Stupid Mexi Cans

Good dog

Good dog

Why Do Mexicans Have Low-riders? To Pick Up The Strawberries!

How Many Cops Does It Take To Arrest A Mexican? 10, 1 To Hold The Mexican, And 9 To Hold The Oranges.

There’s A Black Man And A Mexican In A Car, Who’s Driving? The Police Man.

Why Don’t You Throw A Rock At A Mexican On A Bike? Because Its Probably Your Bike.

What Do You Call 5 White Guys Pushing A Car Down The Road? White Power. ” 5 Black Guys Pushing A Car Down The Road? Black Power. ” 5 Mexicans-grand Theft Auto.

Why Do Mexicans Buy Cabbage Patch Dolls? Because They Come With Birth Certificates.

What Do A Mexican And A Sperm Have In Common? Only One Out Of A Million Work.

How Do You Wink At A Mexican? (hold Your Hands Like Your Holding A Shotgun And Shut One Eye.)

What Do You Call 10 Mexicans In A Truck? One Short Of Full.

Why Did The Mexican Cross The Road? To Get From Abco To The Orange Groves.

Why Did The Mexicans Have To Move Out Of The House? Because They Couldn’t Figure Out How To Flush The Pool.

What Do A Mexican And A Skunk Have In Common? There Both Black And White And They Both Smell.

Why Don’t Mexicans Have Any Olympic Teams?  Because All The Mexicans Who Can Run, Jump, And Swim Are Over Here.

There’s A Deer And A Mexican Lying Dead In The Road, Whats The Difference? There Is Skid Marks In Front Of The Deer.

Why Did The Black Man Marry A Mexican? So His Kids Would Be To Lazy To Steal.

What Do You Do When You See A Mexican Riding A Bike? Steal It Back.

Why Don’t Mexicans Have Checking Accounts? Its Too Hard To Spray Paint Your Name On The Little Line.

What Do You Get When You Cross A Mexican And A Dumb Blonde? A Kid Who Spraypaints His Name On A Chain Link Fence.

How Do You Starve A Mexican? Hide Their Food Stamps Under Their Work Boots.

A Mexican And A Black Person Both Fall Off A Building, Who Hits First? Who Cares.

How Come There Are No Pools In Mexico? Because All The Mexicans Who Can Swim Are Over Here.

Why Wasn’t Christ Born In Mexico? Because They Couldn’t Find Three Wise Men And A Virgin.

Why Is There So Little Great Mexican Literature? Spray Paint Wasn’t Invented Until 1950.

Why Is The Average Age Of The Mexican Army 40? Because They Take ’em Right Out Of High School.

Why Don’t Mexicans Play Hide And Seek? Because No One Will Look For Them.

Why Do Mexicans Make Great Astronauts? Because They Take Up Space In School.

What Do You Call A Mexican With A Fur Coat? A Pipe Cleaner.

What Are The Three Most Difficult Years In A Mexicans Life? Second Grade.

How Does Every Mexican Joke Start? The Teller Looks Over Both His Shoulders.

How Do You Save A Mexican From Drowning? Take Your Foot Off His Head.

What Is The Best Boxing A Mexican Does? Oranges.

How Do You Get A Mexican Out Of A Bath Tub? Throw In A Bar Of Soap.

What Do A Mexican And An Oreo Have In Common? They Are Both Black And White And Come In Packs Of 40.

Why Do Mexican Cars Have Such Small Steering Wheels? So They Can Drive With Handcuffs On.

Why Are Scientists Breeding Mexicans Instead Of Rats For Science Experiments? Because They Breed Faster And You Don’t Get As Attached To Them.

Did You Hear About The Two Mexicans On “thats Incredible”? One Had Auto Insurance And The Other Was An Only Child.

How Do You Give A Mexican A Concusion? Smash His Head With The Toilet Seat While He’s Drinking.

What Do You Call Four Mexicans Drowning? Quatro Sinco.

Why Did They Cancel Sex Ed And Drivers Ed In Mexico? The Donkey Died.

What Do A Mexican And A Cue Ball Have In Common? The Harder You Hit ’em The More English You Get Out Of Them.

What Do You Say To A Mexican In A Three- Piece Suit? Will The Defendant Please Rise.

What Do You Call A Mexican Sky Diver? Instant Air Pollution.

What Did The Mexican Do With His First 50 Cent Piece? He Married Her.

What Do You Call A Taco With A Food Stamp Inside It? A Mexican Fortune Cookie.

What Do You Call A Mexican Without A Lawnmower? Unemployed.

