Thousands of Arizona College Students Denied In-State Tuition

Thousands of Arizona College Students Denied In-State Tuition –

Good show Arizona. Really should be done nation wide.

While Arizona’s major public universities have had to reclassify hundreds of students from in-state to out-of-state status under a 2006 immigration law, the number is in the thousands for the state’s community colleges, The Arizona Republic reported today.

In all, nearly 4,000 students in the state’s colleges and universities were denied in-state tuition this year and are being charged rates that in some cases are more than three times as high. The law, Proposition 300, requires students to document that they are in the United States legally before they can receive in-state rates.

Arizona’s largest community-college district, the Maricopa County Community Colleges, had the most students who could not document their legal status, with 1,720. The University of Arizona and Arizona State University had earlier numbered their reclassified students only in the hundreds. —Katherine Mangan

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