Town offers illegal immigrants a sanctuary

Town offers illegal immigrants a sanctuary – Telegraph

A Californian town has declared itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, attracting fierce criticism from opponents who say it is encouraging lawlessness.

Maywood, a tiny urban pocket of Los Angeles county, has abolished its traffic police because of complaints that they were unfairly picking on Latino drivers.

Previously drivers without licences – almost all illegal immigrants – had their cars impounded. The city council has also passed a resolution opposing some of the toughest government measures against illegal immigration in recent times.

The proposed federal law would require local police to enforce immigration law.

An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants are living in America. However, as many cities are devising policies to crack down on the migrants, Maywood’s stance has set it apart.

In nearby Orange County, for example, Costa Mesa recently became the first city in America to train police in immigration enforcement.

The changes in Maywood, which is 97 per cent Hispanic, take place against a background of an increasingly fractious debate on immigration in America, which is likely to dominate Washington next week as Republicans press for tighter border controls.

The recently elected Maywood council has accused the town’s previous administration of presiding over “oppressive” and “racist” policies, including drink-driver checkpoints which they claimed were used to stop illegal immigrants and make money by impounding their cars.

Felipe Aguirre, 53, the deputy mayor of Maywood, said the new measures had “stopped the nonsense” and would “bring sanity back to the immigration debate in this country”.

“I don’t really see the legal and illegal distinction,” he said. “We are all human beings. Immigrants are an integral part of our community and they are not going to go away. We are recognising the reality that we cannot go after these people and survive as a city.”


Town offers illegal immigrants a sanctuary — 2 Comments

  1. Let Maywood, CA have them ALL! They can have all the latino gang members, all the pregnant illegals, all the illegal medicaid and food-stamp recipients, all the drink and driving, no auto insurance, no driver’s license carrying aliens. YOU CAN ALL GO TO MAYWOOD CALIFORNIA, K? they’ll take care of you.

  2. I think we should bus them all to Senator Kennedy’s house. Other than that Maywood & San Francisco is good. Lets sue these sanctuary cities.

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