What Do You Call A Building Full Of Mexicans? Jail


Stupid Mexi Cans — 1,245 Comments

  1. My husband and I just shared a table with a nice Mexican man and his wife. He was born here and his wife was born in Mexico. They were the nicest people and we shared some of each other’s pizza’s. We were at a famous place here that draws all kinds of people. There are bikers, families of all races, and couples just having a good time. This guy was no wimp. He had a business and his employee’s kept calling. His wife spoke no English, but we had a good time. Why are people so angry after all that has taken place to make it better for everybody? I am a second generation American. And I am glad to be here. It hasn’t always been peaches and cream, but I don’t hate anyone. I hate what people are doing with drugs, sex crimes. Fear to walk your baby, or just sit on your porch when the sun goes down. Before we left, we talked about how nice it would be if everybody got along like we did that day.

  2. Ur dead wrong on our jobs james. We are hard working people and we could do a way better job than you gringos at anything any day. Me and my family are rich as fuck. And we also have one more thing that you gringos don’t! CULTURE!

  3. ok if “you people” can do any job better why are most higher level jobs had by white americans?? and as far your people having culture do you speak fucking aztec?? your culture is all ripped off from someone else like your polka music ripped from the germans,your language ripped off from the “spanish”, again most of your food is from spain. I hardly think you grow maize,play football with a wooden ball,sacrafice virgins to the sun god and wear shit tons of gold and feathers thats your aztec culture and six familys living in one house isnt rich amigo and thats why mexicans have money. $50 a month rent per person frees up alot of money LOL

  4. Haha I like when whites get mad cuz they’re faces get all red and shit. Keep dreaming james you just showed me how young and imature you really areXD what are you like 7 or something? If the military had the right to do that than this country wouldn’t even be a democracy anymore. And second of all the army is made up of ALL races not just whites dumbass are you fucking retarded? That made me laugh so much when you forgot that:P I’m starting to think that you whites just say whatever is on your mind. Like I said before go back to europe you stupid blonde

  5. dont be mad that im right, and once again you respond with some dumb “racist” shit because im right, im not mad you are, everything ive posted is the TRUTH and thats why your upset deal with it. thats right we say what ever the fuck we want because we are free people (american mentality) so go fuck yourself if your little dick could reach,YOU in fact are the racist my freind you assume that im refering to white people in the military killing mexicans SHIT MAN im not a NAZI one of my GOOD freinds is a 2nd gen mexican american in iraq right now and he is ashamed to be called a mexican he dislikes SHIT like you that give his people a bad name

  6. BTW SR.Z what job do you have if you are posting at like 2:00 AM
    meth is a bad way to go LOL im sorry i couldnt help myself ; }

  7. Oh and what does democracy have to do with keeping our nation safe from lowlife drug dealers?? If you actualy look into it the usa is a constatutional democratic repuplic not a democracy… asshole and you prob think che gurrera was a great person… fucking comunist spic

  8. That shit happens in the gay north not southside quit bitchen james. BTW my dad is the warden of a federal prison and my step dad owns his own electric company. My mom is a house wife because she stays home taking care of my 3 younger siblings. AND I live in a 3 story house. The point is that we are capable of way more things than you think.

  9. Yeah, and your 3 story house has 20 billion cockroaches. Also, stop re-repeating our American slang. Monkey see, monkey do….

  10. bullshit alert! make up your mind are you los zetas or middle america??? come on if your family was so well off you would have more respect than you show.Higher class hispanics hold them selves to the same mental standard as non-white trash americans do and they love this land the same as i do they dont talk shit on a country that has given them a better way of life…try again

  11. Hahaha you mofos are funny as shit. James like I said before you watch too much FOX news and as for the other guy (But, don’t live near my house) your name clearly shows that you are afraid of us. BTW james, the way you make it sound makes mexicans sound fucked up there. Go ahead and tell your “friend” if he even exists that he said that in my face that he is ashamed to be himself, then I’d probably shank him to death. Because a person that is not proud of being part of their race dosen’t deserve to live in my opinion. That goes for you to, I’m not trying 2 get you to be ashamed of being white. And yes I will admit that I have been a litt le racist but its only because I’m standing up for my country and my people. And not all mexicans are the same. Now if you say one bad thhing about this comment than you are definently a racist

  12. who are you to say what is what about anything you are a child(13) NO child has any sense what so ever.oh and now you are making threats “id shank him to death” not going to happen G wanna B im pretty sure he would take it away from you and…im sure you get the picture, in fact that you defend your arguement with some “id do this” PROVES YOU ARE WEAK its psychology i have taken a class or two on it try sure your dad works in a prison..selling his butt for smokes and you live in a 3 story home its called an apartment building and yes your mom is at home taking care of kids that have never met there father.. besides my statement dont prove im racist just an asshole viva mi verga!!!

