Mexican ass kissers, Traitors to USA

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Open Border Shyster John McCain Deserves a Dunce Cap

Pam Meister

In the days of yore, students who did not make a valid attempt to learn their lessons and acquitted themselves badly at recitation time were sometimes relegated to a corner of the room in order to shame them. Sometimes a pointed cap would be put on their heads as a warning to other students: learn your lessons or you’ll be the next fool on display.

In today’s world, putting a student in a corner – much less with a dunce cap – would land the teacher in hot water, not the student who would rather play video games than study history or science. But I’d like to slap a big, fat dunce cap on John McCain, the man who claims to have learned his lesson when it comes to border security and amnesty for illegal aliens.

As a quick refresher, proposed bills with amnesty provisions – the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill and the Dream Act – were both soundly trounced in Congress. Why? Because Americans, tired of our borders resembling a revolving door and illegal aliens barging in and demanding the rights of citizens, made their voices heard loud enough for the bills to be voted down. The Maverick, as McCain is endearingly called by the media, said, “I got the message. We will secure the border first, then move on to other issues.”

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