The murder of nine-year-old Jordin Paulder

The murder of nine-year-old Jordin Paulder

On June 5, nine-year-old Jordin Paulder, a towheaded boy with “chubby cheeks,” as the newspapers described him, was playing in the parking lot of the Chastain Apartments in Sandy Springs, Georgia, part of metro Atlanta. Jordin saw a car go by and called out to the occupants. The car had a bum tire, the lad shouted. The car stopped, and Santos Benigno Cabrera Borjas emerged, wielding a hatchet. He twice smashed Jordin in the face between the nose and forehead. The second blow buried the hatchet, which paramedics feared removing en route to the hospital. Jordin died. When police cornered Borjas as paramedics worked on Jordin, the ax-murderer tossed a rimmed tire at an officer, breaking his arm. Borjas rushed the cop, who shot him dead.


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  1. Genius, this pathetic loser that took an innocent life was HONDURAN. Honduras is NOT Mexico, perhaps you need to acquaint yourself with a map?

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