  13. Well I can’t deside now whether or not if your a racist or a complete retard. I guess both u fucking neo-nazi gay ass. You’ve basicilly proved everything I have said that is bad about gringos in my comments. And you have also proved that your friend dosen’t exist. And pshicoligy my ass I know you’re scared you all are because you know we are taking back what was once ours. And I also know that you say a bunch of bullshit because you think you know more about us than we do our own self and that is why I know you are a moron because only we know who we are. Now look to the past when you invaded this land and raped our people and took our land. And now look to the present, we’re taking it back pinche madre! The tables have turned you fool! We’re simply taking back what is rightfully ours. And I know every thing that you say is BS so I laugh at your idiotic comments. All of your comments in all say that you thing you are all-knowing which this the real bull-shit alert here! Viva mi raza pinche joto$

  14. taking back your land how so?? euro people kicked your asses once and will do it again : } its manifest destiny god wanted US to have it thats why he allowed us to get it. and once again you respond back with some angry mouth runnig post that has nothing in it to validate your argument im going to tell you why your “people”
    are not going to do shit as far as taking anything cant think for yourselves you have to be told what to do(and still cant do shit right) 2. have little to no ability to learn(look at the rate of mexicans that actually go on to higher learning let alone finnish high school vs whites) 3.look at mexico has shit loads at natural wealth (oil,mineral,forest,the sea) mexico could have a great G.D.P but are too lazy and dumb to work it where is mexicos exports (cars,forestry goods,tech services) you guys could have the world and it would become a dumpster quick…and how have i proven my amigo does not exist your dumb do you want his phone number for fuck sakes get fuck face you better write back with some REAL facts on why you guys are “takin ova dis zhit” not some blah blah and make sure you spell right you idiot


  16. I am a white American, very active in community and government. I’ve designed my American dream with hard work and believe all are welcome to do the same for this land did originally belong to none but the Indians at one point. I have to agree with Mexican Z to a point. His argument is solid. And to add, owning a business myself, I can understand why some business owners choose to hire illegal labor. Since I am against it, I find myself at a loss when putting up any “help wanted” sign up on my window. I either get illegals, who are proven hard workers or jerk off kids and white trash looking for the next break. I usually hire legalized immigrants. They are the best of both worlds. Americans are just plain lazy and compared to the rest of the world they are also stupid and ignorant. I am one of the few hard working americans. So sad!

  17. Forgot to mention however, gangs…are for insecure putos who never had the balls to stand alone and get out of the ghetto. So if instilling fear is the only way you can earn respect Mexican Z then you’re no better than George Bush and his panic striking exaggeration of the war on terror. Peace and hard work is all we need to be all else is egotistical masturbation and the insecure desire for control in order to feel a sense of purpose. Truly everybody sucks regardless of race. Wake up people!

  18. Well I have news for all of ya’ll (james, wolf gang, and scott) some of its good and some of it is bad. 1.James your last comment was by far the gayest shit I have ever heard 2. Wolf gang if you want california to be gay be my guest and go tell them speeches and sht but I doubt that you’ll make it back home in one piece lol 3. Scott you’re the first smart white person I have seen on this website but you’ve got to admit that we make a shit load of money off of drugs and kill hundreds of people each year so we ain’t no pussys but that was funny as hell how you brang george bush into this because its trueXD

  19. umm last time i checked murdering and dealing drugs makes you a pussy DUH!! im right about {most} mexicans being losers, dude im a collage student and i do work in a resturant and our head offices sent a hard core manager to clean up the place EVERY day our new kitchen manager which is half mexican him self has to bitch out the mexicans over the simplest of things (been making the same salad for over a year and still fuck it up) come on how can someone take over something and NOT make food right?? i will admit they are taking over….the fast food industry OH NO!!

  20. Imagine millions of Germans emigrating to Saudi Arabia refusing to learn arabic, having 10 kids each, drinking beer, eating pork, set up churches everywhere, spread hate against the arabic culture and then when the arabs complain – then they would call them racist and pretend to be victims

  21. Lol ur a straight up hater james. All you ever say is fucking BS. That may be what happens where you live but here down south we are the ones that throw people around. And if you don’t like our food your taste bud must be fucked up

  22. what a bunch of fools supporting these crazy ideas… i mean, people who have never been in another country just throw out s*** all around. i’m not mexican but i’ve been in their country, norway, denmark and russia as well and i noticed that only marginal people attack foreigners whatever their legal status are based in their “nationality” and ignorance… Therefore, take it easy mexicans and good luck, it’s not such a great idea being ilegal in these crasy times… avoid the crime and live in peace…
    Don’t let them fool you!!! -Bob Marley-

