Things are getting weird in Arizona

but, thats just my opinion: Illegal Aliens in Arizona

Via Neal Boortz
Phoenix, Arizona the mayor and the police chief are at odds with one another over illegal immigration. In fact, the mayor is so upset with the crackdown on illegal immigrants that he has asked the FBI to investigate whether the county sheriff has violated any civil rights laws. He makes no mention, however, about the laws that were broken by the illegals who came to this country. The crimes committed by the soldiers of the Mexican invasion dont seem to bother Mayor Phil Gordon.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio believes that mayor is completely disconnected from the people he represents. My guess is that the Sheriff has this one right. So now the Mayor is going to Washington to try and turn the public against the raids. The Arizona Ecumenical Council and American Jewish Committee have determined that the sheriffs patrols are evoking a “police state atmosphere” and detaining people on the basis of a racial profile and dehumanizing innocent people…..

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