throw A Rock At A Mexican On A Bike? Because Its Probably Your Bike.

What Do You Call 5 White Guys Pushing A Car Down The Road? White Power. ” 5 Black Guys Pushing A Car Down The Road? Black Power. ” 5 Mexicans-grand Theft Auto.

Why Do Mexicans Buy Cabbage Patch Dolls? Because They Come With Birth Certificates.

What Do A Mexican And A Sperm Have In Common? Only One Out Of A Million Work.

How Do You Wink At A Mexican? (hold Your Hands Like Your Holding A Shotgun And Shut One Eye.)

What Do You Call 10 Mexicans In A Truck? One Short Of Full.

Why Did The Mexican Cross The Road? To Get From Abco To The Orange Groves.

Why Did The Mexicans Have To Move Out Of The House? Because They Couldn’t Figure Out How To Flush The Pool.

What Do A Mexican And A Skunk Have In Common? There Both Black And White And They Both Smell.

Why Don’t Mexicans Have Any Olympic Teams?  Because All The Mexicans Who Can Run, Jump, And Swim Are Over Here.

There’s A Deer And A Mexican Lying Dead In The Road, Whats The Difference? There Is Skid Marks In Front Of The Deer.

Why Did The Black Man Marry A Mexican? So His Kids Would Be To Lazy To Steal.

What Do You Do When You See A Mexican Riding A Bike? Steal It Back.

Why Don’t Mexicans Have Checking Accounts? Its Too Hard To Spray Paint Your Name On The Little Line.

What Do You Get When You Cross A Mexican And A Dumb Blonde? A Kid Who Spraypaints His Name On A Chain Link Fence.

How Do You Starve A Mexican? Hide Their Food Stamps Under Their Work Boots.

A Mexican And A Black Person Both Fall Off A Building, Who Hits First? Who Cares.

How Come There Are No Pools In Mexico? Because All The Mexicans Who Can Swim Are Over Here.

Why Wasn’t Christ Born In Mexico? Because They Couldn’t Find Three Wise Men And A Virgin.

Why Is There So Little Great Mexican Literature? Spray Paint Wasn’t Invented Until 1950.

Why Is The Average Age Of The Mexican Army 40? Because They Take ’em Right Out Of High School.

Why Don’t Mexicans Play Hide And Seek? Because No One Will Look For Them.

Why Do Mexicans Make Great Astronauts? Because They Take Up Space In School.

What Do You Call A Mexican With A Fur Coat? A Pipe Cleaner.

What Are The Three Most Difficult Years In A Mexicans Life? Second Grade.

How Does Every Mexican Joke Start? The Teller Looks Over Both His Shoulders.

How Do You Save A Mexican From Drowning? Take Your Foot Off His Head.

What Is The Best Boxing A Mexican Does? Oranges.

How Do You Get A Mexican Out Of A Bath Tub? Throw In A Bar Of Soap.

What Do A Mexican And An Oreo Have In Common? They Are Both Black And White And Come In Packs Of 40.

Why Do Mexican Cars Have Such Small Steering Wheels? So They Can Drive With Handcuffs On.

Why Are Scientists Breeding Mexicans Instead Of Rats For Science Experiments? Because They Breed Faster And You Don’t Get As Attached To Them.

Did You Hear About The Two Mexicans On “thats Incredible”? One Had Auto Insurance And The Other Was An Only Child.

How Do You Give A Mexican A Concusion? Smash His Head With The Toilet Seat While He’s Drinking.

What Do You Call Four Mexicans Drowning? Quatro Sinco.

Why Did They Cancel Sex Ed And Drivers Ed In Mexico? The Donkey Died.

What Do A Mexican And A Cue Ball Have In Common? The Harder You Hit ’em The More English You Get Out Of Them.

What Do You Say To A Mexican In A Three- Piece Suit? Will The Defendant Please Rise.

What Do You Call A Mexican Sky Diver? Instant Air Pollution.

What Did The Mexican Do With His First 50 Cent Piece? He Married Her.

What Do You Call A Taco With A Food Stamp Inside It? A Mexican Fortune Cookie.

What Do You Call A Mexican Without A Lawnmower? Unemployed.

What Do You Call A Building Full Of Mexicans? Jail


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  1. Well for all the “good” they do for america, there is a lot more bad. The guy who said, “i bet you wouldn’t say that in east LA…..Yeah that’s the problem. they brought everything that’s wrong in mexico to america. You know though that if you said it to one of them they wouldn’t fight you….their 12 brothers, 5 cousins, 3 dads and putbull would. Always funny though how proud they are of mexico and being mexican, even going as far as saying, “I’m no emerican, I’m mexican.” Yet when you say, “good for you, why don’t you go back?” They never wanna do that.

  2. 1st,if your living and working in US your nothing but economic terrorists. If you would like stats.on what kind of problems illegal aliens cause google anchor babies,56%of illegals are from Mexico.The 14th amendment of constitution (citizenship by birth) was for black people only look it up. This is not racism it is cheaper to deport them and keep them out than to support them.I live in Denver,47%of budget goes for bilingual Ed. If I had a child in school I would get into out of district enrollment in the suburbs and if there were a box I could check not to have to be forced to pay for bilingual Ed I would definitely check it I am and a lot of others are tired of paying the way for a illegal Mexicans‼‼

    • Illegal Mexicans pay taxes and do not get a reimbursement. The IRS will gladly issue them a TIN number for purposes of collecting from them. Mexicans would go back but white women wouldn’t dare have 7+kids because they are too busy trying to take the jobs of WHITE MEN in corporate America. THEY ALSO CANT COOK! THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING AND YOU WILL BE HUGGING A MEXICAN. MEXICANS FIGHT FOR THEIR CHRISTIAN/CATHOLIC FAITH. THE RACE WAR IS OVER, its time to have CHRISTIAN UNITY.

  3. Just by looking at the title, “GO Home!” I’m already amused by your stupidity. Unless you’re Native American or something, we can say the same to you. The ones that were here first were Native Americans. Also, assuming that just because they’re Mexican that they’re illegal or something is incredibly ignorant and racist. You’re not any better, sweetheart.

  4. I’m white and I never get the Mexican jokes about them not working. I guess I notice that more with black people if I were to stereotype, but most Mexicans outwork us in jobs I know I wouldn’t do. No problem with either though. In my area we got a white-washed Korean epidemic, which I will say makes for very dangerous roads. They work out in the gym in groups of 5 loud giggly-ass kids.

    • All the ladies that I know that don’t have papers they work in Fancy care giving facilities with 99% white. They take care of our elderly so it’s okay if you help them with their kids. They are illegal Mother Teresas, I will gladly take them in.


  6. Im a natural born American citizen with Mexican parents. I guess you could say MADE IN THE USA with MEXICAN parts. I found this site funny. I love the USA, many in my family have died in the ARMY, MARINES both men and women to defend the US. Just remember MEXICANS are Christians they just want to work and love their families. They don’t come for BIG MONEY or TO OWN BUSINESS they come to survive. MEXICANS are very noble and humble and they respect the GRINGO. WHEN THE MUSLIMS COME AND THEY WILL REMEMBER WE WILL BECOME BEST FRIENDS WITH THE MEXICANS. Love young American Latina.

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