  23. u know what mexican r here because they need a job but if mexico had good jobs mexicans would not be here in the u.s.a. why do american hate us we never did nothng to them . we just need a life but we can not get a life in mexico . in mexico there is not good jobs were mexican can get . sooo mexcian come to the u.s.a. . but the white people do not wanna us here . we wanna be friends but if thay do not wanna be friends then give us help and we will get out of ur states . we do not wanna be here we just need a life

  24. damm Z your dad should of shot you on the wall insted of getting your pig mother knocked up LOL and mexicans making food at an american resturant does not make it mexican food, i happen to like mexican food….but thats not the debate here i was saying if a person who has worked at a place making the same dish time after time cant get it right its a…. problem if someone cant understand how to do something (and not being able to understand english is not the issue its been explaned in spanish) thats an ignorant dumb person regardless of race none of the whites that i work with have to be taught more than once so i know im right when its right in front of my face “ohh mi no dat wood u lik a taco insted” “o su gusta taco mucho senior” EL LOL!!

  25. And in that case, what if the indiginous people of this continent (most mexicans and I) came to europe and raped and slaughtered 95 percent of europeans? What if we hid your culture and ways of your life from you? And then germans wanted to cross the border *illegally*? Migration and immigration are 2 different things and we are migrating and liberating.

  26. Those are some lame jokes and before you post something, learn the correct spelling. I am no fan of Mexicans or any Hispanics for that matter but if I post something I would make sure I know how to spell correctly.

  27. To answer the questions why do americans hate mexicans? Well, let me see… they are a scourge on this country, do nothing to integrate themselves in it and come into it illegally. Then they proceed to make nuisances of themselves, do a lot of the crime and are just people who do not care about the U.S.A. so why should Americans like them?

  28. fuck off mexicans were not native to north america dumb ass they are the result of white spanish men having a good time with aztec women and mexicans were born and you act like the whole of north america was aztec land wrong again bitch in fact the indians you try to group mexicans with hate your asses and the land the usa “stole” in fact was won in war from your pussy asses and to top it off the US gave mexica a bunch of cash after it was over so its NOT YOURS

  29. Talking shit ain’t getting you nowhere. It just shows that you have no come back. And like I said before, you just assume things. And wtf are you saying about shooting at the wall? Is that what you gringos do now-a-days because you can’t ever talk to that bitch ass ho that you like haha. No wonder why our population is grow way faster than yours because you can’t even get a girl! And who said we can’t get our shit straight? If we couldn’t do that than why are we successful, healthy, and still here today? Think about your shit before you post it you dumb ass. BTW we are after the entire country and the entire continent. So pack your bags and get ready to get back on your god damn mayflower puto!

  30. if you could read dick head what i said was your father should have shot his mecos on the wall insted of getting your warthog looking mother pregnant.. and again im not talking shit im stating facts…if you “people” were all that you guys want everyone else to think you are your homeland wouldnt be a hole it would be clean,profatable,safe and a nice place to live. ok PROOF mexicans fuck up everything they touch EAST LOS ANGELES (and i can say from my person i worked in pico rivera/montebello area) its a shit hole and long ago before mexicans moved in it was ok so whats the problem?? “being the best mexican is like winning the gold in the special olympics if you are #1 you still are retarded”

  31. oh i forgot and what would you know about my “bitch azz ho’z” anyway..just because mexican girls would fuck anything(donkeys) for money they do inTJ for $1 for the gringos, as a matter of fact 80% of my girlfreinds have been collage grads asshole TRY AGAIN

  32. Well today I don’t have the time to right a long comment so all I have to say is that your facts are way off and look up the real facts, oh wait your people destroyed the facts out of fear!

  33. not much to say…. thats beacause your are dumb and your know im right oh and how can what i see all around be destroyed huummm..i dont get it?? no time to write? you must take a good hour thinking up 30 seconds of dumb shit to say well you think about it and for gods sake dont hurt yourself, hey dont feel bad jesus was a white guy he still loves you

  34. Well guess I’m just waisting my time here with just another retarded as usual white supremacist. I mean come on fool this is sad I know more shit than you and your a fuckin collage student and I’m a gangster plus shouldn’t you be focusing on collage and a your job? I’m not even convinced that your 20 and if you are your probably living with your parents with posters of hitler all over your walls lol. But anyways let the intelligent live on and let the ignorant die. And also I have made up my mind and decided that I am no longer going to comment on this website since I have more better things to with my life unlike your suburbian ass. As from now on I’m going to check this website every couple of weeks to see if your stupid enough to actually stay on this website. And if your thinking of calling me a pussy for leaving than don’t sweat it because it just shows that you have no life. Oh yeah and one more last peace of advise for you, if you ever go down south and call us wetbacks, your a dead man trust me. VIVA MI RAZA PUTOS

