US town votes on plan to ban foreigners renting homes or having jobs | World news | The Guardian

A Nebraska town, angry over a surge in the number of Hispanic residents, is voting today in a referendum on a new law that would require foreign nationals to get a licence to live in the town.

The referendum in Fremont has been prompted by a sharp rise in Hispanic people drawn by work at local meatpacking plants combined with fears over job losses and demand placed on the town’s social services because of the economic downturn.

If approved, tenants who are not US-citizens would be required to get an “occupancy licence” from the city council. Even residents of nursing homes would be required to obtain such a licence.

Federal law requires employers to verify the immigration status of workers but the proposed Fremont law would also open violators to local sanctions. Supporters insist it is not racist and is essential to protect jobs, healthcare and education for local people because the town’s Hispanic population has surged from 165 to more than 2,000 in the past 20 years.

It is unclear what proportion of those are in the US illegally but the big meatpacking plants where many work say they only employ people whose immigrant status has been verified. The Fremont Tribune has reported cases of Hispanic people, who are legal residents, being verbally abused and told to return to Mexico.

Jerry Hart, one of the three sponsors of the legislation, told the Fremont Tribune that the proposed law is in part a security measure. “The federal law was put into place for a reason – to control how many people come into this country and to regulate the people, so they don’t have communicable diseases and are not bringing in drugs or having criminal records and these people who are sneaking in – you don’t know what you’re getting. We could have terrorists and gang members and people involved in drugs,” he said.

John Wiegert, another of the sponsors of the referendum, said: “A lot of them are coming here for the American dream and they’re causing nothing but an American nightmare to me.”

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US town votes on plan to ban foreigners renting homes or having jobs | World news | The Guardian — 3 Comments

  1. A sad day has dawned in these United States, when an individual State must act to protect its citizens from a foreign powers aggression and its own Federal Governments inaction. That cities across this great nation must take local action is just the latest slap in the face of the American Dream. It has been reported that Mexican nationals have taken high ground observation points along the southern border inside United States territory and have fired upon and killed a number of United States Citizens. The line in the sand must be drawn in no uncertain terms, war has been declared by a foreign power and it must be responded to in kind. Seek not an eye for an eye though, instead seek the eyes of many for the transgression of one.

  2. What Americans Really Stand For…
    A real american will not go to the voting poles in november if all they are going to do is vote for a republican or democrat. As we all know most blacks do not really get all the facts before they go to vote. They usually vote by color or by what the leader of their church (preacher) tell them to choose.They have the right to vote for the person of their choice but they choose to vote by the color of their skin and that is why 90% of the working blacks in this country are no better off than they were 2 years ago. If you continue to be a follower and not a leader then you will never advance in this country as a real black american.
    If the real americans who are going to go to the voting poles in november expect to make a difference in what is running this country into the ground, which in my eyes is the Obama antichrist and his strong-arm ways of dictating to his congress. Yet they are too afraid , both democrats and republicans, to stand up and say, “It’s time to impeach the Obama antichrist in office.” He has done everything to destroy the greatness of this country and what it is suppose to stand for. If there has ever been a follower and not a leader it is “The Great Obama Antichrist.” He has yet to acknowledge that he is a real american by standing up and saying anything about Forthood and the murders that took place by a muslim. Why did he wait so long to get involved in the oil spill in the gulf? Why does he think it is alright to build a place of worship for Muslims in New York City or anywhere in the United States? Did he also forget that Nashville, Tennessee is locted in the U.S? Why is it taking so long to acknowledge that there was a major flood that destroyed some of America’s great history?
    Why is Obama so afraid to go visit Arizona and recognize that there is a serious problem coming into the United States? That problem is ILLEGALS!! Who are here for the purpose to destroy the economy of this country. Incase Obama doe not realize this country’s standard of living is based on making more money than minimum wage. Yet, Obama doesn’t understand that the average american family of four can not survive on less than $25- $30 an hour. Yet so many american families are surviving on less due to the blood-sucking, spineless, money hungry, greedy contractors and business peolpe, who are detemined to make all the money they can by using their slaves that they haved purchased from every country. They all come to this country because they are too lazy and too sorry to build their own country, form their own government, and make their own laws to protect their own peolpe. These illegals are brought in here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to work for a cheap price, to put as many people into one home and divide all the bills between one another, work for slave labor wages, pay little to no taxes, does not want to be an american citizen. They just want to work cheap and send their money back to thei motherland. If you kno of any illegals buying a house and financing it, buying a car and financing it, or have a loan at the bank, I wished you would contact me and inform on what institution is this stupid to let this happen. The key word is ILLEGAL.
    I have been a hard working, tax paying, home owner, vehicle buyer, contributor to this country for over 42 years. So when I see my country as a hard working, tax paying american being given away to a bunch of illegal slaves who are brought in here and used by people. If the republican and democrat refuse to make laws and enforce the laws to protect our country then they need to take everyone in office and remove them. Starting with Obama.
    Enclosing I ask where is Jessey Jackson and Rev Al when all this slavery is going on. Look at your black brothers and sisters that are losing their jobs and homes just like the white men. Just remember when you go to the poles in november remember the promises for change. Obama forgot to say that the chnge was going to be bad. I challenge any political party or news media to sit down with me ( a real american) and discuss the real american problems.

    Thank You
    Ronnie Lee

  3. Smart Nebraska….look at Az and Cal…..destroyed by invading wetbacks!!!
    Rediculous…..swarms of these scum…..have over run entire cities!
    Cops cant and or dont do a thing?? Illegals everywhere….
    If you have any town that you want to remain Civilized…….crack down with every
    law you can write up!!!! They willmove on to easier pickens………our jails arefilled with these illiterate spanish speaking peasants stealing, and commiting unspeakable crimes to the the Americans in other states….protect yourselves today or damn sure you will wish you would have!!!!!!!!

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