  35. dont call me a racist you dickless grease ball fuck!!!! so its ok to say “viva mi raza” thats racist as “white power” so if a mexican says “viva mi raza” hes being proud and if a white guy says “white power” hes a racist..its called a double standard.. i have NEVER said white power in any of my posts so may your “raza” suffer the h1n1 death it deserves, id trade every mexican for blacks any day at least they want to be part of america not seperate from it…so run away cause you finaly dont have anything thats true to say go, be a faggot gangbanger and ill finish school and get my degree live the good life and you will end up dead or in jail sounds good to me : }….i also will be keeping my eye on this site good bye baby girl im gonna miss ya

  36. i dont hate anyone but…. If you want to get to the crux of the problem you need to get your mexican govt. to create jobs to build the mexican economy so you can feel good about yourselvs and your home country there are alot of people wanting to come to america and participate in the american dream and brag IM AN AMERICAN who wouldnt i was born and raised here with american morals and american respect and american pride i feel bad that your mexican govt let you down but thats not americas fault why dont you try to make mexico better by contacting your mexican govt. and demanding better jobs and a better way of life america gives mexico money for theyre war on drugs and many other programs billions of dollars a year for free and you cant make your country better i dont know it puzzles me im not saying your stupid your far from stupid but its not very smart so if all the hard workers are coming here if all the smart people are coming here who are you leaving with the rest of your familys in mexico drug dealears pimps i dont know mabye because i was born in america i dont understand your plite but i wouldnt leave my country i would try to make my current situation better call me a dreamer but while your making my country stronger your making yours weaker they call america the melting pot all the great cultures lumped together all the ideas and thinking why do you think america is so great and im sure well get through this little rift in our cultural differances have a blessed day

  37. The jokes were great and right on the money. I feel bad for the ILLEGALS who have broken the law and are getting handouts from everyone here in America. You, just like the rest of the world are required to wait your turn and come hear. If you are legally here and paying taxes I am proud of you. The rest of you need to know that you are guilty of a very serious crime that would be answered by a firing squad in your country, mexico. you don’t want the Guatemalans in mexico under any conditions. You are a hatred people and think only of yourselves.

  38. All Mexicans should be killed. Mexicans suck and will always suck. White AMERICAN people are better and always will be. There are a lot of huge fat ass lazy Mexicans here in America too from free food and money that MY governments hands to you. Mexicans should be grateful that WE work so YOU can eat and live for free-not the way it should be.What a shame these wetback beaners are doing to our country. Mexicans don’t belong here and they know it, but they don’t listen or follow laws and they think the whole country must cater to them. Even when we become minority, which we will, this country will turn in to another Mexico; over-populated, bad economy, poor government, houses with giant gravity fed water bottles on top, everybody will smell bad, murders will rise, theft will increase extremely, resources will diminish, the US intelligence will decrease (because Mexicans are stupid), the list goes on and on and on. Mexicans are the bacteria of the world and when bacteria gets out of control- the world will die. Glad I won’t be around to see the destruction when this low life human race destroys the whole earth.

  39. You know what I never was really a racist until the fact you stupid beaners were racist to me, you say hahaha we will turn the the u.s brown, nah I don’t think so, you all will kill one another off. I watch this show called boarder wars and mexican american boarder patrol sell out there kind, funny, ha,ha,ha, it’s also funny to watch them run back to there side when caught. Go home, we don’t care about you, whites, blacks, indians deserve to be here, not you. Go home clean your country, then you stupid idiots would have a life.

  40. white people are so stupid talking about Mexicans and black people, look at you guys yall don’t even work if you walk outside you will ALWAYS see WHITE homeless people asking for money but you will never see a Spanish person. white people are useless all they do is beg outside for money and do drugs . so get a life instead of being so damn racist on a stupid worthless website .

  41. I work for the san diego unified school district and have seen close up what has happened to our schools. All of the schools south of the 8 highway are infested with dirty fucking beaner cockroaches. They all get free lunches free healthcare etc. When school lets out at the end of the day you see all these fat dirty beaners pick up there fucken cockroaches. These fat illegal pigs have as many cockroaches as they can to draw welfare. We call it the brown plague because that is what is happening all over california. CA used to have the best schools in the country but now they are the worst because of the brown plague. Please dont let that happen to your state or you will regret it.

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